FPR FORCE Expands to Include Municipalities

Court Appointed Receiver

FPR FORCE is proud to announce the company’s expansion to include working with municipalities
over run by vacant/abandon and foreclosed homes.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, US, February 22, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Florida Property Receiver Force, LLC, d/b/a FPR FORCE, is proud to announce the company’s expansion to include working with municipalities over run by vacant/abandon and foreclosed homes. FPR FORCE is a licensed, bonded and insured Judicial Receiver. FPR FORCE’s comprehensive Receivership program enables Cities to increase revenue and reduce debt, expenses and liability, with no out of pocket expense to the City. FPR FORCE will file a Petition with the Court to gain appointment for Receivership on the City’s vacant properties that have delinquent code violations and unpaid maintenance and water fees. FPR FORCE will rehab the properties, restoring them to code compliant and habitable condition. FPR FORCE will occupy the properties with vetted individuals and make monthly payments to the City to reduce their debt balance, while maintaining the properties to code and community standards.

Through rehab and maintenance, FPR FORCE beautifies and enriches the community by eliminating code violations, maintaining and preserving the homes and increasing property values that collateralize the City’s debt and pay the City’s taxes. Occupancy of the properties increases City income and reduces City debt from FPR FORCE’s collection of rental fees and income from the spending power of new resident tenants. Additionally, the occupancy of the properties reduces police, fire and code service calls by reducing theft, vandalism, unlawful occupation and other crimes and increasing the comfort and safety of the City’s citizens. FPR FORCE’s rehabbed, maintained and rented properties appreciate property values, increasing the likelihood of foreclosure and tax sale surpluses, offering additional opportunity for debt collection. For more information, visit our website at www.fprforce.com.

Harold Truppman
+1 407-246-4545
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Insurance law attorney Jared Stolz starts legal blog and commentary on legal issues related to insurance industry

Jared Stolz, attorney in New Jersey

Jared Stolz, attorney in New Jersey

Jared Stolz, attorney in New Jersey Logo

Jared Stolz, attorney in New Jersey Logo

Website of lawyer Jared Stolz in New Jersey

Website of lawyer Jared Stolz in New Jersey

Blog of insurance Jared E Stolz, New Jersey

Blog of insurance Jared E Stolz, New Jersey

News about Attorney Jared E Stolz

News about Attorney Jared E Stolz

The Blog will provide information about insurance law and regulation for in-house counsel, as well as any other legal practitioner handling insurance matters.

Stolz & Associates, LLC (N/A:N/A)

With the constantly evolving field, I felt that I could use the knowledge I have gathered over the years to discuss and explain the latest trends and issues in the industry”

— Jared E. Stolz, insurance litigation lawyer in New Jersey

FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, February 22, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Insurance law practitioner Jared Stolz is setting up a blog to provide information about insurance litigation, law and regulation. Mr. Stolz has been the managing partner of Stolz & Associates since 2004 and will use his wealth of industry expertise to share insurance industry legal issues and discuss how the law is changing.

“With the constantly evolving field, I felt that I could use the knowledge I have gathered over the years to discuss and explain the latest trends and issues in the industry” said Jared Stolz. “I have decades of experience working in this area and I can explain the issues that may arise in a given case.”

To begin, it is often difficult to understand the different types of insurance policies. For example, there is the Commercial General Liability (CGL), which provides broad insurance protection for claims against the policy holder, such as for bodily injury and property damage. There is also an insurance policy for Directors and Officers (D&O), which protects corporate officers and directors against claims of alleged wrongdoing in their corporate capacity.

Another matter that requires frequent explanations is how to read an insurance policy. For that, one needs to understand technical terms such as “Insurance binder” and “Declarations.”

“I am equally familiar and have a working knowledge of most property and casualty insurance policies including auto, homeowners, business owners and commercial general liability policies as well as errors and omissions, and specialty policies, adds Mr. Stolz. “I am planning to share insights about the legal issues that may arise in insurance disputes.”

About Jared E. Stolz, Esq.

Jared Elliot Stolz received his undergraduate education at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey and graduated with honors from Seton Hall University School of Law. Mr. Stolz has been the managing partner of Stolz and Associates since 2004, specializing in providing individual and customized attention to insurance carriers needs on substantial coverage disputes. Mr. Stolz has nearly three decades of experience in the insurance industry and strives to offer the clients a combination of tried and true legal analysis along with tactic, brought to it by today’s technology, with a focused eye on expenses. Mr. Stolz has represented prominent clients in numerous noteworthy cases with published opinions and has published and given seminar on insurance law topics.


