TechWadi and the African Technology Foundation Collaborative Partnership Announced

TechWadi will collaborate with the African Technology Foundation on the upcoming startup launch pad DEMO AFRICA in Casablanca, Morocco (Oct. 18-19, 2018)

This is a special partnership for us, especially as we seek to forge stronger relationships in the MENA region. ”

— Stephen Ozoigbo, CEO African Technology Foundation

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 24, 2018 / — TechWadi, a nonprofit leading the way in facilitating Middle Eastern entrepreneurial tech development, today announced its partnership with the African Technology Foundation to further expand its influence in promoting tech entrepreneurship on the African continent.

Through this strategic collaboration, TechWadi and the African Technology Foundation are able to better facilitate the successful growth of high-impact tech entrepreneurship in the Middle East and Africa. With over 1 billion mobile connections estimated for the African continent by 2020, and a notable 50% YOY growth in African startup funding (2016-2017), it is more evident than ever that the time and efforts invested in the Middle East and Africa will soon yield strong, lasting opportunities to the mutual benefits of all those involved. Following TechWadi’s mission to foster and grow the MENA’s entrepreneurial tech ecosystem, and the aim of the African Technology Foundation to provide technical support to African entrepreneurs bringing their ideas to market, both organizations will now take advantage of a shared vision and stimulate further technological and economic growth in the regions.

TechWadi will also collaborate with the African Technology Foundation on the upcoming startup launch pad DEMO AFRICA in Morocco (Oct. 18-19, 2018). During this event, TechWadi will join investors, corporate acquirers, global media, and strategic partners (including the US State Dept, the World Banking Group, and Microsoft) to explore the finest in recent African technology, trends, and innovations. With figures boasting 32 startups connected to the Silicon Valley ecosystem, 205 startups launched, and over $65m USD raised (investment + billing), the highlights of the two-day event are sure to reflect the fruitful efforts of entrepreneurs, as well as partners and investors worldwide. TechWadi will join the African Technology Foundation in examining and learning from the innovative ideas presented at DEMO AFRICA and, in turn, build upon an already thriving system in focus regions of the MENA.

About TechWadi
TechWadi is a nonprofit organization intent on building bridges between Silicon Valley and the MENA in an effort to promote tech entrepreneurship through mentorship opportunities. With origins as a community of Arab American technology professionals in Silicon Valley, TechWadi stands today as a strong global platform to build a sturdy and thriving ecosystem in the Middle East and North Africa. To learn more about TechWadi, or to get involved, visit or follow us on Twitter (@TechWadiorg).

About the African Technology Foundation
The African Technology Foundation’s vision as a nonprofit is to globalize African technologies and offer international visibility for Africa’s many technology ecosystems. The Foundation does so by supporting a broad range of initiatives around key economic sectors and committing to providing African technology startups and enterprises with the necessary knowledge and resources that empower them to raise the economic profiles of their communities and countries.
To learn more about the African Technology Foundation, or to get involved, visit or follow African Technology (@Innovate_Africa) on Twitter.

Nida Atshan Osei
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DEMO Recap

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No risks here: IT Governance launches Business Continuity Risk Management Pack

ELY, CAMBRIDGESHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, August 24, 2018 / — Ely, United Kingdom, 24 August 2018 – IT Governance continues to provide the solutions organisations need when disaster strikes with the launch of its Business Continuity Risk Management Pack.

Your organisation may already have business continuity plans in place, but are you confident they can help your organisation survive disaster?

Although the threat of cyber attacks and natural disasters is nothing new, the importance of having effective business continuity plans in place is growing daily. No two organisations are the same, and the risks to an organisation’s critical functions are equally unique.

The Business Continuity Risk Management Pack will help you gain a complete picture of the risks and threats your organisation faces, and be fully prepared to quickly recover critical business functions in the event of disruption. It provides templates and guidance for performing a risk assessment, developing a risk register and performing a comprehensive business impact analysis to enable you to develop business continuity plans tailored to your organisation’s individual risk appetite.

