Dame Dash discovers a new superstar in Liana Mendoza after her electrifying Performance in Social Disturbance

Liana Mendoza in Social Disturbance

Liana Mendoza in Social Disturbance

Dame Dash and Homestead Entertainment discover a new superstar in Liana Mendoza’s after her electrifying performance in social disturbance

Girl You had ME!”

— Courtney Bowman

UNITED STATES, November 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Reuben Johnson aka “Big Rube” directed Social Disturbance which premiered on Fox Corporation’s Tubi TV on November 20th, 2021 and the reviews from the fans are in. Liana Mendoza’s performance as Leza Del Rio is likened to Fatal Attraction, in a “very real way”. Much like Anthony Hopkins in his role as Hannibal Lector, it’s hard for the viewer to imagine that Liana Mendoza is anything other than a deranged psychopath.

The reality is that Mendoza is a true method actor graduating from NYU Tisch and her performance is the result of studying and applying “The Method” along with the “Ivana Chubbuck Technique” (12 steps). Mendoza’s performance as Leza Del Rio is a deeply harrowing experience for the audience. Viewers are both enthralled and repulsed by the wild ride that Mendoza takes them on throughout the film. There is a moment where we see the height of psychosis begin in Mendoza’s use of the “Kubrick stare” as she dances down a dimly lit hallway.

Females who watch Leza Del Rio desperately pursue her love interest are able to identify with the realism and humanity that Mendoza brings to her severely disturbed character, creating quite the conundrum- is it acceptable to feel sorry for a monster? Mendoza trained for years directly with Ivana Chubbuck who has worked with some of the greatest A-list actors of our time from Brad Pitt to Halle Berry and Liana Mendoza is no exception. This phenomenal actor is destined for the A-list and was launched into stardom as a result of Dame Dash and Homestead Entertainment partnering in a distribution deal with Liana Mendoza and her team LaRae Wilson and Amber Cook.

Omarr Salgado acquired the film Social Disturbance and brought the film to Dame Dash and Homestead entertainment for review.

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