NeuroMem® Technologies expands into Mauritius

Dr Kaviraj Sharma SUKON, Director General (left), and Mrs Gopee, Registrar (right) from Open University with Prof. Pierre Brunswick (centre)

Dr Kaviraj Sharma SUKON, Director General (left), and Mrs Gopee, Registrar (right) from Open University with Prof. Pierre Brunswick (centre)

Expansion to support Mauritius Artificial Intelligence Council

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, December 11, 2018 / — NeuroMem® Technologies, a General Vision® Inc. company, has expanded and established a presence in Mauritius to support the ecosystem leveraging the growing importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in the country. The announcement was made by CEO, Professor Pierre Brunswick, during a recent trip to Mauritius where, with the support of Economic Development Board (EDB), he met with key senior advisors from the various ministries and the business community in the country.

The move comes in support of the vision outlined by the Honourable Prime Minister of Mauritius, Pravind Jugnauth in his budget speech for 2018-2019 where he said the government intends to set up a Mauritius Artificial Intelligence Council comprising of the public, private sector and international experts which aims to foster the development of a new growth pole revolving around artificial intelligence, blockchain technologies and Fintech.

Neuromem Mauritius will work with the relevant authorities including EDB to help students and budding entrepreneurs build AI skills to create businesses in and around this ecosystem that would help them get the support of local, regional and global incubators to help Mauritius not only increase skill levels but attract and retain key talent in the country. Neuromem is setting up a full program of workshops and seminars for secondary level education through to workplace skills to enable to support the country’s plans.

Professor Brunswick said, “We are very pleased to announce our presence in Mauritius and happy to support the country’s vision for the future. Our mandate is to help the country enhance its AI ecosystem through attracting the right international players and talent to educate, train, and help Mauritian entrepreneurs set up a robust AI ecosystem that could potentially serve not only Mauritius but sub-Saharan Africa. We are very pleased to support this in terms of providing the right resources including educating the community and ecosystem, providing the technology knowhow and skills needed to take advantage of this.”

Mauritius’ EDB organised a 3-day programme constituting of meetings with Senior Advisors from the PM’s office, Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation, Ministry of Education, Public Universities in Mauritius, the Mauritius Research Council, Human Resource Development Board.

During the event, Prof Brunswick also hosted a 90-min open workshop within the Mauritius Open University discussing emerging neuromorphic technology in AI.

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Royston Carr Asset Management Comments as Abe Warns Against Disorderly Brexit

Royston Carr Asset Management – Abe says no deal Brexit could threaten economic stability.

TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN, December 10, 2018 / — Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recently called on UK Prime Minster Theresa May to safeguard economic stability as Britain prepares to leave the European Union and urged her to take any steps necessary to prevent Britain from leaving without a Brexit deal.
Last month, May and EU official agreed to terms of an agreement that would see the UK leave the EU in March next year, maintaining close trade ties with the bloc.

However, analysts at Royston Carr Asset Management say May faces strong opposition as she tries to push the draft agreement through the parliamentary approval process.

Royston Carr Asset Management analysts believe the deep divisions within May’s own Conservative Party could lessen the chances of approval at a parliamentary vote due to take place next week.

The deal has drawn criticism from Conservative policy makers, some of whom are in favor of a cleaner break from the EU and others who would prefer closer ties. Royston Carr Asset Management analysts say several opposition groups, including a minor Northern Irish party have voiced their intention to reject the deal.

At a recent G20 Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Abe congratulated May for reaching a deal with the European Union and asked that she take steps to ensure economic stability.

Facing such strong opposition from UK lawmakers, May has cautioned that a no deal Brexit could cause problems for companies and disrupt their supply chains.

May and Abe have stated that they are eager to work together to establish closer trade ties in the future.

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With New Expansion, Another Monday Introduces RPA to US Market

RPA technology provider to build on deployments in the communications sector


Another Monday (AM), announced today their expansion into the US after more than a decade in the European market. AM is the world’s only provider of scalable, interoperable and rapidly implementable controls of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots.

In order to better serve its customers and expanding global market, Another Monday (AM) announced today a significant investment with IT Capital, LLC to form Another Monday Communications Americas, LLC (AMCA), as its first investment in the USA.