You can buy your Business Continuity Risk Management Pack here.

For more information on IT Governance’s products and services, visit the website, email or call +44 (0)333 800 7000.

Liam Papworth
IT Governance
+ 44 3338007000
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ソウル, 大韓民国, August 24, 2018 / — ハイコン(HYCON)が、米国のブロックチェーン・アクセラレーター「マウスベルト(MouseBelt)」と了解覚書(MOU)を締結したことを明らかにした。


マウスベルトは、米国のトップ35の学校が保有するブロックチェーンクラブを通して、ハイコン・ハッカーズ(HYCON HACKS)の関連行事を開催するほか、ハイコンが実施するブロックチェーン教育の国際広報を担当する予定である。


マウスベルトが展開する大学プログラムの責任者であるアシュリー・メレディス(Ashlie Meredit)元教授は、「マウスベルトが進める大学プロジェクトは、ブロックチェーンへの関心と大学生をサポートしようという情熱が作り出した完璧なコラボレーションだ。ハイコンとのパートナーシップによって、より多くの大学生にチャンスを与え、国際コミュニティとの交流を深められるよう支えていきたい。また、米国にハイコン・ハッカーズが導入され、ハッカソンにオープンソースソフトウェアが取り込まれることを楽しみにしている」と述べた。

一方で、Glosferマーケティング部のジェイソン・フレンチ(Jason French)理事は、「ハイコンは開発者コミュニティにおけるブロックチェーンへの関心を高め、世界各国のブロックチェーン企業と連携を図ることを目指している。マウスベルトと連携することで、こうした目標を達成するほか、9月14日と15日にソウルで開かれるハッカソンの関連行事『ハイコン・ハッカーズ・ソウル(HYCON HACKS SEOUL / https://hacks.hycon.ioを参照)』に力を入れたい」と話した。

Glosfer Inc
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Hycon Signs MoU with Blockchain Accelerator ‘MouseBelt’ to Expand its Open Source Community Userbase

Ashlie Meredith (MouseBelt) and Jason French (HYCON)

HYCON Signed MoU with Blockchain and ICO Accelerator MouseBelt

SEOUL, REPUBLIC OF KOREA, August 24, 2018 / — HYCON (CEO Taewon Kim) announced on August 24 that it has signed an MoU with full-service blockchain and ICO accelerator MouseBelt to grow Hycon’s userbase in the open source developer community.

Through the MOU, HYCON and MouseBelt will cooperate on business development in the blockchain domain. MouseBelt will support HYCON through its connections with several blockchain student organizations at the top 35+ schools in the U.S. and provide help with taking HYCON Hacks international as well as promoting blockchain education in Seoul and abroad.

MouseBelt is a joint venture between hedge fund NueValue Capital and development shop No Rest Labs, founded in 2018 and will be investing 2.5 million in blockchain projects this year. The company believes that the best way to facilitate innovation in the blockchain ecosystem is by providing resources to the people who need it most: start-ups, developers, and students. To that end, it has launched a large suite of open source tools for developers including block explorer, KYC and SDK and supports students by providing project grants and sponsorships to campus blockchain organizations at 12 of the top schools in the U.S.

MouseBelt’s University Program Director Ashlie Meredith, a former professor, describes MouseBelt’s university initiative as a “perfect marriage between my interest in blockchain and passion for helping students,” and added, “A partnership with Hycon will allow MouseBelt to offer more opportunities to our students and connect them to an international community. We are excited to bring HYCON Hacks stateside and finding ways to incorporate our open source tools into the competition.”

Jason French, Vice President of HYCON said, “Incubating and growing interest in blockchain amongst the developer community, along with building bridges between East and West, are very important to us here at Hycon. Collaborating with MouseBelt will create a win-win situation that will help us accomplish these goals and bolster our upcoming hackathon, Hycon Hacks Seoul ( which will be held on September 14th and 15th.”