Bio on law firm website: http://www.stolzlaw.com/about-us/about-the-founder/

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jared-stolz-18088012

Blog: https://hype.news/jared-stolz-esq

Lilly Shebey, Administrative Assistant
Stolz & Associates, LLC
+1 908-371-1350
email us here
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Jared Stolz Flemington NJ – Fraud Seminar – Fraud: Claim File Identifiers

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Best Place to Buy Primera LX500 Color Label Printer

For the best price on LX500 printer go to DuraFastLabel.com

DuraFast Label Company sells Primera LX500 color label printer for the best price

Print jam labels with the Primera LX500 color label printer from DuraFast Label Company

DuraFast Label Company Always Offers The Best Price On The Primera LX500 Color Label Printer

NEW YORK, NEWY YORK, UNITED STATES, February 22, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — If you are searching for a good deal on the Primera LX500 color label printer for your business, you should know that you have several options including DuraFast Label Company. Our company is unlike other resellers as we offer the best value on Primera color label printer. Let's review the various options on the market and show why purchasing these printers from us is always the best choice.

The Prices Of Our Competitors

The list price for the LX500 and LX500c are $1295 and $1395, respectively. The pricing for the products can be as high as the list price or as low as $70 off the list price of the LX500 color label printer. Regardless of where you want to purchase the products, you should expect to pay between $1225 to $1295 for the LX500 color label printer and between $1325 to $1395 for the Primera LX500c. Many resellers also offer free shipping, but don't be fooled by this "deal."

Our Company Offers The Best Deals

DuraFast Label Company is the only business that truly offers the best deals on both of these label printers. Our company currently offers a $70 discount off the Primera LX500 for a total of $1225, and we offer the Primera LX500c for only $1325. Along with offering extremely affordable prices on these two label printers, we also provide many additional savings and freebies that you don't want to miss.

Here's An Overview Of Our Additional Savings And Freebies

Most resellers sell these two printers for a similar price, but none of them offer as many savings and freebies as DuraFast Label Company. When you purchase these printers from us, get ready to receive:

Free Shipping: We ship Primera LX500 for free anywhere within the continental United States.

Exceptional Support: We provide free setup, installation, and 30 days of exclusive technical support via telephone.

Many Freebies: Our company offers $100 in free LX500 labels when you rate your LX500 printer after purchase, $150 in free LX500 labels with printer purchase, and a free Bartender Lite label design software tutorial.

Easy Returns: If you are unhappy with your order, you can return the product within fifteen days of purchase. We will refund you the purchase price, less shipping cost both ways and all consumables used or opened like ink cartridges and labels. Must be returned in original packaging.

DuraFast Label Company Always Comes Out On Top!

Instead of buying the Primera LX500 color label printer on Ebay, Amazon, or Newegg, why not purchase the product directly from DuraFast Label Company. Unlike those common marketplaces, our company can answer questions and address concerns before you buy and accept returns if you are unsatisfied with your purchase.

Of course, the purchase will not be complete without blank labels to go with your Primera color label printer. Our competitors expect you to pay additional money for these much-needed labels, but we provide $150 worth of free LX500 labels when you use the promotional discount codes LX500 or LX500c when checking out on our DuraFastLabel.com website.

In addition, we'll give you $100 worth of free LX500 labels if you do a product review on your LX500 printer after purchase. We will send you a request via email for an LX500 printer review two weeks after your purchase.

DuraFast Labels Company is the only reseller on the market that offers more than $250 in additional savings when you purchase the Primera color label printer from us.

Basat Khalifa
DuraFast Label Company
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Primera LX500 color label printer sold by DuraFast Label Company for the best price

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Nexus Sues NY Attorney General

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 22, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — page1image392
CONTACT: Andre Johnson


Nexus Services announces funding for civil litigation against the Hudson Correctional Facility and the New York Department of Corrections alleging abuses against a minor who has been brutally held in solitary confinement, violating the child’s constitutional rights. Nexus asks that the Attorney General stop defending prisons and guards who abuse constitutional rights, and instead tackle the inhumane issue of placing minor in solitary confinement, especially minors with serious mental illness.

WHAT: Press Conference Announcing Lawsuit by Natalya Paykina on behalf of her minor child E.L., Against Donna Lewin, Superintendent of Hudson Correctional Facility and Anthony J. Annucci, Acting Commissioner of the New York Department of Correction and Community Supervision, and others.

WHEN: Friday, February 22, 2019 1:00 PM EST

WHO: Natalya Paykina, on behalf of her minor child E.L. Mike Donovan, President & CEO Nexus Services, Inc.