“Another Monday Communications Americas’ [AMCA] distribution network and industry experience will dramatically increase our market penetration and the scale of our customer success”, said Hans Martens, CEO and Founder of Another Monday.

AMCA is currently offering a no cost RPA assessment before February 31, 2019. AM Ensemble, is AMCA’s toolkit that drives RPA solutions from Feasibility Assessment to go-live. Delivering the most scalable Robotic Process Automation solution, AM Ensemble, is currently available in the RPA space.

About Another Monday
Another Monday was founded in Cologne, Germany in 2005 and now offers locations in North America. Another Monday is one of the Top 15 companies in the world providing robotic process automation (RPA) solutions. Specializing in the telecommunications industry they have implemented over 6,000 bots and automated over 1 billion transactions. Another Monday has the largest bot farm in the world, located in the largest telecommunications organization with over 2000 bots to date – encompassing 1,500+ virtual employees. Another Monday represents cutting edge technology in process automation encompassing the industrial sector.

Corporate Contact – Cassandra Watts: E-mail:, Phone: 410-266-5781.

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Peregrine Energy Partners Acquires Royalty Properties in Madison County, MS

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED_STATES, December 10, 2018 / — Peregrine Energy Partners has agreed to acquire producing and non-producing oil and gas royalties in Madison County, Mississippi from an undisclosed seller.

This acquisition features production from the nation’s largest CO2 field East of the Mississippi River known as the Jackson Dome. The Jackson Dome, located near Jackson, Mississippi, was discovered during the 1970s by operators looking for traditional oil and gas reserves. It now serves as the primary CO2 source on the Gulf Coast for tertiary recovery operations in oil fields across Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

According to Peregrine’s Managing Director CJ Tibbs, “Royalty interests in an area like the Jackson Dome are extremely rare to come across, largely in part to the prolific reserves this field is known to hold.”

Operated by Denbury Resources out of Dallas, TX, the Jackson Dome field is one of the most important assets in the operator’s portfolio. “The CO2 produced from Jackson Dome,” Mr. Tibbs remarked, “is an asset of great importance to Denbury as it is THE critical component in their enhanced recovery methods all over the Gulf Coast.”

“With Denbury Resources continuing to expand their pipelines and processing capabilities throughout the area,” Mr. Tibbs added, “we expect this to be an asset that provides solid cashflow for years to come.”

Over the past 12 months, Peregrine has been very active working with mineral owners nationwide looking for divestment options for part or all of their producing royalties.

This acquisition will go to help feed a growing demand from 1031 investors who are looking to diversify their exchange into more than traditional real estate. “Most real estate investors are just now learning that they have options when it comes to replacement property for their 1031 exchange,” said Wolf Hanschen, Co-Founder of Peregrine. “Oil and gas royalties have been used for decades by investors existing brick and mortar real estate.”

Peregrine Energy Partners are private purchasers of oil and natural gas royalties with over 50 years of combined experience. Over the past 15 years, the company’s founders have enjoyed working with hundreds of mineral owners in 30 states across millions of acres.

With its corporate headquarters in Dallas and an acquisition office in Denver, Peregrine is dedicated to providing value and optionality to royalty owners to maximize the value of their minerals while delivering institutional quality royalty properties to clients looking for long-term monthly income from a non-correlated asset class.
To learn more or to obtain a valuation of your minerals, contact CJ Tibbs at (214)-329-1452 or To learn more about available 1031 properties, contact Wolf Hanschen at (214)-483-1997 or

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Peregrine Energy Partners
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SUNY Offers Students and Alumni Specialized Resources Through the PerksConnect Program



NEW YORK , NEW YORK, USA, December 10, 2018 / — The State University of New York (SUNY) gives students, employees, and their relatives access to top-quality resources to help them save money on everyday products and services. PerksConnect, an exclusive benefit program offered through the university, provides regular discounts in 13 NY regions.

SUNY is a leading institution with hundreds of thousands of individuals currently enrolled and even more participating in continuing education and instructional activities. They currently provide unparalleled instruction and services to over a million people across 64 campuses, and the PerksConnect program is one of many ways the institution makes such a large impact across a broad range of students.