Glosfer Inc
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Uno Realty Group Provides Opportunity To Build Wealth Through Investment Homes In Florida

The Orlando-based real estate company helps U.S. citizens and foreign nationals buy, sell, rent, and invest in the Florida real estate market.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 23, 2018 / — The Orlando real estate market is booming with buyers looking for vacation homes or investment homes and Uno Realty Group is happy to help them make their ownership dreams come true. The real estate company specializes in helping foreign nationals navigate the U.S. real estate buying process so they can invest in Florida real estate without worry.

"The market is strong in Orlando for real estate investments. So many new safe neighborhoods are being built and there is such variety in Orlando that there really is something for everyone. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional turn-key service to foreign nationals who want to get in on the Orlando real estate market but can't be here physically to conduct a search," said Renato Alves, Real Estate Broker at Uno Realty Group (

It is Uno Realty Group's dedication to their clients and partnership approach that has made them so popular with foreign real estate investors, particularly those from Brazil. In addition to handling all of the search, negotiation, inspection, financing, and even home décor and design needs for their clients, the firm offers their services in Portuguese and Spanish. This has helped to solidify their reputation among Brazilian, Columbians and most of Central and South America all South Amer buyers and reduces the chances of miscommunication during the process due to language gaps.

Many of the buyers that they represent are interested in investment properties or short-term vacation rental properties. These properties can be rented out when the homeowner isn't using the property, allowing the homeowner to generate income on the property.

"Again, there is so much variety in Orlando that it can be overwhelming to choose a property. We always start with a very detailed assessment of the buyer's goals and refine the search from there. For example, three bedroom vacation homes tend to break even cash flow wise each year, however we see positive cash flow from 5+ bedroom houses. So, if cash flow is important to the buyer, we will focus our search on larger homes. It's all very personal and customized to individual client needs and interests," explained said Renato Alves, Real Estate Broker at Uno Realty Group (

More information about Uno Realty Group's services can be found at their recently re-vamped website at The site features a comprehensive search function to give users more control over their property searches any time of day. Another popular feature is the automated email sign-up, which provides updates on favorited properties. Users receive daily updates on properties that they are interested in, so they can make timely purchase decisions. Both features have proven to be very helpful in maintaining access and communication across borders and time zones.

Visit the real estate company online, call 1-407-808-1878, or contact the team online for more information.

About Uno Realty Group:
Uno Realty Group is a full-service real estate service located in Orlando, Florida. As international real estate experts, Uno Realty Group works almost exclusively with clients from South America, particularly Brazil, who want to buy, sell, or rent an investment or vacation home in Florida. Learn more at

Media Contact:
Alex Howell
1228 Chelsea Pl.
Orlando, FL 32803

Alex Howell
Uno Realty Group
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Methanol Institute Testifies Before USTR on Methanol Tariffs

MI CEO Greg Dolan testified today on the damaging effects of proposed US tariffs on methanol at a hearing held by the United States Trade Representative

We strongly urge the USTR to remove tariff subheadings 2905.11.10 and 2905.11.20 for methanol or “methyl alcohol” from any supplemental action taken against China.”

— Gregory Dolan, CEO

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, August 23, 2018 / — Full Testimony of Methanol Institute CEO Greg Dolan to the Office of the United States Trade Representative

TESTIMONY OF THE METHANOL INSTITUTE ON USTR-2018-0026, Request for Comments Concerning Proposed Modification of Action Pursuant to Section 301: China’s Acts, Policies, and Practices Related to Technology Transfer, Intellectual Property, and Innovation

23 August 2018

Testimony by: Gregory Dolan, CEO – Methanol Institute

Thank you for the opportunity to testify today on behalf of the Methanol Institute – the trade association for the global methanol industry – concerning proposed Section 301 tariffs on Chinese imports to the united states which included methanol in your List 3.

We strongly urge the USTR to remove tariff subheadings 2905.11.10 and 2905.11.20 for methanol or “methyl alcohol” from any supplemental action taken against China.