Mario Williams, President Nexus Derechos Humanos Attorneys, Inc Evan Ajin, Vice President of Operations, Nexus Services, Inc. (Spanish Speaking)

WHERE: 40 Wall Street, New York, NY

In front of Office of the New York Attorney General

New York — Natalya Paykina has filed a lawsuit and an Emergency Motion For Temporary Restraining Order on behalf of minor son E.L., 17, who suffers from mental illness. E.L.was
transferred to the Adolescent Offender Segregation Unit (“AOSU”) at Hudson Correctional Facility on Nov. 3, 2018. He has been held in solitary confinement for months, worse than convicted terrorists held at the supermax prison in Florence, Colorado. “At Hudson Correctional Facility, E.L. sits alone in small, barren cells, which are smaller than a parking spot, for at least 18 hours each day,” the lawsuit said. “The hours he is allowed to have a recreational period he is made to sit in a chair held by leg irons.” "We at NDH are stunned that after New York City jails banned the practice of placing minors with mental illness in solitary confinement, and after the federal government banned this same conduct, that the State of New York would still engage in the most detrimental and inhuman correctional practice, carried out by State officials, known to our modern society. Our attorneys will litigate this matter to the U.S. Supreme Court.” said Mario Williams, President Nexus Derechos Humanos Attorneys, Inc

Nexus Services, which provides services and support for incarcerated individuals across the US, finds it “outrageous” that the NY Attorney General would even consider defending the human-rights abuses visited upon a minor child held in state custody. “The Attorney General of the State of New York is directly responsible for New York’s violent prison system, because the AG defends guards and facilities accused of harming inmates” said Nexus Services CEO Mike Donovan, “to even consider representing the State of New York prison system in this matter sends a clear message that the AGs office doesn’t care about vulnerable inmates being abused in the state prison system. Letitia James, the New York AG, will hopefully draw from her experiences as a public advocate to recognize the harm of inmate abuse and use her power to stop it. New York is known for running one of most vicious prison systems in the country and the Attorney General is responsible for these conditions for as long as they defend the abusers.”

Nexus Services, Inc. is a leading provider of immigrant bond securitization and of services provided to detained individuals. The organization funds Nexus Derechos Humanos Attorneys, Inc. as a part of its corporate giving plan to open access to justice for disadvantaged people across the United States. http://www.nexushelps.com/
Nexus Derechos Humanos. is a civil-rights law firm funded by Nexus Services Inc. Nexus Derechos Humanos is committed to holding public officials accountable for placing money or politics above the lives of human beings, protecting due-process rights, challenging government coercion and demanding justice and enforcement of hard-won civil rights. https://www.ndhlawyers.com

Andre Johnson
+1 540-609-4196
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Presentan en la Pequeña Habana el libro La Salsa Secreta del Tío Sam

Rafael Marrero, autor de La Salsa Secreta del Tío Sam

Sede del Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center, La Pequeña Habana

Obra del reconocido consultor Rafael Marrero considerada una importante herramienta para que los hispanos emprendedores puedan hacer su sueño realidad en EE UU

LA SALSA SECRETA DEL TIO SAM es una importante herramienta para que los hispanos emprendedores puedan hacer su sueño realidad ganando contratos del billonario mercado federal de los Estados Unidos”

— Rafael Marrero

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, February 22, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Una importante herramienta para que los hispanos emprendedores puedan hacer su sueño realidad será brindada a los asistentes de la presentación de “La salsa secreta del Tío Sam”, libro del reconocido empresario y consultor Dr. Rafael Marrero con más de 20 años de experiencia en el tema.

Si observamos que:

• La población hispana en los Estados Unidos alcanzó la cifra de 58 millones de habitantes en 2016
• 37 millones de hispanos mayores de 5 años hablan español en casa.
• Se proyecta un crecimiento de 57% de la población inmigrante hispana entre 2015 y 2050

Y observamos que menos del 1% de las empresas hispanas están participando, licitando y ganando contratos federales del billonario mercado federal de los Estados Unidos, nos daremos cuenta de la importancia que tiene el contenido de este libro para nuestra comunidad.

¿Quién?, ¿qué tipo de negocio?, ¿cuánto dinero pudieran obtener?, ¿cuáles son los requisitos?, serán, entre otras, las múltiples preguntas que podrán ser respondidas por su autor.