The mission of the university is to provide “educational services of the highest quality, with the broadest possible access, fully representative of all segments of the population in a complete range of academic, professional and vocational postsecondary programs.” SUNY accomplishes this by offering a geographically distributed system of campuses that host hundreds of high-quality courses. This comprehensive educational program aims to meet the needs of all students, traditional and nontraditional alike, while simultaneously addressing local, regional, and state needs and goals.

Millions of people have taken advantage of SUNY perks, saving money and gaining access to higher education resources not available to most students without an outstanding free. PerksConnect links students, alumni, employees and their family members to available discounts and exclusive deals within their specific regions. The SUNY Perks Card can be used to save money on everyday needs and even entertainment or shopping expenses. Higher education is a large expense, and shaving off the extra costs of things like car repairs, food, and home and professional services can mean a world of difference to students.

SUNY is able to meet the diverse needs of its million-plus students by making PerksConnect accessible online and in smartphone applications, allowing discounts to be accessed on the go. Students and alumni can acquire discounts by presenting their physical Perks Card or mobile app coupon at the time of purchase.

PerksConnect helps students tackle daily finances as well as keep up with their health by offering exclusive discounts and benefits at regional medical facilities. General and specialty health care is offered at a reasonable cost in supported hospitals, clinics, and programs as well as through networks and joint relationships with top health care providers. In this way, SUNY and their PerksConnect program empowers students to focus on furthering their education while leaving as much worry over costs and bills behind. It also opens the door to unique and highly-advantageous benefits for SUNY employees.

Within each region supported by SUNY are special offers for everyday purchases in addition to more specialized items. Students, alumni, employees, and family simply set up their member profile in the PerksConnect online system to begin accessing their savings.

And as easily as that, SUNY offers a range of savings that allow students to focus on their studies and employees to excel in their profession, saving them precious money in the long run.

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SOVREN Secures $1,150,000 in Seed Funding to Launch Regulated Blockchain Securities Platform

Sovren Team

Sovren Team

Sovren Founders

Sovren Founders

Sovren Logo

Sovren Logo

A London based startup is building a challenger platform for Capital fund raising for Enterprises based on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

LONDON, BERKSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, December 10, 2018 / — Sovren announced on Friday 7th of December, 2018, that it has raised $1,150,000 through a Seed funding round, which was led by Chaintechplc a leading Blockchain fund and incubator based in London. This follows their successful Seed Round from 2 key Institutional players in Blockchain, NextGenFund and BFG from Switzerland and South Korea respectively.

Sovren, a challenger in the Security Token Issuance (STO) and Trading Market, is on a mission to fundamentally change the way traditional capital funding and Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) operate today. Through adoption of Blockchain technologies, automating business processes through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence, the cost and timescales for funding will be significantly reduced whilst access to investment products will be made available to an audience of investors that to date has not had the opportunity to invest in these new innovative products, such as asset backed loan products.

Sovren is also aiming to create a secondary market for Security Tokens. Through its Blockchain based Mobile Application, regulated securities products, stocks and STOs, will be available to trade safely and securely.

“Our mission is to make the trillion dollars of illiquid assets, liquid and available to the global trading market. Blockchain and AI technologies will streamline fund raising and investment businesses that to date have seen very slow progress for innovation, specifically when it comes to making use of the best technologies to make investment more accessible to a global audience to build and create wealth. “said Avijeet Jayashekhar, founder and CEO of Sovren.

“My main motivation for launching Sovren was driven out of the fact that I have always felt investment and wealth building was an exclusive market controlled by the few. I entered the Blockchain space as I felt it will break this mould, for the first time wealth was being built by global communities of investors, investing in projects they believed in, not controlled and distributed by the few “ said Wynand de Jager, founder and CTO of Sovren.

“We are now very excited to appoint Mr. Peter Kudera to the Sovren’s Board as an important next step in our continued growth. He will bring a wealth of experience to our business having had a long career as a prominent and successful business man, including now in Blockchain. The Sovren technology will be at the forefront of bringing innovation to capital markets and we have no doubt that having Mr. Kudera on board will further enhance our trajectory to making our ambitious project a reality “ said the Sovren Founders jointly.

