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SimpleFunTax Launches an industry-first online market network to enable tax professionals to create virtual business firms to connect.

USA, November 23, 2021 / — SimpleFunTax, a tech startup company after a full year of system development, today announces the launch of the first-ever multimedia online market network. The solution is designed to help virtual tax professionals and clients establish “specialization-based” connections rather than the traditional “relationship-based” connections.

SimpleFunTax’s market network enables tax clients to search for tax professionals based on their culture, experience, expertise, specialization, preferences, and situations. It provides a complete communication channel for tax professionals and clients to connect, communicate and transmit files via one secure platform. It also features virtual business meeting rooms to reach and establish new connections with top tax professionals and clients nationwide.

Developed utilizing over a decade of professional career experience of Mr. Yazhou Hu, The CEO, and Founder; SimpleFunTax has become a popular name in no time in the US taxation industry and witnessing rapid growth. A large number of tax clients and licensed tax professionals are registering themselves each passing day to this innovative platform that works on the “Specialization-Based” connection principle.

It is because SimpleFunTax is based on the idea of delivering uniqueness and specialization and so does the platform offers via availing tax clients the freedom of employing certified tax professionals considering different parameters of their interest like service category, experience, and/or specialization including.

1. Professional culture (Language spoken, License possess, Geographic location, etc.),
2. Filing type/business structure expertise (Individual tax, Corporate tax, None for-profit, etc.),
3. Service specialization (Tax planning, International Tax, State and local tax, etc.),
4. Industry specialization (Real Estate, Logistics & Transportation, Marijuana farming, etc.)

In addition to this, the platform allows talented, hard-working, licensed tax experts to start their own virtual tax and business firm to help clients fulfill their individual or business financial needs in the best possible ways.

It is quite obvious and well known to everyone that finding the best tax professionals is not like choosing the accounting firm two or three blocks away from where we live. It needs ample research concerning our tax-related queries and then opting for the best fit, that can be situated in other states, east coast or west coast providing unique and special service that’s best for us.

For all such tax-related concerns, SimpleFunTax is the one-stop destination, available to access through the Web and App system. Users can simply join the SimpleFunTax community by registering themselves as a tax client or tax expert. Tax clients can perform an advanced search for the best tax professional utilizing a variety of filters that can refine tax professionals' data concerning their specific requirements. Likewise service category, experience, or specialization.

Whereas authorized tax professionals like CPAs, EAs, and Attorneys can register their own virtual tax business firms with a single-page profile. They can target a specific market, and manage their own client relationship through various modes of communication like chatting, phone calls, or even video calls. Among others, SimpleFunTax provides tax experts with the ease of showcasing their specialized tax services, leads, building their own team, invoices generation, receiving payments, etc on a daily basis through this secure platform.

Ultimately, both the entities leverage benefits of their own either you signup as tax professionals. Tax clients via employing the right taxpayers receive more tax refunds make lesser mistakes, and avail of overall better results. Whereas, tax experts receive the great value of their uniqueness and specialization either professionally or financially.

For those who are looking for experienced tax professionals for any sort of individual or business financial needs; or as a licensed tax professional looking to start their own tax business firm in this digital era, SimpleFunTax is the best and most sought after tax professional service streaming network in the current time. Join one of its kind, much recommended, specialization-based, industry’s first-ever multimedia online market network and leverage nationwide tax-related services in the USA.

About SimpleFunTax
SimpleFunTax is a professional service streaming market network that connects tax clients with tax experts (Tax professionals, EA, or attorneys) based on their specializations.

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