Tom Harford of Columbia Discusses Dyslexia in America

Thomas Harford Columbia

COLUMBIA, NY, UNITED STATES, April 3, 2020 / — Thomas Harford of Columbia says many people believe dyslexia is simply getting letters mixed up — a reading disability. In reality, however, dyslexia is a complex neurological disorder that affects the way the brain organizes information pertaining to language. This can include such difficulties as not being able to process the way a language is heard, spoken, read or written, adds Tom Harford of Columbia. The scale for rating the severity ranges from mild to severe cases, according to Tom Harford of Columbia, and is a fairly common diagnosis among school-aged children.

Thomas Harford of Columbia says The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stoke* defines dyslexia as “a brain-based type of learning disability that specifically impairs a person's ability to read. These individuals typically read at levels significantly lower than expected despite having normal intelligence. Although the disorder varies from person to person, common characteristics among people with dyslexia are difficulty with phonological processing (the manipulation of sounds), spelling, and/or rapid visual-verbal responding.”

Dyslexia in children can involve problems with oral language abilities such as being a late talker, difficulty in pronouncing words, or difficulty in learning the alphabet and rhyming, says Thomas Harford of Columbia. It can involve problems with reading such as problems learning letters and sounds or trouble with reversing the order of letters when learning to read. It can also present in children as written language deficiencies as in the case of handwriting issues and spelling errors. Tom Harford of Columbia says it can also present as unrelated problems such as inconsistency in schoolwork or difficulty putting thoughts into words.

Cases involving the onset of dyslexia in adults usually result from brain trauma, Tom Harford of Columbia says, while at other times we’ll find dyslexia in adults that was never diagnosed as a child. It can be inherited, he adds, since recent studies have identified a number of genes that predispose the individual to this condition. However, just having the gene doesn’t mean you’ll automatically have dyslexia.

There is no treatment, says Tom Harford of Columbia, so instead, we work on the specific problem the student is having. Usually, this means modified teaching methods to meet the needs of the individual with dyslexia. “This means teaching them in a way that their brain can understand,” he says.

Dyslexia is a disability in all but 4 states*, says Thomas Harford of Columbia, but even if the states don’t recognize it, federal law, including the Department of Education, recognizes it for Individual Education Plans (IEPs). “These are the special education plans schools are required to use with a child who presents with a disability like this," Tom Harford adds.

Still, most dyslexics go undiagnosed, says Tom Harford of Columbia, so if your child is having trouble reading, get an evaluation while your child is still young. If we can identify the disability earlier in age, this allows the greatest chances of success later in life, he adds.

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Nick Stroboulis: The Bail Bonds Industry, What is It?

Nick Stroboulis Tampa

The bail bonds industry is something you may have heard of, but in turn still not know what exactly it is. Let Nick Stroboulis educate you on the finer points.

TAMPA, FL, UNITED STATES, April 3, 2020 / — The bail bonds industry is something a lot of people have heard of, but do not fully understand what it is and what it does. Most people know what bail is — basically, the process of someone accused of a crime being allowed to be temporarily released from holding while they await trial, with their release being dependent on them or someone else putting up a sum of money to ensure that they will show up for trial when the time comes. What a lot of people do not understand about this process, however, is the bail bonds industry, which is a necessary step of the process. Nick Stroboulis of Tampa will explain the finer points of this industry below.

Nick Stroboulis: what does the bail bonds industry entail?

Not everyone is going to be able to afford the cost of their bail as it were, Nick Stroboulis of Tampa points out. This is where bail bondsmen come in. Bail bondsmen basically provide the money for the defendant's bail in order to avoid that person having to sit in jail. On top of the money paid towards the bail, a bail bondsman will ask for a certain fee on top of it, ensuring that no matter what happens, they will have that fee in their pockets. Typically, you can expect the fee to be somewhere around 10 percent of the bail, though this varies from person to person. When the defendant makes all of their required court appearances, all the bail money will be paid back. There is, of course, the risk that the defendant may flee, which is probably the biggest risk of the industry, Nick Stroboulis of Tampa explains.