In regards to the company’s growth and development, Peter Kudera, Chairman at Chaintechplc added:

“Capital fund raising through Blockchain and Security token issuance is the beginning of a new era of Financial revolution and the market is ready for global adoption. It empowers business owners to raise funds through innovative regulated products other than just traditional equity or debt issuance. Fund raising through fractional ownership of security assets executed over Digital smart contract will challenge the very existence of Traditional Stock Exchanges. We look forward to support Sovren and be part of their mission to bring Fintech innovation in the regulated digital securities market.”

Sovren is raising another $2 Million to accelerate the growth of the business and close the current investment round. The funding will be used to complete the delivery of a full suite of products related to making financing and investment more accessible to main stream investors with a target launch date of mid-2019.

For more information visit

Investor Relations:
Natalia Boruch
Head of Investments

Sovren is headquartered at Techhub, 20 Ropemaker St, London EC2Y 9HU.

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Capitalize on the booming kiosk market by investing in an emerging industry leader

Customer in quick service restaurant using Juke technology

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, US, December 10, 2018 / — Juke has changed the world of self-ordering kiosks with innovative solutions designed to generate substantial revenue for restaurants. Now, the thriving Alabama start-up allowing those who want to capitalize on its success to join the company’s investment team.

Juke, operating for more than five years, has rapidly gained success by manufacturing a complete hardware and software solution focused on the restaurant and hospitality industries. The company, with seed funding from its founders, has gained market share by consistently generating more than a million dollars in revenue annually throughout its infancy.

Solidifying a foothold in the kiosk market, Juke, with machines deployed worldwide, has begun making available immediate opportunities for outside investors to become part of and benefit from one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Juke intends to raise capital to expand its technology into other industries, as well as develop advanced artificial intelligence technology. Juke leaders want to do what similar companies have done – provide scores of jobs for residents and generate millions in tax revenue for the state.

Kiosks are a key piece of the worldwide technology revolution. These units — ranging from free-standing machines to hand-held devices – are being used almost everywhere, at airports, banks, transportation facilities, restaurants and hospitals. Kiosks have significantly changed the landscape of the business world, in many cases forcing employees to learn new skill that make them more value to their employers and the customers they serve.

While kiosks become more prevalent, their presence will only continue to grow. That’s why it’s vital that local businesses and states that are not prepared to embrace the rapid spread of technology in the consumer space many tax dollars and businesses can be lost. Recent research shows the self-service kiosk industry is expected to reach $36 billion dollar in revenue by the year 2024.

Restaurants are choosing Juke because the company helps restaurants generate more revenue and profit, smooth their operations by making labor more efficient and reducing theft and enhance the consumer experience in such a way that keeps them coming back.

What separates Juke from the competition is the team’s expertise, proven strategies targeted to meet a restaurant’s specific needs and, of course, its diverse product lineup.

To become a Juke partner or for more information, contact or 844-337-5853.

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PRBrics – a Local Leads Generations Service Offers New Promotion

PRBrics – a Local Leads Generations Service Offers New Promotion

PrBrics can spread the word to the media so that small and medium-sized businesses in the USA can benefit from a rising number of customers, stepping in their business location.”

— PRBrics Team

LONDON, LONDON, UK, December 10, 2018 / — PRBrics – a recently-launched leads-generation service, aimed at providing local business marketing solutions to US-based small and medium-sized businesses, is the latest trend among business owners. The service is designed to provide cost-effective ways of increasing brand awareness and bringing customers to a business’ front door. The team of PRBrics continues to celebrate its launch and has just announced a brand-new promotion, aiming at local US small and medium-sized businesses.

The new Christmas deal challenges business owners to check how good their local business listing is on more than 70 indexes. They can do that by visiting the official Business Listing Texting page: If the business listing result is less than 85%, the business will receive a free PR distribution to over 400 high-authority news media outlets.