El conocido periodista Armando De Armas, autor del prólogo, tendrá a su cargo la presentación del libro. Por la importancia que el contenido del mismo tiene para personas emprendedoras y la comunidad empresarial hispana en general, pedimos a los medios de prensa la cobertura de este evento que tendrá lugar en:

Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center
111 South West 5th Avenue, Miami, Florida 33130
Sábado, 23 de febrero de 2019
Brindis: 7:00 pm

Lina Marrero
Rafael Marrero & Company
+1 888-595-6221
email us here
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Kahner Global to Hold 2nd Annual Cannabis Private Investment Summit in Ft. Lauderdale on February 26, 2019

This year’s Kahner Global Summit features emerging companies that investors are sure to find compelling and promises market-moving discussion and networking opportunities for all attending.”

— Mathew Ginder, Esq., Senior Counsel, Greenspoon Marder LLP

NEW YORK, NY, US, February 22, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Kahner Global will host its 2nd Annual Cannabis Private Investment Summit in Ft. Lauderdale. This year’s line up of sponsor companies, speakers, and investors will meet for a full day of panels and pitches on Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at the offices of co-host and sponsor Greenspoon Marder LLP. Topics for this year’s summit range from the future of cannabis and medical marijuana, current and forward cannabis investment and real estate opportunities, legal concerns, big alcohol entering cannabis, extraction and manufacturing, public company prospects, and more. Like last year, this year’s summit will feature Media Sponsor JJ McKay, Founder/Publisher, The Fresh Toast, who will open the conference with Chairman remarks and serve as Master of Ceremonies.

Founded in 2015 by Noa Kahner of Kahner Global, The Cannabis Private Investment Summit Series is a leading educational conference offered exclusively to high-net-worth investors interested in the burgeoning cannabis industry. Kahner Global holds summits in New York, Beverly Hills, Fort Lauderdale, Toronto, and San Francisco. Each summit hosts approximately one hundred highly vetted investors and another select group of top entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and movement-makers.

Mathew Ginder, Esq., Senior Counsel at Greenspoon Marder LLP, and the Summit’s co-host, commented: “This year’s Kahner Global Cannabis Private Investment Summit will once again feature leading emerging companies that serious, focused high-net-worth investors are sure to find compelling for their portfolios. Increasingly, the industry is propelling best-in-class leadership and innovation, and the summit discussions and networking will undoubtedly result in market-moving connections.”

Among the leaders in the cannabis, finance, business, and public service sectors slated to speak at the Ft. Lauderdale summit are:

Matthew Ginder, Esq., Greenspoon Marder LLP
Jason LaRonde, Director of Sales, Vitalis Extraction Technology
Ryan Ansin, Ansin Investments, LLC
Jose Bacellar, President & CEO, Verdemed
Eddie Miller, Founder & Board Director, Toast
Greg Vermeulen, President & CEO, PISTIL
Doug Fyvolent, CEO, Hyperponic
Art Fyvolent, Chief Marketing Officer, Hyperponic
Nicole Connors, Founder & CEO, Saku Cannabis
Riley Cote, Former NHL Enforcer & Founder, BodyChek Wellness
Doug Watler, Trustee, Broward County Firefighter’s Health Trust
Doug Sommerville, CEO, PlantEXT Ltd.
Kevin McGovern, Chairman and CEO, McGovern Capital & The Water Initiative
John Pinto, Chief Investment Officer, Hinsdale LLC
Matt Hawkins, Founder & Managing Principal, Cresco Capital Partners
Bill Brothers, Chairman, Towers Investment Trust
Sander C. Zabzebski, Partner, Greenspoon Marder LLP
Douglas J. Hannah, Managing Director, Silverleaf Advisors
Todd Rosales, Chief Technology Officer, Cooper Family Office
Michael Willner, CEO & President, Willner Capital
Alex Fang, CEO & Co-Founder, Sublime
Lauren Maillian, Chief Strategy Officer, Province Brands
Kevin Hart, Founder & CEO, Green Check Verified
Scott Stevens, CEO, Grays Peak Ventures
Joyce Cenali, Chief Operating Officer, Big Rock Partners
Gian Paolo Veronese, Chief Business Development Officer, Big Rock Partners
Jeff Smith, Partner, Kapno
Richard Yates, Esq., Private Investor
Jeanne Sullivan, Co-Founder, Sullivan Adventures LLC
Amanda Byrd, Chief Marketing Officer, Philter Labs, Inc
Lokesh Chugh, Partner, The London Fund
Rehan Huda, CEO, Greensky Labs
John Vardaman, Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Hypur
Matt Karnes, Founder, Green Wave Advisors
Marek Jasinski, Founder, 100THX
Candice Baumont, Chief Investment Officer, L Investments

Additional media sponsors include Family Office Networks, cannabis & tech today, NEW CANNABIS VENTURES, CFN Media Group, and FAMILY OFFICE ELITE Magazine & Events. The Summit’s PR partner is kmacconnect pr.