Given that the United States is becoming a methanol exporting country, and imports from China are not economical and therefore practically non-existent, a tariff on methanol imports from China would only serve to trigger the action we’ve now seen – the threat of retaliatory tariffs by China on methanol exported from the U.S.
This tariff war on methanol threatens to curtail the resurgence we are now seeing in U.S. methanol production driven by the shale gas revolution.

Methanol – the world’s most widely traded chemical commodity – is a building block for hundreds of products that touch our daily lives, from paints and plastics to building materials and windshield wash. Methanol is also an emerging energy resource for fueling cars, trucks, buses, boats, boilers and cook stoves. We were deeply troubled to learn that methanol is on the USTR list of 6,000 products targeted for the imposition of a 25 percent tariff on imports from China.

The inclusion of methanol will do little to help achieve the USTR’s goal of assessing duties on products from China with an annual trade value of $200 billion, as there is very seldom any methanol trade flowing from China to the U.S.
In fact, the American Chemistry Council has noted that 286 of the 1505 chemical and plastic products listed by the USTR for additional tariffs are not even imported from China.

The inclusion of methanol on List 3 has now led to proposed reciprocal tariffs from China on U.S. methanol, which could have a strongly negative effect on our nation’s resurgent methanol industry. U.S. methanol production capacity was just 2.25 million metric tons per year at the start of 2015, and by this summer capacity had jumped to 7.5 million metric tons per year, that’s 2.5 billion gallons.

The affordability of feedstock natural gas has led to the restarting of plants that had been mothballed for a decade or more, greenfield new builds, and even entire production plants being shipped to the U.S. from other countries. The methanol industry is the poster child for the petrochemical industry’s shale gas-driven renaissance.

We commissioned a report last year by ADI Analytics finding that by 2020, new U.S. methanol plant investments of $12 billion would create 19,000 construction jobs and 5,000 permanent jobs, while providing annual tax revenue of $480 million.

The USTR has already heard from one firm stating that a $3.8 billion methanol project in Louisiana could be delayed or canceled due to the imposition of U.S. tariffs. This one project would create 1,000 construction jobs, 200 permanent jobs, and 300 associated manufacturing jobs.

The U.S. is now making a critical transition from being a net methanol importer, to becoming a net methanol exporter. The world’s largest market for methanol is China. The potential for high import tariffs placed on U.S. methanol by China could lead to a dramatic slowdown in our methanol industry’s resurgence, at a cost of investment, jobs and tax revenue.

These projects are already facing increasing costs due to recently imposed tariffs on steel, aluminum, and process machinery. Additional impact in the form of increased tariffs on methanol could lead to decisions to halt or relocate projects to more favorable countries.

Furthermore, such tariffs could also jeopardize billions of dollars in foreign direct investment from Chinese firms who are now constructing, or planning to build, methanol facilities in this country.

We have learned through discussions with officials in China prior to methanol’s inclusion on the USTR product list, that China had planned to increase imports of U.S. methanol as a way to reduce the trade imbalance that currently exists between our two countries. Simply put, china doesn’t want to sell us their methanol, they want to buy our methanol.

At a time when the U.S. is poised to significantly expand methanol exports to China, the imposition of tariffs could have the perverse impact of halting this positive trade.

Again, we strongly urge you to remove tariff subheadings 2905.11.10 and 2905.11.20 for methanol from any supplemental action taken by ustr.

We remain hopeful that the U.S. and China can resolve their differences and prevent further harm to U.S. manufacturers and consumers. Increased tariffs between the U.S. and any of its trading partners hurts American consumers and businesses by increasing the cost of commonly used products and materials and threatens to derail the country’s recent economic recovery.

Lawrence Navin
Methanol Institute
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QuickMobile By Cvent Mines Email Replies To Enhance More Than 75 Percent Of Existing Leads

A new case study reveals how QuickMobile by Cvent leveraged LeadGnome’s reply email mining service to update existing leads and generate new leads at a low CPL.

A new case study reveals how QuickMobile by Cvent leveraged LeadGnome's reply email mining service to update existing leads and generate new leads at a low CPL.