US-based businesses of all industry and fields, interested in local marketing are now welcome to also purchase one of the packages, available on the official website: Businesses from all spheres and industries can apply now and receive the following benefits:

• Reach-out to up to 1500 relevant journalists, bloggers, media outlets and influencers;
• News Published on 400+ News High-Authority News Media Outlets;
• Extended Business Listing Service;
• Access to Social Media Managing Dashboard;
• Extended Customer review notifications;
• Social Detect & Engage managed service;

The team of PRBrics would like to remind businesses that in order to apply for our leads generation and awareness packages, they should own a physical business location, where the capable team of PRBrics can send new clients to.

About PRBrics:
PrBrics is a local leads generation service which adopts trendy and technological methods of digital marketing to grant public visibility to a business and as a final result, bring more customers to a business’ front door. PrBrics specializes in small business marketing and can communicate your story to the media and spread the word so that small and medium-sized businesses in the USA can benefit from a rising number of customers, stepping in their business location.

(PR By Muller And Green)

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PRBrics – Cost-Effective Lead Generation for US Businesses

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Tejal Kaji of TJK Coaching to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

WEST HARRISON, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 10, 2018 / — Exemplary leaders are categorically necessary in order to run organizations and businesses effectively. But many people in middle management may lack the skills, self-assuredness, and conviction to qualify for a position to run things effectively and efficiently. How can they advance if they are not quite competent or experienced to become fit leaders?

Tejal is an outstanding Leadership coach and Human Resource Consultant.

“My focus is working with men and women, generally in middle management,” says Tejal. “With my coaching they can effortlessly acquire the skills and find their voice. Which will give them the much needed confidence to step into pivotal leadership roles and empower them to achieve success.”

Prior to starting in her coaching work, Tejal began her career as a social worker mentoring troubled adolescents. She worked to understand how their behaviors and actions affected their lives and the world around them. She then went on to support adults struggling in the workplace. When she began a position in Human Resources Tejal realized her knack was ideally in coaching when workers continually sought her out with questions about their role at work and how they can communicate effectively with colleagues. She realized her true passion and skill were in managing people and reframing situations to help people achieve the best possible outcome for themselves and their organizations.

“I wholeheartedly enjoy helping people discover their inner greatness,” says Tejal. “Who we are tremendously impacts those around us so we should always leave an indelible and positive impression. It’s extremely gratifying and rewarding encouraging people to discover the leadership qualities within them and experience tremendous overall growth.”

Tejal expertly assists clients who are seeking to advance or make changes in their careers. Through her H.R. consulting work she performs assessments to determine how they interact with others and how others perceive them.

“What makes an exemplary leader is having compassion for your workers,” says Tejal. “Even if one’s job is demanding or grueling if your boss is sympathetic and supportive it motivates employees to be totally productive.”

Tejal’s emphasis is on coaching Senior Level managers and directors since they are the ones stepping into the CEO role and unquestionably require role models. Her one on one coaching and individual sessions are done over Skype or phone and she works with clients for a minimum of 3 months. She also works directly with organizations to help their teams work better together.

According to Tejal, coaching teaches people to be who they are authentically while accepting that they have valuable ideas, viewpoints, and can share them to create effective impact.

“I’m extremely proud to be graced with the natural skills to recognize who people are and help them find their self- confidence,” says Tejal. “It’s absolutely our responsibility to cohesively step into our roles as great leaders and build a more compassionate world.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Tejal Kaji in an interview with Doug Lewellyn on Wednesday December 12th at 2 p.m. EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

If you have any questions for our guest, please call (347) 996-3389.

For more information on our guest please visit

Author: Beatrice Maria Centeno

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Newbean Capital Announces Agreement to Sell Indoor Ag-Con to Event Industry Veterans, Expands to New Locations & Topics

Newbean Capital today announced an agreement to sell its Indoor Ag-Con events to event industry veterans Nancy Hallberg, Kris Sieradzki and Brian Sullivan.

We see great potential for growth in indoor agriculture, and are excited to bring greater resources to Indoor Ag-Con”

— Nancy Hallberg, Indoor Ag-Con LLC

ATLANTA, GA, USA, December 10, 2018 / — Atlanta, GA (December 9, 2018) – Newbean Capital, a US registered investment adviser, today announced an agreement to sell Indoor Ag-Con LLC to three event industry veterans; Nancy Hallberg, Kris Sieradzki and Brian Sullivan.