The event will be held at Greenspoon Marder, 200 East Broward Blvd., Suite 1800, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
Space permitting, please visit http://www.cannabrunch.net/ to request an invitation.

About Kahner Global and Founder, Noa Kahner
Kahner Global specializes in curating high-level investor conferences and events. The Cannabis Private Investment Summits are the premier conferences for institutional investors, family offices, and ultra high-net-worth investors. Hosted annually in New York City, Toronto, Fort Lauderdale, Beverly Hills, and soon to be San Francisco, the summits provide a highly bespoke conference experience and bring optimal deal flow to attending investors and entrepreneurs. Founder Noa Kahner began her career as Head of Business Development at an institutional investor conference company, where she developed conferences throughout North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Noa received a Master in Business Administration from Baruch College, The Zicklin School of Business. In 2014, she was named a member of the Milken Young Leadership Circle and serves on its steering committee.

Kimberly Macleod
+1 917-587-0069
email us here

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Zoombang Outperforms All Top Impact Sportsware Companies

Zoombang outprotects all competitors as the best protection apparel for athletes in contact sports

What sets Zoombang apart is what occurs on the molecular level unlike any other product.”

— William Thomson

KATY, TX, UNITED STATES, February 22, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Zoombang Outperforms All Top Impact Sportswear Companies

Zoombang crushes competition in a third-party test against top global competitors as the best product for athletes in contact sports

Katy, Texas- Zoombang protective sports gear outperforms all the competition – not just a catchy slogan, but a third-party tested fact.

Zoombang announced today third-party test results of protective wear outperforming globally recognized sports gear providers McDavid, Under Armour, and Nike reducing impact blows 40 to 45 percent better than the competition. Our thickening polymers absorb and distribute impact blows better than the competition: 43 percent better than McDavid, 40 percent better than Under Armour, and 45 percent better than Nike.

For over a decade, Zoombang's patented polymers have been protecting professional and amateur athletes in all contact sports across the country as an underlying padded shirt and/or padded tights. Zoombang's polymers react to direct contact in any sport with gels that redistribute the stress of a hit reducing the force of an impact and subsequently lowering possibility of injury while keeping every athlete fresh for the next play.

Zoombang technology is a complex combination of material engineering and incapsulating methods that result in the perfect pad for each application.

Zoombang Senior Vice President William Thomson gives a quick breakdown of the science, "What sets Zoombang apart is what occurs on the molecular level unlike any other product. Our polymer is not cured which means the molecules are free flowing like a liquid but when energy is applied those molecules respond proportionally equal to the amount of that energy and lock up behaving as a solid therefore energy is absorbed in two modalities by virtue of a molecular change as well as a function of traditional padding material."

Zoombang is currently used by professional athletes in all sports as well as in police and military gear in countries around the world.

Link: Zoombang.com

Media contact:
William Thomson
1 (828) 719-8391
E: Bizdev@zoombang.com

William Thomson
Zoombang, Inc.
+1 828-719-8391
email us here
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Asian Art, the Engravings of Karl Bodmer and Diverse Estate Jewelry at Michaan’s in March

Michaan's Auction item

Decorative Jar

Michaan's Auction items

Decorative Jars

Auction item of Elephant


Auction item of necklace

Necklace for auction

Michaan’s offers precious Chinese snuff bottles, a delightful bronze elephant, and Japanese woodblock prints by Hiroshige.

ALAMEDA, CA, USA, February 22, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — PRE SALE PRESS RELEASE!
Press Office Contact!
 Talesa Eugenio (510) 740-0220 x 116
Auction: Gallery Auction Saturday March 9 at 10am
Previews: March 3, 8 and day of sale
 Michaan’s Auctions
 2751 Todd Street
 Alameda, CA 94501
Asian Art, the Engravings of Karl Bodmer and Diverse Estate Jewelry at Michaan’s in March
The San Francisco Bay area, gateway to the Pacific, has long played an important role in the trade of Asian art treasures. At Michaans’s Auctions, high quality Asian art and antiques have been a core business since the company’s inception. In the March Gallery Auction, Michaan’s offers precious Chinese snuff bottles, a delightful bronze elephant, and Japanese woodblock prints by Hiroshige. Also among the March highlights is the large collection of engravings by Karl Bodmer, whose body of work forms an important historical record of the American West. Bodmer’s exquisite 19th century scenes of Native Americans will thrill collectors of fine art as well as American history buffs. Estate jewelry, period furniture and many more fabulous finds are also offered at Michaan’s on March 9.
A good snuff bottle collection is a survey of Chinese art, in miniature. The insidepainted snuff bottles ($400-$600 for the lot of three in the March auction) feature the delicate brushstrokes of traditional Chinese painting in an art form that never fails to fascinate. The pair of overlay glass snuff bottles ($600-$800) features the carved glass technique perfected by Chinese artisans after centuries of carving jade. And the glazed snuff bottle ($300-$400) is robin’s egg blue, a favored hue among collectors of Chinese porcelain.