We rely on LeadGnome to provide reliable data, prevent data decay, and uncover new intelligence about our leads.”

— Emily Dick

BOSTON, MA, UNITED STATES, August 23, 2018 / — LeadGnome, Inc., the category-defining reply email mining web service, recently published a case study showing how QuicKMobile by Cvent, a leading provider of mobile event apps for meetings and conferences, used LeadGnome to update 192,468 existing leads and generate 48,897 new leads with a cost per lead (CPL) of $0.36.

The LeadGnome platform leverages an organization's existing email marketing strategy to continuously maintain client databases, adding net new contacts and enriching and cleansing existing records. Additionally, LeadGnome identifies timely trigger events – changes within an account – that represent actionable sales opportunities, helping organizations penetrate target accounts, increase revenue, and secure renewals.

Since the implementation of LeadGnome’s services in January 2017, QuickMobile by Cvent has seen improvement in both database health and growth. LeadGnome’s ability to identify and mine Account Based Intelligence from campaign email replies cleansed and enhanced existing contacts in QuickMobile by Cvent's database. Records were updated with current contact information and fresh data, such as cell phone numbers and titles. In addition, new contacts were found as a result of alternate and replacement contacts mined from standard auto-responses such as Out-Of-Office and Left-The-Company.

Key statistics since implementation:

– 192,468 existing leads were updated, which is more than 75% of QuickMobile’s database
– 48,897 new contacts were added within target accounts with a CPL of $0.36

Prior to implementing LeadGnome, QuickMobile by Cvent's manual data entry process for updating records was cumbersome. They needed a time-saving solution that allowed reallocation of human resources to new business initiatives. QuickMobile by Cvent also wanted a reliable data source to continually enrich and cleanse existing records, since complete and accurate customer information is critical to current and future business objectives.

"The elimination of tedious manual data entry processes has given us back valuable time. We rely on LeadGnome to provide reliable data, prevent data decay, and uncover new intelligence about our leads. The data mined greatly improves the productivity of our marketing operations and business development teams," said Emily Dick, former Director of Marketing at QuickMobile prior to Cvent acquisition.

About LeadGnome, Inc.: LeadGnome, the category-defining Reply Email Mining web service, analyzes emails to generate new contacts, appends and cleanses existing leads, and provides actionable intelligence that fuels sales acceleration. Named an Essential Data Intelligence Marketing Tool by Integrate and Heinz Marketing, and a Top Sales and a Top Marketing Tool by Smart Selling Tools, LeadGnome empowers sales and marketing teams to expand pipeline within new and existing accounts by uncovering trigger events, increasing connect rates, and identifying decision makers and influencers. LeadGnome is Privacy Shield certified by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau. Learn more at

About QuickMobile by Cvent: QuickMobile by Cvent is a leading provider of mobile event apps for meetings and conferences. We work with event and meeting professionals to develop fully-branded event apps that keep conversations and attendee participation going long after the closing remarks. We are passionate about the Incentive Industry and help event companies and event managers leverage mobile to help drive increased engagement in their incentive programs.In one simple mobile solution, QuickMobile by Cvent’s event apps connect attendees, distribute and manage multilingual content, promote your brand, integrate with all social platforms, and gather real-time audience and participation data. Cvent is a market leader in meetings, events and hospitality technology, partnering with some of the most recognized organizations in the world. Learn more at

Matt Benati
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Artificial Intelligence in the Pharmaceutical Industry

6 AI startups in drug discovery and development

AI ethical issues

New Report Details the Applications of AI in Drug Discovery and Preclinical Drug Development

AI has the potential to transform the drug development process, benefiting all parties involved—from the companies developing new drugs to the patients in desperate need of viable treatments”

— Dr. Charles Wright, PreScouter Project Architect

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, August 23, 2018 / — PreScouter, a Chicago-based research intelligence company, has released a detailed report on the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in drug discovery and development. As the use of AI in the pharmaceutical industry is projected to bring in billions of dollars in funding in the near future, PreScouter believes that this report is invaluable to any biopharmaceutical company interested in integrating an AI-based methodology in their current drug development processes.

