Centilytics’ journey so far – from an idea to a cutting-edge CMP

Centilytics Intelligent Cloud Management Platform

Centilytics Intelligent Cloud Management Platform

This is the story of Centilytics which started their journey in 2017 and how they have found their way to be the next-gen CMP.

Our journey has been great and inspiring so far with ideology to make cloud management easy for users. The way our platform has evolved in the last two years upholds all abilities to fulfill all needs”

— Aditya Garg, CEO, Centilytics

DOVER, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, June 18, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Silicon Valley-based company, Centilytics set forth as a cloud cost optimization tool in 2017 with bootstrapping themselves. Within two years, Centilytics emerged as a full-fledged Cloud Management Platform (CMP) which empowers enterprises to gain visibility, optimize, govern, secure and automate their cloud infrastructure. In the CMP landscape, Centilytics is one of the few SaaS platforms that provides comprehensive set of solutions for cloud management within a single pane of glass.
Centilytics as a company was incepted in January 2017 and the platform was made available in April 2017. They came in limelight as a finalist in 2016’s edition of highly acclaimed accelerator program rooted in Stanford University – StartX. The fundamental idea of simplifying the cloud complexities made Centilytics to be validated as a StartX company in winter 2018.
The rapid increase in the cloud adoption rate paved the way for Centilytics to innovate and develop a platform with core cloud management practices as foundation, to help customer manage their cloud in a more unified and profitable way. Centilytics offers the most demanded solutions, such as Automation, which has brought them into sprint mode to be one of the leading cloud management platforms.
The numbers look good for Centilytics as they are managing 10 million dollars for global customers. The trust by customers and the industry affirmation with recent US Business News’ award to Centilytics as “Cloud Management Platform of the Year 2018” followed by Business APAC acknowledging them as “Cloud Disruptors of 2018”.
“Our journey has been great and inspiring so far with ideology to make cloud management easy for users took us where we are. Taking control of the cloud operations and managing it at enterprise-level isn’t easy. The way our platform has evolved in the last two years upholds all abilities to meet every cloud management need.”
– Aditya Garg, CEO, Centilytics

Centilytics are making impact as one-stop solution for managing cloud efficiently. The platform has advanced capabilities for multi-cloud management and provide comprehensive analytics, enabling enterprises to take data driven decisions. Centilytics when started in 2017 was a new player but now in this competitive marketplace they are emerging out as a more reliable platform than others.

About the company:
Centilytics, a Silicon Valley-based company, started off very young as a summer experiment from the ground up, now is a Stanford-based StartX accelerated company with a global clientele base. The organization is headquartered in the US and has an R&D Center in India.
Centilytics is a fully-automated SaaS solution that sits on top of public clouds to help organizations with the management and control of their infrastructure. It is an intelligent cloud management platform that enables public cloud users to Gain 360-degree visibility, Identify loopholes and, Deploy one-click fixes on their cloud infrastructure.
Running into cloud management problems? Schedule a quick chat with our cloud expert to learn how you can use Centilytics to make your life on cloud a little bit easier. Book a demo or start a 3-month free trial now.

Aditya Garg
+1 4045450821
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Bus Ads in Gimpo, S. Korea Urge Residents Not to Eat Dog

lady freethinker bus ads dog meat korea

Bus Ads in S. Korea to Stop the Dog Meat Trade, Sponsored by Lady Freethinker (LFT)

Nonprofit media organization will continue sponsoring bus ads in cooperation with Save Korean Dogs

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Los Angeles-based animal rights organization Lady Freethinker has extended its dog meat trade awareness efforts in South Korea for an additional six months, citing the effectiveness of the program as well as the need for increased pressure in the city of Gimpo – dubbed “The Valley of Dog Meat in S. Korea.”

The campaign, in the form of ads on public transportation vehicles, urges citizens to keep dogs off their dinner plates and to treat them like family.

The ads were introduced on buses in the city of Gimpo at the end of 2018 and continued through 2019. Created in cooperation with Save Korean Dogs, an activist/rescue organization based in Gimpo, the ads have already reached thousands of people with messages translating to, “Dogs are not food but family,” and “Please do not eat me.”