According to Nick Stroboulis of Tampa, the risk of fleeing is certainly a big one, as you will have trouble recovering the money you committed to their bail if they are not returned. One way that you can ensure your client is not successful in fleeing and ripping you off for the bail money is to track their license plate and using a service that themselves tracks license plates, thereby allowing you to have an idea where your fleeing client may be, Nick Stroboulis of Tampa points out. Some bail bondsmen can be somewhat cavalier in how they execute their profession, however. This is not the norm, but it's certainly not nonexistent, Nick Stroboulis points out. Bail bondsmen need to be responsible and, whenever possible, avoid violence in getting their client back. Clients flee for a variety of reasons, be it guilt or simply fear. However, bail bondsmen nevertheless have an obligation to round them back up and ensure that they face justice and pay back for what they owe, Nick Stroboulis of Tampa explains.

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Vancouver Opera celebrates the appointment of a new General Director, Tom Wright

With thirteen seasons as Vancouver Opera’s Director of Artistic Planning and his exemplary leadership during our 2019/2020 season, Tom Wright is the clear candidate to oversee Vancouver Opera.”

— Bill Maclagan, Vancouver Opera Board Chair

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, April 3, 2020 / — Vancouver Opera Board Chair, Bill Maclagan, Q.C., announced today current interim General Director, Tom Wright, has been appointed as Vancouver Opera General Director following his interim leadership since November 1, 2019.

“With thirteen seasons as Vancouver Opera’s Director of Artistic Planning and his exemplary leadership during our 2019/2020 season, Tom Wright is the clear candidate to oversee Vancouver Opera as it navigates unprecedented territory alongside numerous other Canadian arts organizations,” said Maclagan.

Tom Wright’s extensive experience with Vancouver Opera and over 20 years in senior leadership positions in opera in Canada and the US, has positioned him as the strongest leader during this shifting landscape while providing clear direction for the future of the organization.

“With my experience at Vancouver Opera I am well aware of the current challenges our organization, along with many others, will face in the coming months,” said Tom Wright. “During this time, I would like to thank everyone for their support of the organization including our senior leadership team, all members of the board, our donors and volunteers, and our opera community. I would like to acknowledge the board’s dedication to protecting the integrity of the organization as we navigate these uncharted waters of a global pandemic. My commitment is to maintain the artistic and cultural mandates of Vancouver Opera while ensuring its future financial success.”

As Director of Artistic Planning at Vancouver Opera, Mr. Wright oversaw the creation of over 50 opera productions while stewarding new opera commissions. His work was instrumental in creating co-productions with many Canadian companies and building collaborative relationships with many organizations.

Tom Wright was instrumental in the creation of the Yulanda M. Faris Young Artists Program which is now in its 8th season. Previously he was Director of Artistic Planning for Arizona Opera and the Director of Production at Calgary Opera. His work with, the service organization for professional opera in Canada from 2010 to 2018 as secretary-treasurer, positioned him as a key resource to hear from and learn from other Canadian opera companies.

“I recognize now how important it is for arts organizations to work together during these unparalleled times. I remain committed to the viability and future success of the company as we seek new ways to provide content to our audiences and prepare for our exciting 60th anniversary season,” added Wright.

About Vancouver Opera

Vancouver Opera is one of the preeminent performing arts organizations in the country and the largest professional opera company in Western Canada. Regarded worldwide for its artistic excellence on stage, leading education programs and innovative community collaborations, Vancouver Opera creates extraordinary experiences that inspire and entertain our audiences. Visit to learn more. The 2020–¬2021 season will be the 60th season of Vancouver Opera. Instagram: VancouverOpera, Twitter: VancouverOpera, Facebook: vancouveropera

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Albert Boufarah CEO, SAMR Inc. Announces Acquisition of State Of The Art Shredder

To help the increased collection of electronic waste over the last year, SAMR Inc.has brought in a new top of the line industrial grade shredder.