Is there any animal more universally beloved than the elephant? Revered by many cultures and cherished by even more, the elephant is an important motif in the decorative arts and interior design. March brings to Michaan’s a handcrafted bronze Asian elephant estimated at $1,000-$1,500, with polychrome decoration and a lovely patina.
The works of master printmaker Hiroshige (1797-1858) are fundamental to any collection of Japanese woodblock prints. Hiroshige’s reputation was already well established in his day, and later in the 19th century his works were discovered and even copied by the European Impressionists including Van Gogh. A collection of eleven Hiroshige woodblock prints ($1,800-$2,000) is featured in the March auction. Scroll paintings, embroidered textiles, carved jade and fine Chinese porcelains are also offered.
The art of Karl Bodmer (1809-1893) is presented in March by Fine Art specialist Susan Paffrath, who offers ten lots of Bodmer’s hand-colored engravings. “The value of Bodmer’s work is recognized by historians as well as art collectors,” notes Paffrath. “His wonderful images document the great diversity in Native American cultures, while also highlighting the individuality of his particular subjects.” Bodmer’s engraving of a dancing warrior (“Pehriska-Ruhpa”) is estimated at $5,000-$7,000, one of many Indian portraits on offer. Also offered are the wildlife scene, “Herd of Bison and Elks” ($2,000-$3,000) and a view of 19th century Niagara Falls ($1,000-$2,000).
“Milestone Mountain” ($3,000-$5,000), an Ansel Adams print with excellent provenance, is another fine art highlight. Works by Peter Max and Roy Lichtenstein are offered. “Summer,” a bronze by cowboy artist William Moyers (1916-2010) is estimated at $2,000-$4,000. The large oil painting “Jungle” by Fernand Pierre is one of two works by Haitian artists. Pierre’s lush pictorial style recalls that of the 19th century French painter Henri Rousseau, while springing wholly from the natural environment and artistic heritage of his native Haiti.
Brilliant color and lushness can also be found in Michaan’s March fine jewelry. A stunning floral enameled jewelry suite features diamonds, ruby cabochons and cultured pearls set in 22k gold. The large Mughal-style suite by a contemporary Indian designer is estimated at $30,000-$50,000. Also offered is a beautiful jadeite jade bangle bracelet ($4,000-$6,000). “The bangle comes with a GIA report confirming ‘A’ jade, no color treatments, and has wonderful translucency” says Michaan’s gemologist Elise Coronado.

A standout in March is the custom diamond ring designed as a comet, with a trail of diamonds following from the brilliant-cut center stone of over one carat ($2,000-$3,000). The sapphire ombré bead necklace ($1,800-$2,500) is another highlight. A gleaming 18k gold bracelet, heavy with gold coins and charms, is estimated at $4,000-$6,000. 25 of the March jewelry lots come from the estate of Wylda Hammond Nelson, MD, who collected beads and tribal jewelry from around the world. These lots include the ancient Persian necklace ($500-$700) of etched carnelian and carnelian beads.
Estate furniture highlights include the McGuire bamboo form dining table and eight chairs, a great find at $1,000-$1,500. Luxury items in this auction include a Fendi fur and a Daum pitcher.

For the complete monthly auction calendar and details, visit

Talesa Eugenio
Michaan’s Auctions
+1 (510) 740-0220
email us here

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How to smash out of the box and win customers

Meet the man who cartooned Albert Einstein for decades. Ileana Strauss, July 2016

How can we think "outside the box" to make improved customer experience a reality?

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties”

— Erich Fromm

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 22, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — ADEN University Matilde Lanati PHD

History shows us how different thinkers and doers from all fields, whether it is science, literature or engineering have made valuable contributions to the human development because they dared to challenge the reality.
Christopher Columbus, Leonardo Da Vinci,Einstein, Dr. Rene Favaloro, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg to mention just a few, had the courage to build unconventional solutions.
Thinking outside the box means daring to conceive of perspectives and realities that go beyond what is known, what is rationally possible and creates real innovations.