Additionally, a petition effort by LFT and Save Korean Dogs calls for a ban on dog farms in the city. It has gained more than 60,000 signatures from around the world, and was delivered to Gimpo Mayor Ha-young Jung on Monday.

“We are pleased to continue sponsoring a campaign that has garnered major attention and sends the message every day that we should love dogs as family, not kill them for food,” said LFT Founder Nina Jackel. “As evidenced by the closure of dog meat markets across the nation, South Korea's citizens are no longer willing to tolerate the cruelty of the dog meat trade, and public perception is changing.”

The Gimpo ads are receiving positive feedback from local residents, staff at local grocery stores and pharmacies, and many others around the city, according to Save Korean Dogs Founder Nami Kim. Kim started the bus ad campaign 5 years ago, operating in multiple cities across S. Korea, and said, “I am grateful to all the sponsors for speaking for the dogs.”


There are thousands of dog meat farms throughout South Korea, with some two million dogs slaughtered for human consumption each year. It is the only country in the world with large, factory-style dog farms, where the animals are housed in filthy conditions without adequate food, water or veterinary care.

During the slaughter process, many of the dogs are hung, torched alive, or electrocuted in the belief that torture will make the meat taste better or boost the virility of those who consume it.

In addition to posting ads, LFT works directly with rescuers on the ground across Asia, helping to provide food, warmth and veterinary care for dogs and cats rescued from the meat trade. LFT has supported the rescue of dozens of dogs from China’s Yulin Dog Meat Festival and contributed to the care of hundreds more.

The organization continues to collect petition signatures to ban the dog meat trade and will keep campaigning until the inhumane practice is a thing of the past.

Sign the Petition to Ban Dog and Cat Meat in China
Sign the Petition to Outlaw Dog and Cat Meat in South Korea

Notes to Media:
To download a link to the pictures, please click here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1goGX6zAbvMKRfn2-OZsVUiMYbCsPlPxO?usp=sharing

ABOUT LADY FREETHINKER: (www.ladyfreethinker.org)
Founded in 2013 by Nina Jackel, LFT is a Los Angeles-based non-profit media organization dedicated to exposing and stopping the suffering of animals, humans and planet. Through its undercover investigations, news reporting, and petitions, LFT aims to end cruelty and promote humane treatment of all species. LFT also provides direct aid to animals in desperate situations, bringing to light suffering that may otherwise go ignored. To make a donation or sign a petition, please visit https://.ladyfreethinker.org

Press contact: Zorianna Kit at zoriannakit@gmail.com or 323-697-5307

Zorianna Kit
Lady Freethinker
+1 310-923-0729
email us here

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Top app development company recognised to create extraordinary mobile apps

mobile app development company

Top rated mobile app development company

Mobulous Technologies, founded on 2013 by Mr. Anil Sharma, has been recognized as top mobile app developers by Appfutura, Good Firms, Extract, Clutch etc.


— Anil Sharma

NOIDA, UP, INDIA, June 18, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Mobulous Technologies, founded on 2013 by Mr. Anil Sharma, has been recognized as top mobile app developers by Appfutura. Consistently, it has been recognized on various review platforms like Good Firms, Extract, People per hour, Business of Apps, Clutch and Top Mobile app developers, since its inception for delivering breakthrough mobile solutions in various verticals including Enterprise, Navigation, Health Care, Wearable Technology, Augmented Reality, Games, Consumer, Media, and Finance etc. They are an android app development company that claims to make the apps that get listed at the top in the search engine listings.

Speaking about the company, founder of the company said, “Mobulous was founded with a single vision to help startups, small, medium-sized companies in solving their business problems and strategically providing the best-optimized solutions in the form of apps and websites to increase their business proficiency and maximizing their profit. We have built a strong team of 70+ App studs with over 6 years+ experience in mobile app development, we have been working and building relationships with start-ups and brand creating amazing UI oriented products.”