LAKEWOOD, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, April 3, 2020 / — Albert Boufarah, founder & President of SAMR Inc., stated that the company had one of its busiest years on record last year, and is making absolutely certain that their Lakewood, NJ based facility can keep up with the steady influx of materials that are arriving on a daily basis.

“Technology is rapidly evolving. It only makes sense that electronics recyclers will have to evolve with it.”, Boufarah explains. “The quicker that new laptop or smartphones arrives on the market, that means the old equipment is going to be showing up in our warehouse equally quickly. Our new high volume shredder is sturdy, durable, and fully equipped to handle anything & everything that our employees run through it.”.

For a company that collects tons of electronic waste per month like SAMR Inc., quick thinking and innovation are concepts that need to be implemented at a fast pace in order to keep everything operating at optimum condition. And with 20 years of experience in the business, Boufarah says that he’s seen just about everything.
“The bottom has not fallen out yet for CRT (cathode ray tube) televisions. They still come in on a frequent basis. Not only that, we still get the occasional 50” projection TV. And we’ve got ourselves a shredder that can handle it all!”, Boufarah explains.

SAMR Inc. has been in business for 20 years, providing recycling of electronics, scrap metal, lamps, batteries & more to businesses from an area covering Maine to Virginia. They pride themselves on their steady, reliable & dependable service, and being their promptly whenever service is needed. For any questions or information related to service, you can reach them at (866) 509-7267 or online at

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Guildhawk backs international fraud fighters as they unite to protect businesses with COVID-19 Fraud Watch

Photo of Fraud Advisory Panel Chairman and Guildhawk director working from home during COVID-19 2020

Photo of Fraud Advisory Panel Chairman and Guildhawk director working from home during COVID-19 2020

Fraudsters across the world aiming to steal money intended to help companies hurt by the COVID-19 crisis. Now, fraud fighters and business stepping in.

COVID-19 Fraud Watch brings all sectors to the virtual conference table to ensure we protect all companies, especially the 1.3m SMEs that do not have fraud-fighting experience.”

— David Clarke, Head of Integrity, Guildhawk

CITY OF LONDON , LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 3, 2020 / — Just as SMEs are fighting for survival, fraudsters across the world are looking to steal from them and pocket generous aid money intended to help them through the coronavirus crisis. Now, the nation’s fraud fighters and business organisations are uniting to protect companies that are at risk of falling prey to COVID-19 related scams.

Fraud-fighting professionals from across every industry sector have come together through the Fraud Advisory Panel charity to form the COVID-19 Fraud Watch, led by FAP charity Chairman David Clarke, who is also a director and head of multilingual secure services at Guildhawk.

The group was established on 30 March 2020 in partnership with the UK Government, Police and business partners and has begun collecting and disseminating intelligence among trusted partners for international dissemination.

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Guildhawk believes the world is better when we work together as one. We unite people through language

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Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa Inspires And Supports Emerging African Entrepreneurs

“For Africa to prosper, we must abandon employment-seeking attitude and adopt the mindset of relentless expansion of employment-creators”

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 3, 2020 / — In his 50 years of doing business across Africa, key among Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa’s missions is to inspire and support Africa’s younger crop of budding entrepreneurs. As he puts it, this should be the mission of Africa’s political and business leaders alike. This is vital because “in Africa, the mindset drummed into young people is to go to school and seek employment but not to aspire to join the ranks of employment-creators. This has to change. If the entire African population joins the workforce as employees, who will employ them? The approach on our continent is one-sided.”

Ayabatwa challenges the status quo by inspiring and supporting young upcoming entrepreneurs. Take the case of Ahmed Bashir who worked in the Meridian Tobacco Company (MTC), one of Ayabatwa’s factories based in Arua, Uganda. From a humble beginning in the company as an employee, Bashir is a crucial supplier in the tobacco business chain. Due to his enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit, Bashir was encouraged to transform himself from an employee to a partner of MTC.