Founded by Newbean Capital in 2013, Indoor Ag-Con was one of the first events to recognize the potential in the nascent indoor agriculture industry, the practice of growing crops in containers, greenhouses and warehouses using hydroponic, aeroponic and aquaponic techniques. The tech-focused events have grown rapidly and are now hosted in Las Vegas, the US East coast and Singapore each year. In 2015, the events became crop agnostic, expanding to cover legal cannabis and alternate proteins as well as leafy greens and non-food crops.

The acquisition sets the stage for a significant expansion of Indoor Ag-Con globally, bringing exceptional talent and experience to the events. Nancy and Kris founded leading event housing group Connections Housing over thirty years’ ago; the Company manages over 250 events annually, some with over 100,000 participants. Brian brings a wealth of experience in event planning and trade show management, with more than 20 years’ experience in managing large scale shows for companies such as Reed Exhibition and Clarion Events. Nicola Kerslake, founder of Newbean Capital, will remain involved in Indoor Ag-Con as Chief Curator, creating agendas and curating speakers for each event. She remains deeply involved in the indoor agriculture industry, thanks to her rapidly growing alternate finance business, Contain Inc, which will provide white papers for Indoor Ag-Con events going forward.

“We see great potential for growth in indoor agriculture, and are excited to bring greater resources to Indoor Ag-Con” commented Nancy Hallberg. “We’ll be rolling out new initiatives, partnerships and event locations in short order” says Brian Sullivan, adding “we’ll again be returning to Las Vegas for our flagship event in spring 2019 and will announce the details of our plans before the end of the month.”

Our next event is the 4th Annual Indoor Ag-Con Asia, a two-day event that will be hosted at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on January 15-16, 2019. It will include exhibition tables and an exciting lineup of industry-leading speakers, and will be opened by SMS Koh of the Republic of Singapore. We will be covering a broad range of crop types – such as, leafy greens, mushrooms, insects, aquaculture and medicinal crops – as well as technologies ranging from artificial intelligence to LED lighting to control systems. New features for 2019 include a startup alley in the exhibition hall, allowing entrepreneurs to easily showcase their startups, unconferencing sessions, and onsite mini workshops from Singaporean vertical farming equipment company Upgrown Farming.

The event is accompanied by a pitch competition, Indoor Ag-Ignite, whose goal is to find the most innovative new ideas globally in indoor agriculture, and the competition is open to any team or company of under 40 employees developing or deploying technologies for the indoor agriculture industry. Three winning teams will receive prize packages including Startup SG grants of S$50,000 per team thanks to the sponsorship of Enterprise Singapore, as well as substrates and technical advice from Smithers Oasis.

4th Annual Indoor Ag-Con Asia
Date – January 15-16, 2019
Place – Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Registration – currently open to the general public from US$399
Features – Two-day seminar, with keynote speakers, exhibition hall, after-party, and pitch competition
More Info – please visit and, email or call +1.775.623.7116

About Indoor Ag-Con LLC
Indoor Ag-Con was founded by Newbean Capital in 2013, and has since grown to the premier event in indoor agriculture, the practice of growing crops, raising fish and insects in indoor systems, using hydroponic, aquaponic and aeroponic techniques. Its events are tech-focused and crop-agnostic, covering produce, legal cannabis, alternate protein and non-food crops. It hosts events in Las Vegas, Singapore and the US East coast. In December 2018, three event industry professionals – Nancy Hallberg, Kris Sieradzki and Brian Sullivan – purchased Indoor Ag-Con LLC from Newbean Capital, so setting the stage for further expansion of the events globally.
More information:

About Newbean Capital
Newbean Capital is a US-based registered investment adviser that manages an early stage venture capital mandate for the US Treasury and has a consulting practice in indoor agriculture that works primarily with multinationals and large institutional investors. Its founder – Nicola Kerslake – has a longstanding interest in agriculture investment, having previously covered agriculture stocks as a highly-rated equity analyst and managed investment portfolios that covered the sector for large institutional investors. In late 2016, she founded an alternate finance business – Contain Inc – that works with indoor farmers and with lenders to provide lease finance and – through a relationship with an independent broker – insurance.
More information:,

Nancy Hallberg
Indoor Ag-Con LLC
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