“We are an expert in delivering the best mobile app reporting engine as well as mobile backend system. Whether you are a start-up or an enterprise, our team of highly skilled and experienced specialists is there to design the best mobile app as according to your requirement and business type. Being a top app development company, we offer complete end-to-end mobile solutions across all major platforms including iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android, Windows etc.” added Mobulous’s founder.

Mobulous Technologies is a top-notch mobile app development company offering integrated, vibrant and streamlined solutions to businesses all across the globe. It has a terrific record of delivering incredible and innovative apps that have scripted many success stories of brands across the globe. They have a crew of technically well-versed and highly skilled Developers, UI/UX Designers, Testers and Project Managers onboard. They claim to have crafted exceptional mobile experiences for more than 40 global brands. They have clients all over the world.

Anil Sharma
Mobulous Technologies
+91 96501 00411
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Aiozium Launched SaaS-based Marketing Intelligence Tool Powered by AI

Aiozium- Ai For Marketing

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, June 18, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Aiozium, a new launch of Crowdnik Networks Private Limited, is a SaaS-based platform for marketers powered by machine learning techniques in a different way. The tool has intelligence for self-correction and self-learning for better campaign optimization and high ROI.

Aiozium is a multi-dimensional platform that not only reads the data, makes sense of all the data and generate actionable insights on them, but also gives the real-time information about customer behavior. It builds the trend of the customers based on a various emotional and behavioral algorithm which leads to prediction and results in an increase of leads by selecting the best marketing mix and marketing strategies for optimum use of resources which results in greater ROI.

Reason Why Every Marketer Needs Aiozium

Aiozium is marketing ally, it is a tool for all the marketers which makes life simpler and completes the customer journey with ease.

– Emotional Algo: It is said that the only difference between Robot and Human is the emotions or the feel factor. Emotional algo consists of human psychological ethos. It analyses the behavior basis on different kinds of emotions exhibited by humans. It helps in analyzing the marketing communications, activities and asses their value. It also measures and analyses the emotions of a person towards buying the product.

– Contextual Algo: It analyses the content across various channels viz. website, email and all communication platforms based on multiple parameters such as aggression, transaction, emotion etc. It also analyses whether the user is persuaded with the interaction or not, basis on which it predicts the usefulness of the content.

– Behavior Algo: Based on historical and real-time customer behavior across all channels with prospective data listening mechanism, this model can learn, react and predict the most accurate customer flow for maximum conversion. It predicts the probability of the rate of conversion through Machine Learning, Deep learning, Natural Language processing and Augmented Visualization.

How Is It Going To Benefit The End-users:

On-boarding with Aiozium will reduce the marketing expenses by cutting down the misspend funds and optimizing the campaign to increase the ROI. It remembers and recollects the historical hand burns and successful campaigns and accordingly suggests marketers the most accurate pathway to follow. It also learns the customer behavior towards marketer's product line. The best part of Aiozium is that it works across channels and sync with all the digital assets in a single click.

Automate, Sit Back and Relax

Aiozium is inviting the industry experts to have a test drive on their AI Marketing Ally. To book a slot, schedule a demo at https://www.aiozium.com/demo.html

About Us:

Aiozium is a new launch of Crowdnik Networks Private Limited, the parent company of Samachar Live News Portal. Amit Kashyap and Divyam Vaid, founders of Crowdink Networks Private Limited are the backbones of the company, the brain behind the idea of Aiozium.

Amit Kashyap has effectively leveraged his expertise in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to build robust digital infrastructures and drive design thinking culture which resulted in superior techniques of revenue generation and improved customer engagement.

Divyam Vaid is the brain behind Aiozium Algo who trains the model for emotional and contextual algo.

The energetic and creative duo are here to create something innovative to improve and signify the machines and data science in an advanced way.

Harsh Vardhan
Crowdink Networks Private Limited
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Šírava Park Boulevard will create many new jobs and opportunity for local business owners

Boulevard 1

Boulevard 1

Boulevard 2

Boulevard 2

Boulevard 3

Boulevard 3

Šírava Park Boulevard is a public beach, marina and green area with a 600-meter long boulevard

BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA, June 18, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Is a public beach, marina and green area with a 600-meter long boulevard with many different types of bars, restaurants and shops for day and night. It will feature many water activities like: Water park, fishing, party boat and yet skis. There are stages and spaces for cultural and social events.