The major driving force for selecting this topic was the questions PreScouter receives from clients in every industry about specific ways in which AI could improve upon the current way of doing things, according to Dr. Charles Wright, PreScouter Project Architect for the healthcare and life sciences industry. “In the pharmaceutical industry, early use cases are becoming available that highlight the potential for AI to improve the process of discovering and developing a new drug, which is currently an incredibly difficult task,” says Wright.

To generate drugs using an AI-based approach, many AI models start with a 3D model of a molecule, for example a protein that promotes cancer cell growth, explains Mohamed Akrout, one of the researchers who worked on the report. “The AI model then generates a series of synthetic compositions and predicts the probability of interaction between the two molecules. If a drug is likely to interact with a specific molecule, it can be synthesized and tested.”

The report compares traditional drug discovery methods with AI-based methods, illustrating both the benefits and limitations seen with AI-based drug discovery applications as well as current challenges and future opportunities. A number of case studies are included that illustrate the AI capabilities of six startups.

Wright sees that the three common challenges faced by all pharmaceutical companies are (1) timelines of about 15 years, (2) costs in excess of $1B and (3) a minuscule rate of success. It’s estimated that 1 in 10 small molecule projects become candidates for clinical trials (that's after screening through millions of compounds to hone in on viable candidates). Only about 1 in 10 of those compounds will then pass successfully through clinical trials. “AI has the potential to transform the drug development process by making it both more efficient and effective, thus benefiting all parties involved—from the companies developing new drugs to the patients in desperate need of viable treatments,” says Wright.

Dr. Navneeta Kaul, the second researcher who helped compile the report, believes that with the advances made in AI, “The day is not far when a machine will be able to tailor a drug for each unique individual in a much shorter period of time.”

About PreScouter, Inc.:
PreScouter provides research support services to help business leaders make better R&D, product development and corporate development decisions. PreScouter's custom-selected teams of Advanced Degree Researchers and Subject Matter Experts connect business leaders with new markets, commercializable technologies, industry-impacting startups, and other actionable data. PreScouter's growing list of 500+ clients includes GE Healthcare, Coca Cola, BAE Systems, Clorox, and Volvo. For more info, please visit


Link to report:

Mariam Jomha
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The VC backed AllSporter App, decides to raise additional capital from its future users

AllSporter World Champion Mr. Polanowski

AllSporter World Champion Mr. Polanowski

AllSporter Short A Logo

AllSporter Short A Logo

AllSporter plans to raise 19 million USD for its international expansion via a blockchain token generation event (TGE).

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, August 23, 2018 / — The World and European windsurfing champion, Mr. Michal Polanowski, has set his sights high again, and this time he aspires to revolutionize the world of sports by creating the first peer-to-peer app for sports’ equipment renting and for instantaneous booking of sport-related professionals. What makes this app unique is that it aims to grow from a successful MVP on a European level to a global brand-name thanks to blockchain technology.

The AllSporter team is preparing a Token Generation Event (TGE) in which they plan to raise up to 19 million USD that would fuel their global expansion. As one of many successful startups that has decided to take on the path of blockchain instead of VC capital, AllSporter believes that by raising money directly from their sports’ community would ultimately give them the upper hand to the competition and long-term advantage of having a loyal user base, aligned in interests and perspectives with their management team.

Aside from using blockchain to acquire capital, the advanced AllSporter blockchain technology would create one of the most sophisticated, immutable IT systems. The AllSporter ecosystem aspires to create a frictionless and efficient payment system, that will bypass divisions based on national borders and fiat currencies. With the AllSporter blockchain solution, partially even now available on the social network for programmers, GitHub, sports’ enthusiast around the world would experience unrestrained ability to book their favorite personal trainer or lease relatively expensive golf equipment more efficiently and in any legal currency.