Outside-the-box thinking refers to creative thinking. It requires a willingness to go beyond normal boundaries and usual approaches. Some companies, such as Blockbuster or taxi companies in general have remained inside the box. As a result, they have disappeared or their competitive spectrum has been put at risk.
Outside-the-box thinking is a competence highly valued by the labor market and although deeply sought after it is not always found. All great discoveries such as fire, the wheel, medicine, commercial space travel or drones that transfer blood or food to a hospital in Africa are the result of people who dared to challenge the status quo.
Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between disruptive and traditional managers?

Disruptive managers can find answers to unsolved problems. They dare to take risks, they are adventurous, and they continue in spite of difficulties, they aim to beat the market without fear of trying new things.

Creative thinkers can:

• Go against the current
• Tolerate criticism when the arguments are valid
• Inspire their teams to a shared success

But these abilities can be stifled sometimes. Organizations frequently make decisions based on financial data, which is necessary, but it is not the only data to consider. Breaking the mold and navigating through the customer’s preferences, creating new demands, discovering untapped opportunities. Therefore, if the value of people who think outside the box were considered, decisions would be more customer-oriented and companies would become more profitable and competitive.

Breaking the box means daring to think of different scenarios that will allow us to break away from logic and to remove, replace and intensify thoughts and actions that will strengthen leadership.
Innovative companies encourage their customer facing staff to make decisions by sharing their viewpoints with other support areas. This outside-the-box model motivates staff, it calls upon them to have dynamic perspectives and to find solutions from a menu of options. This fosters flexibility and allows them to comply with processes faster or to create new ones with fewer resources and delivering better results.

When we manage to make staff feel that they “belong”, their tasks come to life, and they give us their commitment in return. But when they only have to comply with the procedures required by the company, it is difficult to achieve extraordinary results.

Allowing ourselves time to listen to our collaborators, to understand their difficulties, to accompany them in setting shared goals and giving them freedom to map out a path fosters a sense of belonging. In this way, it is easier to spot the lighthouse at the tip of the peninsula, to sail through ambiguous and uncertain waters, to dissipate the fog of the market in order to transform the future and reach a safe harbor: the holy grail of business, leadership and profitability.

How to broaden the spectrum to entice customers?

The big challenge is to create and sustain a proposal of Value, since it is a springboard to enticing customers.

The following are some practical actions that will help us to achieve our goal:
• Deepening our Self-awareness by identifying how our development is being hindered: beliefs, prejudices, rigidness preconceptions.

• Knowing the best practices in industries other than ours. Reading articles, blogs, notes, cases produced by different sectors to learn from them. In summary, opening our minds to knowledge and accept something different to emulate it or improve it.

• Reinventing ourselves in knowledge. Exploring knowledge that has nothing to do with our field of expertise: gardening, dancing, flying drone, trying something new.

• Nurturing ourselves with innovative and interesting resources: films that cover different genres, science fiction books, graphic novels, adventure stories about heroes and villains, different resources that can be helpful to analyze how aversion to change can be overcome.

• Starting with the goal and going backward: Analyzing the steps taken to go through the whole process, evaluating what was done well and what needs to be changed.

• Playing games: Daring to become a child and play with our hands, assemble models, build sand castles. This is important to observe their capacity to solve problems quickly and their different way to achieve results and their ability to start over.

• Achieve the A-Ha Moment
According to the Missioncouncil.se (2019) AHA Moment is: "The outside spiritual force that provides the breath of life, the spark of consciousness and synergy"

How to know if we are inside or outside the box?

Outside-the-box thinking must be based on Self-awareness if we are to lead others, whether our teams, suppliers or customers.

Melinda Fouts (2016) highlights that we can use two instruments to develop self-awareness – Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQi – 2.0) and Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI).
These assessments complement each other. The first one explores 15 competences while the second one facilitates personal knowledge growth and shows us how interact with others. If we want to win customers, it is essential to analyze situations with an open and exploring mind.

Benefits of outside-the box thinking include:
• Transforming problems into opportunities
• Being part of the solution
• Allowing ideas
• Becoming change-oriented
• Increasing adaptability and flexibility
• Decreasing stress
• Recognizing and rewarding effort
• Facilitating collaborative knowledge
• Creating a corporate synergy that strengthens leadership
• Designing and implementing new differentiating experiences for stakeholders
• Applying Artificial Intelligence

So dare to get out of the box since…

"Creativity is intelligence having fun"
Albert Einstein

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AV-Comparatives’ Awards Ceremony and Summary Report for 2018

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AV-Comparatives Award Ceremony at Swarovski Crystal Worlds