Šírava Park Boulevard offers a unique beachfront location for bars, restaurants and shops for rent. Contact us for more details.

Lucia Ciriaková
CEE Real Estate Group
+421 2/330 561 41
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Sirava Park Boulevard

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Lawrence N. Tanenbaum, M.D., Appointed to Chair the CureMetrix Strategic Medical and Scientific Advisory Board

Photo of Lawrence N. Tanenbaum, M.D., FACR

Lawrence N. Tanenbaum, M.D., FACR

CureMetrix Logo (CAD That Works)

CureMetrix Logo

The field of AI in medical imaging is crowded, but CureMetrix stands out as a company that I believe will be a leader in the field into the future.”

— Lawrence N. Tanenbaum, M.D., FACR

LA JOLLA, CA, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — CureMetrix®, a healthcare technology company that develops computer-aided detection (CAD) software integrated with artificial intelligence (AI), announced that Lawrence N. Tanenbaum, M.D., FACR, will join the company to chair its Strategic Medical and Scientific Advisory Board.

As Chair, Dr. Tanenbaum will focus on creating clinical and industry value and utility with CureMetrix products that are trusted and accepted by the medical community and by patients, globally. In March of this year, the company received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to market its product cmTriage™, an AI-based platform that enables radiologists to prioritize suspicious mammograms.

Together with the Chief Medical Officer of CureMetrix, Dr. Alyssa Watanabe, Dr. Tanenbaum will be building an august board of leaders in the field of radiology to help guide CureMetrix in the development of additional AI products for medical imaging.

"We are honored to have a thought leader of Dr. Tanenbaum’s caliber who will help build bridges to the radiology community and contribute to the clinical quality and innovation that CureMetrix delivers to healthcare systems worldwide,” said Kevin Harris, CEO and Board Director for CureMetrix.

“Dr. Tanenbaum and I have been colleagues for many years. He is well known in radiology and in the healthcare industry as a prolific contributor to radiology education with deep knowledge of cutting-edge technology and trends. He will assist in taking CureMetrix to the next level in the development of a broad scope of clinical AI tools in medical imaging,” said Dr. Watanabe.

“I’m honored to be joining the team at CureMetrix. I’ve watched their growth and progression over the last few years and continue to be impressed. They have a strong commitment to building products that truly work, that create value for radiologists, and that will help us improve patient outcomes. The field of AI in medical imaging is crowded, but CureMetrix stands out as a company that I believe will be a leader in the field into the future,” said Dr. Tanenbaum.

A luminary in the imaging industry, Dr. Tanenbaum serves as the Vice President, Chief Technology Officer and Director of Advanced Imaging for RadNet, the largest freestanding imaging company in the U.S. At RadNet, he oversees MRI, CT and Advanced Imaging. He was formerly with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, where he served as an Associate Professor of Radiology, Director of MRI, CT and Outpatient / Advanced Imaging Development. Prior to that, Dr. Tanenbaum spent over 20 years in the private practice of Radiology at the JFK Medical Center / New Jersey Neuroscience Institute as the Director of MRI, CT and Neuroradiology. There, Dr. Tanenbaum grew his outpatient imaging practice into one of the best known and respected in the industry, recognized for quality and the translation of advanced technology into practice.

Dr. Tanenbaum is a senior member of the American Society of Neuroradiology and long-term member of the Radiological Society of North America (“RSNA”). He is the past President of the Eastern Society of Neuroradiology, and past President of the Clinical Magnetic Resonance Society. He is also a member of the Roster of Distinguished Scientific Advisors of the RSNA and has participated on several panels and committees of the American College of Radiology.

A well-published author of over 100 scholarly and peer-reviewed articles, he continues to chair educational and academic meetings and has delivered close to 2,000 invited lectures around the world.