Bashir convinced MTC that he had what it takes to enter the world business. With Ayabatwa’s corporate social responsibility program that provides training, Bashir did just that – he became a business man in his own right. Today, Bashir is a buyer in charge of quality assurance directly connected to billions of Ugandan shillings paid out annually to the Arua farmers. In other words, Bashir became a valued business partner and a key stakeholder in the uplifting of his community and region. He has improved the lives of his family and inspired his neighbours to aim higher.

In Ayabatwa’s view, Africa needs thousands of Bashirs. Simply put, entrepreneurs are national assets to be cultivated, motivated, and remunerated to the greatest possible extent. Embedded in entrepreneurship is the ability to change the way we live and work. Entrepreneurs’ innovative thinking improves standards of living, and crucially, creates wealth, thereby contributing to a growing economy. According to Ayabatwa, that is the only means Africa will defeat poverty and prosper.

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Darcy Bergen Talks About 7 Social Security Secrets You’ll Want to Know

Darcy Bergen

PEORIA, AZ, UNITED STATES, April 3, 2020 / — If you haven’t kept up with the changes in Social Security over the years and you’re nearing retirement age, you’re going to want to learn all you can about what you’re entitled to upon retiring. Following are some tips Darcy Bergen talks about that you need to know in order to make the right decision for you and your family regarding your Social Security benefits.

Be Sure to Max Out Your Lifetime Credits
As of this writing, Darcy Bergen says Social Security requires you to have 40-lifetime work credits to qualify for benefits. You can earn a maximum of four per year, and the benefits are based on your income for the year. In 2020, for example, one-lifetime work credit would come from $1,410 of earned income, so a full year’s worth of credits would be $1,410 x 4 = $5,640.

Also, because your benefits are computed from your past 35 highest-earnings years, if you haven’t worked the full 35 years, some of those years will be counted as zero, so be sure you have to earn for each of those 35 years. If you continue working past 35 years, the earlier years (with the lower pay) will be thrown out and replaced by the new years with higher earnings. This can result in higher benefits to you.

You Can Change Your Mind
Darcy Bergen says if you start drawing Social Security and later change your mind, all is not lost. There are provisions, he says, for starting over. Unfortunately, it does require you to return all your benefits, and there are some general hoops to jump through, but it is possible.

Spousal and Survivor Benefits Stop Growing at FRA
There’s no need to wait to take spousal or survivor benefits after full retirement age. Darcy Bergen says it won’t grow anymore like it would if it were based on your own benefits.

Don’t Lose Benefits Because You’re Still Working
Darcy Bergen says you can start drawing your social security benefits as early as age 62, however, your benefits will be reduced $1.00 for every $2.00 you earn over a certain “threshold” of $18,240 ($1,520 a month) that Social Security allows. Once you hit your full retirement age, this threshold disappears, and you can work without fear of losing your benefits. Darcy Bergen explains an added benefit is that any benefits that were withheld are added back in to compute your new benefits after reaching retirement age.

More Ways to Raise Your Benefits
Maxing out your quarters as we mentioned above, Darcy Bergen says, is a great way to increase your benefits, but if you have the ability to not draw benefits at your full retirement age, you’ll tack on additional income to your check for every month you delay receiving benefits, up to age 70 – which could result in an increase of about 32% in your monthly checks.

How to Keep Uncle Sam from Taxing Your Benefits
Darcy Bergen says as of this writing, Social Security benefits aren’t taxed in 37 states. If you move to one of these states, you won’t pay tax on it. However, Darcy Bergen says all state tax regulations differ according to state, and Social Security is always taxed at the federal level, so check with your financial advisor for exact computation.

You Can Benefit from Your Ex-Spouse’s Earnings
If you were married at least 10 years, you can benefit from your ex-spouse’s lifetime earnings without taking anything away from your spouse, Darcy Bergen says, even if he or she has remarried. There are certain provisions to this rule, so be sure to check to make sure you qualify.

