Online Tool Allows Indian Innovators to Create Patent Applications for Free

Strategic Inventor, the online patent drafting tool developed by BananaIP Counsels, also provides inventors and organisations with expert IP support

INDIA, January 26, 2021 / — BananaIP has recently announced the launch of Strategic Inventor, an online platform that enables inventors to draft and file patents on their own. The technology, available for users all over India, can be used free of charge to draft as many applications as needed.

Conceived by Dr Kalyan C. Kankanala, Managing Partner of BananaIP Counsels, the Strategic Inventor system allows Indian inventors and organisations to draft both provisional and complete specifications patent applications. While the cost of drafting a patent in India accounts for a significant part of the patent attorney fee, Strategic Inventor allows any inventor to create a free draft version by themselves. Once the patent specification is drafted, the inventor may choose to file it on their own or approach a patent attorney for review and filing.

“With Strategic Inventor and its AI-driven patent system, we hope to empower young inventors and start-ups all over India to draft, file, and acquire patents independently, without having to worry about the costs involved in the process,” says Dr Kalyan C. Kankanala. “By doing so, our firm seeks to increase and enhance patent filings in India. Our own technology is the subject of a patent filing, which is currently pending.”

Although any person looking to draft a free patent in India may use the platform, Strategic Inventor may be particularly useful for independent inventors, researchers, universities, start-ups, small and medium enterprises, and companies with limited intellectual property (IP) budgets.

The instructions for the use of Strategic Inventor are simple and rather straight-forward, as the different modules in the system provide inputs from different perspectives to the user. “All an Inventor needs to do is register on the platform and start using it once the registration is approved,” says Dr. Kalyan. “By using the technology to draft patent applications, the inventor can do away with, or even reduce the cost of acquiring patents.”

The online patent application platform also includes the option to seek expert support during the process of drafting a patent specification. For a fee, the Inventor may ask for expert inputs at any point in time. In addition to this feature, the inventor may request a patent attorney to review the same before filing the patent application once the patent draft is completed. Other IP support services may also be sought at the inventor’s discretion.

More information about Strategic Inventor and instructions to register and use the platform can be found at

About Strategic Inventor
Strategic Inventor is an initiative of BananaIP Counsels. It has been conceived, developed, and made available as a part of the firm’s initiatives towards IP knowledge dissemination and empowerment. Through Strategic Inventor, BananaIP hopes to enable and empower inventors and innovators to draft, file and acquire patents by themselves, without much reliance on patent attorneys.

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