About CureMetrix
Delivering CAD that Works®, CureMetrix is committed to the advancement of technology that improves cancer survival rates worldwide. With research that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning to develop the next generation of medical image analysis, CureMetrix delivers technology that radiologists, healthcare systems and patients can confidently rely on. For more information visit www.CureMetrix.com

About RadNet, Inc.
RadNet, Inc., is the leading national provider of freestanding, fixed-site diagnostic imaging services in the United States based on the number of locations and annual imaging revenue. RadNet provides radiology information technology solutions, teleradiology professional services and other related products and services. For more information visit www.RadNet.com

Media Contact: Dawn Anderson
CureMetrix, Inc.
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Barclays, HSBC & Standard Chartered Share Insights on Emerging Technologies

DLA Piper Report

DLA Piper report delivers insights from key banks on how big data, DLT & artificial intelligence are creating opportunities in the financial services landscape

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 18, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Would a detailed analysis of how banks are adopting emerging technologies benefit you in your role? DLA Piper’s exclusive whitepaper delivers insights from key banks on how big data, open banking, blockchain, AI and machine learning are creating opportunities in the financial services landscape. http://bit.ly/2ILtPAO

Highlights include:

• Collaboration and Investment: Consider challenges in FI and FinTech partnerships to ensure the sector is prepared for the new age of FinTech collaboration

• Regulation and Technology: Discuss the changing regulatory landscape to ensure you remain compliant and harness innovation

• Payments: Explore the opportunities in payments technology including mobile wallets, digital tokens and cryptocurrencies to remain at the forefront of innovation

• Data: Explore why the sharing and monetisation of data is a key strategic focus and consider the role cybersecurity will play in this

Download this report now to get the edge in this fast-moving, dynamic and transformative space. http://bit.ly/2ILtPAO

Best Wishes
Hannah Kitchen
Senior Project Manager | FinTech Network
t: +44 (0) 203 4098416 | e: hkitchen@fintecnet.com

Hannah Kitchen
FinTech Network
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ARES PRISM Announces New Web-Based Extension with the Launch of PRISM Go

ARES PRISM Announces New Web-Based Extension  with the Launch of PRISM Go

ARES PRISM announces the new release of PRISM Go.

ARES PRISM is releasing a new software offering – PRISM Go, a web-based extension that allows users to update project data in real-time from anywhere.

BURLINGAME, CA, UNITED STATES, June 17, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — ARES Project Management, LLC, developers of the enterprise project lifecycle management software called ARES PRISM, is releasing a new offering to their project management software suite– PRISM Go, a web-based extension that will allow users to update project data in real-time from anywhere.

PRISM Go is a browser-based application that gives users the ability to remotely view and update PRISM data: including cost management, field management, invoice management, change management, dashboards, reports, and change approvals. Users will also be able to manage workflows and generate records in the field (or any other location with internet access).

“PRISM Go allows the project team access to view and manage their project data from remote sites using a tablet or smartphone, making it a game-changer for ARES PRISM users,” said Karl Vantine, Senior Vice President of ARES Project Management, LLC. “It provides instant access to view or add project data and information so that project and enterprise data can be as up-to-date as possible. This will facilitate a faster and more accurate flow of information and improve stakeholder decision making.”

With PRISM Go, users can access and update dashboards, reports, control accounts, progress accounts, change orders and trends, change approvals, invoices and event action items.

ARES PRISM software is utilized across many industries including oil and gas, energy, utilities, mining, construction, consulting firms, government agencies and more to manage the performance of projects at every stage all within a single platform. Clients enjoy the flexibility of choosing the ARES PRISM modules they need to fit their portfolio, whether it is estimating, cost management, engineering management, procurement, document or contract management, field management, executive dashboards, our industry-leading system integration platform, or the newly released PRISM G2 complement: PRISM Go.

For more information about ARES PRISM or PRISM Go, please contact prisminfo@aresprism.com.

ARES PRISM is an enterprise project controls software that manages the complete project lifecycle delivering dependable forecasts, cost control, and performance measurement. PRISM is a scalable, robust and intuitive system that harnesses industry best practices and integrates all aspects of the project, including cost and schedule, change management, project estimating, earned value, contracts & procurement, and field progressing. Achieve superior project management with increased visibility and control, boosted accuracy and efficiency, and improved financial performance. Learn more at www.aresprism.com.