AV-Comparatives Boblseigh Championship

AV-Comparatives Boblseigh Championship

AV-Comparatives Awards 2018

AV-Comparatives Awards 2018

Best-performing IT security software recognised at Swarovski Crystal Worlds

INNSBRUCK / WATTENS, TYROL, AUSTRIA, February 22, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — AV-Comparatives’ Awards Ceremony for 2018

Click here for details and photos of the Award Ceremony

Click here for details of the Summary Report

Best-performing IT security software recognised at Swarovski Crystal Worlds

As cybercrime becomes ever more common and ever more sophisticated, the importance of effective security programs increases accordingly. AV-Comparatives’ Awards Ceremony for its 2018 tests recognised those vendors whose products provide truly effective protection against IT threats. The event was held on 4th and 5th of February 2019 in Innsbruck, and 36 IT-security specialists from 12 countries attended. In addition to the awards ceremony itself, the event included a security conference, with speakers on cybersecurity-related topics. As cyber-threats continue to evolve, so must the testing of security solutions, and so AV-Comparatives’ new Enhanced Real-World Test, which will be run for the first time in 2019, was introduced.

Participants were also treated to a thrilling bobsleigh ride at the Olympic Bobsleigh and Luge Track in Igls. The bobs reached a top speed of over 120 km/h!


At the Awards Ceremony, various awards were handed over for top-performing security products tested during the course of 2018. There were AV-Comparatives Approved Product Awards for qualifying consumer and business products. In addition, there were various awards for the Consumer Main Test Series – both for individual tests, and for overall results across the test series.

Product of the Year Award

Avast received the Product of the Year Award 2018 (1st place overall), having reached top scores in every test throughout the year. The award is given for the highest overall results across all the tests in the series.
Bitdefender was rewarded with the Outstanding Product Award 2018, having also reached top scores in all the tests. This award is given when two products achieve identical overall scores in the Consumer Main Test Series; the product which has already won Product of the Year, or won it more recently, receives the Outstanding Product Award.
AVG, Avira, Kaspersky Lab and Tencent achieved excellent results across the different test categories, and all received

Top-Rated Product Awards.

Security awards for protection, performance, malware removal and low false alarms
Gold, Silver and Bronze awards were given for each of the following AV-Comparatives’ Tests: Real-World Protection, Malware Protection, Low False-Positives, Low System-Impact and Malware Removal. For details, please see “Overview of levels reached during 2018” in our 2018 Summary Report. Vendors receiving awards for individual tests were Avast, AVG, Avira, Bitdefender, Emsisoft, ESET, K7, Kaspersky Lab, and Tencent.

Security conference

Franz Unterluggauer opened the day with a presentation on how the Innovation Agency of Tirol stimulates business transformation through digitalization. Next, Dr. Peter J. Mirski, Professor of Management and IT at the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) gave his view on how to improve ‘IT and security education of tomorrow’. After the break, the improvements of the AV-Comparatives’ Enhanced Real-World-Test methodology were presented.

Message from the CEO

AV-Comparatives’ founder and CEO Andreas Clementi commented, “We would like to thank everyone who came to this event in Innsbruck for making it such a success. As cybercrime continues to rise, effective security products are more important than ever. We congratulate the security vendors whose products stood up to rigorous independent testing that mimics real-world scenarios.”

AV-Comparatives’ Tests

The increasing number and variety of threats means that rigorous testing is required to determine which security products are really effective at protecting a system, whilst allowing the user to work normally without interruptions. AV-Comparatives’ Consumer Main Test Series subjects consumer security programs to not one but four main tests throughout the course of each year. The Real-World Protection Test checks a product’s ability to protect against real-world Internet threats; the Malware Protection Test requires each product to identify thousands of recent malicious programs; the Performance Test verifies whether the security programs can provide protection without slowing down the PC; and the Malware Removal Test checks how well each product can remove malware that has already infected a PC. Additionally, there is a False Positives Test ensures that false alarms are kept to a minimum. This variety of tests ensures that security products are not just strong in one or two areas, but provide all-round protection and performance.

About AV-Comparatives

AV-Comparatives is an independent organization offering systematic testing that checks whether security software, such as PC/Mac-based antivirus products and mobile security solutions, lives up to its promises. Using one of the largest sample collections worldwide, it creates a real-world environment for truly accurate testing. AV-Comparatives offers freely accessible results to individuals, news organizations and scientific institutions. Certification by AV-Comparatives provides an official seal of approval for software performance which is globally recognized.
AV-Comparatives works closely with several academic institutions, especially the University of Innsbruck’s Department of Computer Science, to provide scientific testing methods. www.av-comparatives.org

The results can be used by editors / media / bloggers etc. for free. Please give as source https://www.av-comparatives.org

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