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ArtMattan Films joins new Virtual Cinema landscape

Dr. Denis Mukwege, The Man Who Mends Women

The Citizen is a “poignant drama” – Chicago Reader

ArtMattah Films

ArtMattan Films participates in the Art House Virtual Cinema initiative launched in response to the coronavirus related theater shutdowns.

Film is a powerful social media and a powerful source and tool for change. It is important for filmmakers to realize and use their power through their film making.”

— Diarah N'Daw-Spech, ArtMattan Productions

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, April 3, 2020 / — The New York based company ArtMattan Productions started its activities in 1993 spotlighting international cinema directed by and focusing on people of color all over the world.

The company’s film distribution arm, ArtMattan Films has brought to the US market remarkable stories like Kirikou and the Sorceress by Michel Ocelot (Cannes), The Tracker by Rolf de Heer (Telluride), Gospel Hill by Giancarlo Esposito (Woodstock), White Lies by Dana Rotberg (TIFF), Mama Africa: Miriam Makeba by Mika Kaurismäki (Berlinale, Tribeca), Foreign Body by Raja Amari (TIFF) and The Citizen by Roland Vranik (Berlinale).

ArtMattan Films most recent acquisitions include The Last Tree by Shola Amoo (Sundance); Made in Bangladesh by Rubaiyat Hossain (TIFF), Uncovered by Zuko Nodada (Durban), 2 Weeks in Lagos by Kathryn Fasegha (Cannes Market) and Marighella by Wagner Moura (Berlinale).

With a library of more than 100 titles built over the last 27 years, ArtMattan Films is happy to participate in the Virtual Cinema initiative, a collaboration between Art House cinemas and distributors launched in response to the coronavirus related theater shutdowns.

Today, ArtMattan Films is joining other distributors by launching its ARTMATTAN FILMS VIRTUAL CINEMA to make available to Art House movie theaters 10 films from its library of international favorites.

Diarah N’Daw-Spech, the co-founder of ArtMattan Productions explains “a number of filmmakers have used films to make social commentaries directly tied to serious issues in their communities. Film is a powerful social media and a powerful source and tool for change. It is important for filmmakers in general and filmmakers of color in particular to realize and use their power through their film making.”

Now, with digital distribution, theaters can share these meaningful stories with their audiences.

The films available to theaters through ARTMATTAN FILMS VIRTUAL CINEMA are:

"Writer/director Amari adeptly captures the anxiety of the undocumented, and star Hannachi expertly conveys Samia's shifts from panicked to poised.” ~ NOW Toronto

“2 Weeks in Lagos paints a dynamic and vigorous canvas of the city and its vibrancy. Efficiently performed by a stellar cast, well written with accurate humor and unexpected twists, it’s an accomplished, sensitive and timely romantic comedy.” ~ Brazilian Press

"Tazzeka has a lot to say about the passion that fuels people, the way society treats immigrants, and how those two elements interrelate." ~ Film Threat

"A careful, compassionate and beautifully acted character drama with a social conscience." ~ New York Times

"This is a brilliant combination of ethnomusicology and history enhanced by superlative performances." ~

"The director composes a haunting puzzle about moral standards, trust and cultural clashes." ~ Brazilian Press

“Thierry Michel signs a work as shattering as it is fascinating.” ~ Metro

"Outstanding both as neo-film noir and as a penetrating examination of class relations in Egypt that helps explain the continuation of capitalist oligarchic rule." ~

“Uncovered delves into a number of the country’s most sensitive subjects such as land and the political culture, breaking boundaries into uncharted territories for a South African production.” ~

“A bruising study of a female police officer in Lima…” ~ Sight and Sound

Diarah N'Daw-Spech
ArtMattan Productions
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THE CITIZEN (AZ ALLAMPOLGAR) – “A careful, compassionate and beautifully acted character drama with a social conscience.” ~ The New York Times

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NeuroPsychiatric Hospital is Moving to the 21st Century Under the Leadership of Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana

NeuroPsychiatric Hospital Cameron Gilbert Indiana

Dr. Cameron Gilbert is using state-of-the-art technology to streamline patient care and more fully reach each individual that visits NeuroPsychiatric Hospital

SOUTH BEND, IN, UNITED STATES, April 3, 2020 / — The medical staff and hospital staff at NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals are using an old concept to create a new integrated model of care for those suffering with extreme behavior conditions combined with complex medical and/or neurological conditions. According to Dr. Cameron Gilbert, “our hospitals are using state-of-the-art facilities to streamline patient care in a truly integrated approach to more fully reach each individual patient that is treated at one of our NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals.