Tiffany Minegar
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Net Reputation Named a Top 2019 OnlineReputation Management Company by Clutch



SARASOTA, FL, USA, June 17, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ —
Net Reputation is excited to announce that we have been ranked by Clutch as one of the top marketing agencies in the world. We are also proud to say that we have been doing well in one of Clutch’s more competitive categories, their ranking of the best online reputation management companies.

We provide high-class online reputation management solutions to rid the internet of negative information. Remove negative information about you or your company. remove, suppress, repair, and monitor your online presence with the experts.

“The marketing and creative sectors are increasingly adopting a digital-first mentality,” said Clutch Senior Business Analyst Sara Philibotte. “The best agencies must effectively incorporate creative strategy with the most cutting-edge technologies. These agencies have proven their ability to excel as versatile and adaptive leaders in this new market.”

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews firm that ranks businesses on a number of criteria, including carefully conducted interviews with past clients. This means that our success is largely a result of the kind words of our clients, who we would like to thank for taking the time to talk to Clutch about us.

Clutch also has two sister sites, Visual Objects, which showcases agencies that do outstanding creative or design work, such as app designers or branding agencies and The Manifest, which lets users view quick bios of B2B companies, ranked by service focus and location.

We are listed on The Manifest as one of the top online reputation management companies. We were featured for work we did with a web development firm, providing production, management, and maintenance services to support their digital portfolio and enhance its positioning on several platforms.

We are honored to receive this recognition. We are devoted to our clients, and we can’t wait to continue providing our clients with the highest quality service possible.

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
+1 7865519491
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Handel Birds of Paradise lamps and rare Pequegnat clocks perform well at Miller & Miller's June 8th auction in Canada

Rare Pequegnat “Nelson” tall case clock, one of only a few known, 81 inches in height, with mahogany case, a beveled glass door and correct “twin dolphins” door key (CA$8,625).

Rare and vibrant Pequegnat “Black Grecian” shelf clock featuring fancy scroll work in the case surrounding the dial and on the base, and the early “Pine Cone” bezel (CA$3,540).

Handel table lamp (American, Meriden, Conn.) decorated with two pairs of exotic “birds of paradise” with blossoming branches, with signed 17 ¾ inch diameter shade (CA$10,030).

Oil on canvas painting by Homer Ransford Watson (Canadian, 1855-1936), depicting a forest scene with a group of subjects gathered in a clearing, signed “Homer Watson (CA$8,625).

Horse statue plaster cast by the famed Woodstock, Ontario sculptor Ross Butler (1907-1995) for Dawes Black Horse Ale, 19 inches tall (CA$4,888).

The auction was held online and in Miller & Miller’s gallery at 59 Webster Street in New Hamburg, Ontario. It was actually a two-day, two-session affair.

The auction overall went incredibly well. It was a diverse offering covering a number of categories that can sometimes warrant their own dedicated sale.”

— Ben Lennox

NEW HAMBURG, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 17, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — A stunning pair of Handel Birds of Paradise table lamps lit up the room for a combined $20,650, two rare clocks by the Canadian clockmaker Pequegnat together made $12,165, and an oil on canvas forest scene by Canadian artist Homer Watson rose to $8,625 at a sale of art, antiques and clocks held June 8th by Miller & Miller Auctions, Ltd.

The auction was held online and in Miller & Miller’s gallery located at 59 Webster Street in New Hamburg, Ontario. It was actually a two-day, two-session affair, held June 7th-8th, featuring over 700 lots of collector-grade art, clocks, fountain pens, lamps, art glass and objects of historical interest from world-class makers. June 7th was dedicated solely to rare, collectible fountain pens.

The Saturday, June 8th session was led by a representative collection of clocks from the Arthur Pequegnat Clock Company, plus many other fine offerings. The top-selling Pequegnat was an extremely rare “Nelson” tall case clock, one of only a few known ($8,625). The clock, 81 inches in height, boasted a mahogany case, a beveled glass door and correct “twin dolphins” door key.

