Seeking Candidates for the First NIKKEI ASIA AWARD

The new NIKKEI ASIA AWARD will be given annually to an individual or a group from or living in Asia and responsible for "innovation originating in Asia.”

Supporting "Innovation from Asia" That Will Change Asia and the World

TOKYO, JAPAN, June 14, 2021 / — Nikkei Inc., Japan’s largest media group and publisher of The Nikkei, has announced the inauguration of the NIKKEI ASIA AWARD. This award project is intended to promote the transformation of Asia and the world, as well as to support the realization of a free and prosperous economic society. Nomination of candidates for the first award will be accepted on the official website until Monday, August 2, 2021.

Selection will be conducted once a year from among those involved in fields such as business, research, technological development and social/artistic activities. An individual or a group responsible for such an activity is selected as the winner annually. Nikkei will commend individuals or groups by selecting leaders in "innovation originating in Asia" from an "Asian perspective," based on diverse values. The prize is five million yen.

The expression “innovation from Asia” refers to any novel and innovative activities that originate in Asia and are led by people from or living1 in Asia2. Such innovation should help to create a free and prosperous society through revitalization of the region and improvement of human life.

In order to reflect the diverse perspectives of Asia, Nikkei has established the Advisory Board for the NIKKEI ASIA AWARD, consisting of about ten experts from Asian countries, including Japan. Nikkei appoints experts from national and regional organizations with shared values such as a commitment to democracy, liberalism and the market economy.


An open call for nominations will be issued on the official website once a year. Self-nominations are not accepted.
・Nomination of candidates for the first year will be accepted until Monday, August 2, 2021.
・The first winner(s) will be announced in December 2021.

Candidates MUST meet the following conditions:
・Candidates must be nominated by others. Self-nominations will not be accepted.
・Candidates must be from or living1 in Asia2.
・Candidates must be contributors to Asian-based activities that have originated in Asia.

1: Japanese individuals and groups consisting only of Japanese citizens are not eligible.
2: With reference to the NIKKEI ASIA AWARD, the following regions are considered to constitute "Asia:"
・East Asia (Korean Peninsula, China, etc.)
・Southeast Asia (ASEAN member countries, etc.)
・Southwest Asia (countries of the Indian subcontinent)
・Independent nations in the Asia-Pacific region

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