Rapidcare Group Announces Rick Fovell, MBA, MS as New Regional Medical Billing Sales Manager

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Rick Fovell, MBA, MS, will focus on Workers Comp medical billing sales in the East and Midwest, plus the full complement of Numina Medical Billing RCM services.

I feel fortunate in joining a company that envisions clients’ needs but has the resources to design and implement the vision of RapidCare on the cutting edge of AI development in healthcare software.”

— Rick Fovell, MBA, MS

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, June 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — RapidCare Group is pleased to announce that Richard Fovell, MBA, MS has joined the Numina-RapidCare RCM sales team as Regional Medical Billing Sales Manager – Medical Billing/RCM Services, under Kevin Ross, Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

“Rick is more than a very experienced RCM Salesperson. He has a lust for solving the inefficiencies in customer workflow processes. He loves what he does and it is obvious to all who have met him,” says Venkat Laxman, RapidCare Group Managing Director and CEO.

Fovell, based in Kansas, brings an extensive background in sales of medical, PM / CRM / EMR systems for numerous vendors, medical IT hardware managed services, and clinical-related software services to major clients including ambulatory and rehab centers, PPO’s, hospitals, GPO’s, and the Veterans Administration Medical System. He understands the clinical environment firsthand, having served nine years as Senior Practice RCM Manager at the University of Kansas Medical Center providing billing, collections, cash application, and financial support for 600+ physicians.

Holding an MS in Adult Training (Kansas State University) and Master’s in Business Administration (Rockhurst University), Fovell is also an Adjunct Professor, having taught over 100 courses in marketing at Park University and Webster University.

A consummate problem-solver and seasoned sales executive, Fovell looks forward to expanding the Numina-RapidCare customer base throughout the Midwest and East Coast regions and beyond. In addition to end-to-end RCM services, his initial primary focus will be on growing the company’s presence in the Workers Comp MedLegal Billing market.

At the enterprise level, Fovell will also share responsibility for selling Numina-RapidCare’s flagship SortVault product, a customizable, AI-powered platform currently being rolled out to select RCM and MedLegal accounts. “I feel very fortunate,” says Fovell, “in joining a company that envisions our clients’ needs but has the resources to design and implement the vision of RapidCare on the cutting edge of AI development in healthcare software. This is the start of a great experience.”

For more information about Numina-RapidCare RCM services, please contact Kevin Ross, kross@rapidcare.ai, (203) 767.5803; or Rick Fovell, rick.fovell@rapidcare.ai; or visit Booth 144 at the upcoming National Workers Compensation and Disability Conference, Las Vegas, October 20-22, 2021.

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