Mental health and physical health are often kept in separate categories. A patient may be seeing one doctor for physical symptoms and another for depression, or one doctor for wound care and another for hallucinations with little if any communication between the physicians. These complex patients need comprehensive and effective care. Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana is changing this mindset with NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals.

NeuroPsychiatric Hospital is a system of hospitals that offer both mental and general medical healthcare to patients who are in extreme need for a variety of reasons. Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana leads the NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals across the nation with an innovative integrated healthcare plan that includes veritable teams of healthcare professionals who practice different types of medicine to effectively heal both “the body and the mind” alike. Cameron Gilbert, as chairman and CEO of NeuroPsychiatric hospital, is working hard each day to make real change for patients and professionals.

Integrated Medicine at any hospital is the key to treating the person as a whole and not a lot of separate parts, according to Dr. Cameron Gilbert.

Dr. Cameron Gilbert has said that as the leader of NeuroPsychiatric Hospital: “We will continue to strive to serve vulnerable people in underserved communities. It is our mission to treat patients with complex psychiatric issues and serious medical and neurological disorders.” Sadly these people are overlooked in many hospitals and healthcare organizations, because of the lack of integration between physical and mental health. The combination of psychiatry and general medicine closes a gap that has left many patients without the care they need for their overall health and wellness.

Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana is leading this integration of the mind and body at multiple comprehensive hospitals across the nation. The patients are in extreme need and our hospitals demonstrate this new innovative integration is not only life-changing, but it is also life-saving. People in need discover that they are not just fed through the system at centers where they get their physical health problems treated, then separately their mental health problems are addressed when the issue becomes so dire they must receive care at a completely different center with no unified plan to address the patient as a whole, but instead they find care for the mind and body and a plan to continuously heal both. Unfortunately, managed care and Medicare Advantage Insurance programs force this broken and segregated system that has deteriorated over the last 20 years or so. Be maximizing insurance companies' profits, they often force the patient into a constant state of brokenness.

These patients can benefit from care and it is deeply life-changing. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana is leading these changes and innovations. The work is important and backed by caring mental health and internal medicine physicians and nurses who implement his plans on a daily basis. Each shift is life-changing for the patients under the direction of Dr. Cameron Gilbert.

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Rare Jewel of a House in the Hills of Austin Comes Available




Sunroom Office


Nestled into the side of a hill, the house is less than a mile from Austin Country Club, ten to 15 minutes from downtown Austin, and within the Eanes ISD.

Eanes was named the best school district in the state of Texas in December.”


AUSTIIN, TX, USA, April 3, 2020 / — Moreland Properties is representing the sellers of a 4-bedroom, 3.5 bath home “inside the loop” in Austin, a rare find in the city’s red-hot housing market.

Nestled into the side of a hill at 3410 Day Star Cove, the house is less than a mile from the Austin Country Club, where the Dell Match Play golf tournament is held every year, and ten to 15 minutes from downtown Austin. Furthermore, the home is within the highly respected Eanes Independant School District, which is nationally recognized for its ability to prepare students for an education at Ivy League schools and other prestigious colleges and universities around the country. Eanes was named the best school district in the state of Texas in December.

The Austin market set a record at the end of February for having the tightest amount of inventory on record in the area’s history. Even with COVID-19, Austin is among the cities with the least amount of impact in the country in terms of cases, based on population. Because of this, Austin’s housing market is expected to stay hot right through the spring.

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