The Chief Executive Officer at AllSporter, Mr. Polanowski excitingly stated that “one of the problems in many sports, including windsurfing, was the accessibility and availability of equipment by sportsmen around the world”. He also shared his faith by stating that “with a peer-to-peer solution, the AllSporter App eliminates barriers to do sports and makes every physical activity a bit more available and fun”.

The fundraising for the AllSporter App global expansion is poised to start in September 2018 and would be conducted globally in most jurisdictions that allow crypto capital crowdfunding, aside from the USA, Singapore, China and South Korea.

AllSporter is the next innovative step for the sports enthusiasts and professionals who want to rent equipment or book their next sports experience. It is based on cutting-edge blockchain technology that offers immutable records and fast transaction speeds in any major currency. The AllSporter app is also supported by Green Capital S.A. – a company in majority ownership of Mr. Michal Polanowski.

For more information about AllSporter, please visit Phone of the PR agency, TSM Global: +44 208 0892 568

Mary De Guzman
TSM Global
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Champion AllSporter APP

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Announcing The 2018 East Central Florida Hr Conference And Business Expo

2018 East Central Florida HR Conference & Business Expo

2018 East Central Florida HR Conference Speakers

2018 East Central Florida HR Conference Details and pricing

Your Future Business Through the Kaleidoscope will be an exciting event for HR professionals, executives, key decision makers, and management teams.

This conference is not only for HR professionals but anyone who manages people in their organization. In today's world, what you don't know could cost you everything.”

— Tom Fulmer

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 23, 2018 / — A joint conference, hosted by The Volusia/Flagler Society for Human Resource Management and The Space Coast Human Resource Association, will be held on October 5, 2018 from 8am to- 5pm at the Brannon Civic Center, 105 S. Riverside Drive, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168.

The Event Theme is "Your Future Business Through the Kaleidoscope" and it is an exciting, must attend event for HR professionals, executives, business leaders, key decision makers, and front line managers. The conference will include keynotes, guest speakers, and a panel of experts including authors and thought leaders who will bring your business kaleidoscope into clear focus. "Not only will this be an amazing opportunity for those in HR and leadership positions but we will also be raising funds and awareness for the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches. We are looking forward to a great event," stated Laurie Davis, Chapter President of the Space Coast Human Resource Association and Human Resource Manager at EMF, Inc. in Merritt Island, FL.

Speakers and Topics include:
• Doug Van Dyke, CSP, Author – Leadership in Action and Working With Five Generations in the Workplace
• The #MeToo movement and its impact and effect in the business world
• Volusia County Sheriff Michael J. Chitwood – Are Leaders Born or Are Leaders Made?
• Teri Yanovitch, T.A. Yanovitch, Inc., Author – Create a Culture of Service Excellence
• Gina Leigh Duncan, Director of Transgender Equality with Equality Florida – Transgender in the Workplace
• Mark Griffiths, Newleaf Training and Development – Thought leader on unlocking the potential of individuals, teams, and organizations

This years' event emcee is Tom Fulmer, Vice President of Business Development for National Drug Screening, Inc. Tom is also a professional speaker and trainer in the areas of influence and dealing with difficult people and situations, something that HR professionals face on a regular basis. He is sure to keep the presentations on pace and share some interesting, entertaining, and some down right frightening real world stories.

There will be 2 additional sessions that include a Dale Carnegie Professional Development Sessions and a panel discussion, The Future of Work, featuring Jayne Fifer, President/CEO of the Volusia Manufacturers Association (VMA), Dr. Amy Locklear, VP of Academic Affairs at Daytona State College (DSC) & Robin King, President/CEO of CareerSource Flagler/Volusia. (Moderated by Frank Mercer, Director of DSC’s Center for Business and Industry).

The event is being held at the beautiful riverside Brannon Civic Center located at 105 S Riverside Dr in New Smyrna Beach, FL.

This event will be information packed and full of excitement, learning, networking, fun. Plus CEU re-certification credits are also available. Sign up now and find more information on our websites: & Register here:

Laurie Davis
Space Coast Human Resource Association
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