Another Pequegnat clock – this one a rare and vibrant “Black Grecian” shelf clock – featured fancy scroll work in the case surrounding the dial and on the base, and had the early “Pine Cone” bezel. The clock, which brought $3,540, had been partially restored, with the case painted black with faux marble painted columns and plinths. The feet and bases retained their original finishes.

The Handel “Birds of Paradise” table lamps were two star lots of the auction, fetching $10,620 and $10,030. Both featured domical shades in “chipped” and “sand finished” glass, and were decorated with two pairs each of exotic “birds of paradise,” one with blossoming peonies, the other blossoming branches. Both had striking colorful signed shades 17 ¾ inches in diameter.

The oil on canvas painting by Homer Ransford Watson (Canadian, 1855-1936), depicted a forest scene featuring a group of subjects gathered in a clearing. The 24 inch by 18 ½ inch work (sight) was housed in the original frame and was signed “Homer Watson” lower left edge. The painting exhibited some craquelure (fine cracks to the surface), typical of Watson’s “heavy” oil paintings.

“The auction overall went incredibly well,” said Ben Lennox of Miller & Miller Auctions, Ltd. “It was a diverse offering covering a number of categories that can sometimes warrant their own dedicated sale. We were fortunate to attract outstanding consignments Bidding was spirited on all fronts, with items being sold to the floor, on the phone and via the three online platforms.”

Lennox added, “The majority of Pequegnat clocks fell within estimate, while a few blew past their high estimates. Prices realized for fountain pens on Friday were quite strong. Strength in the market continues on the high and middle market. We’re elated to be able to continue bringing sought-after antiques and collectibles to market while pleasing our consignors and buyers alike.”

Following are additional highlights from the auction, which grossed just under CA$400,000. A total of 763 lots came up for bid, including 151 lots from the Friday evening fountain pen sale. Around 100 people attended the auction in person. Online bidding was via LiveAuctioneers.com, Invaluable.com and the Miller & Miller website — www.millerandmillerauctions.com. All prices quoted are in Canadian dollars.

A birdseye maple library cupboard made in the Eastern Townships of Ontario in the 1880s or 1890s, made of solid birdseye maple with paneled sides and pull-out ironing board, gaveled for $4,025; while a horse statue plaster cast by the famed Woodstock, Ontario sculptor Ross Butler (1907-1995) for Dawes Black Horse Ale, 19 inches tall, went to a determined bidder for $4,888.

A National Model 3 cash register, the wooden inlaid model coveted by collectors, in untouched original condition, as featured in the book The Incorruptible Cashier, realized $5,310. Also, a Baccarat close-packed millefiori paperweight, made in France and incorporating canes featuring various figures, to include a monkey, squirrel and birds, signed and dated (“B 1847”), hit $3,000.

Other noteworthy lots included a Victorian fretwork arch with 72 ½ inch tall supports and 1 120 ½ inch wide arch, barley twist columns with bases and capitals and the original finish ($4,500); an elaborate matching pair of Victorian silverplate candelabra, 22 ¼ inches tall ($4,425); and a 39-inch tall Satsuma figure of a Chinese deity, made circa 1900, labeled “Not for Sale” ($2,655).

Miller & Miller Auctions, Ltd., has two major events planned for the fall: a “mantiques” auction on Saturday, September 14th; and a fishing lures auction, featuring the Rick Seymour collection, on Saturday, October 19th. Both will be held online and in the New Hamburg, Ontario gallery.

Miller & Miller Auctions Ltd. is a seller of high-value collections between $200,000 and $3 million. Individual items of merit are always considered. It is Canada’s #1 trusted place for collectors to buy and sell. The firm is always accepting quality merchandise for future auctions.

To consign a single piece, an estate or a collection, you may call them at (519) 573-3710 or (519) 716-5606; or, send an e-mail to info@millerandmillerauctions.com. To learn more about Miller & Miller Auctions Ltd. and their upcoming auctions, visit www.MillerandMillerAuctions.com.

# # # #

Ethan Miller
Miller & Miller Auctions, Ltd.
+1 519-573-3710
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