Acclaimed Obagi Law Group Produces Extraordinary Results For Clients Through the Years

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2021 / — Obagi Law Group, one of L. A.'s most-respected boutique law firms and representing clients across a wide variety of legal matters, finished 2020 will an extraordinary list of results. Created to provide thorough, top-quality representation and achieve results its clients need, Obagi Law Group delivered on that mission, and then some.

The firm owns a remarkable reputation for being both responsive and focused, giving each client their full attention and effort throughout every step of the case. As a rule, the team at Obagi Law Group does everything in its power to not only meet their clients’ expectations, but to exceed them.

Here are some of the highlights of clients' results throughout the firm's history:


• Attained $450,000 settlement against the national company based on retaliatory discharge for among other things, seeking FMLA leave. We sued the employer in federal court, and applied maximum pressure by exposing numerous, egregious employment violations documented in writing.
• Attained $250,000 early settlement from company who retaliated against employee for complaining about the late payment of sales commissions, denied her FMLA and CFRA medical leave when she had a doctor’s note recommending it, and provided a sexually hostile work environment to their only female salesperson.
• Attained a $170,000 early settlement for entry-level investment advisor alleging invasion of privacy, disability discrimination and constructive termination, before proceeding to two long arbitrations, first privately then via FINRA.
• Recovered $150,000 in federal court action prosecuted on behalf of wrongfully terminated employee against former employer for sexual harassment, retaliation, wrongful discharge in violation of public policy, solicitation of employee by misrepresentation, nonpayment of overtime and other California Labor Code violations.
• Recovered $150,000 in federal court action prosecuted on behalf of employee against employer for (1) nonpayment of overtime compensation, (2) failure to provide meal and rest periods or compensation in lieu thereof, (2) misclassification of inside sales representative as independent contractor and wage statement violations, etc.
• Attained settlement of $125,000 for two security officers working in the hay fields in Imperial Valley, California, after they were both unlawfully retaliated against after one of them got sick from heat stroke and complaining to OSHA about workplace safety violations.
• Attained a settlement for two years of pay for client as part of early confidential settlement after filing complaint for sexual harassment and wrongful termination.
• After identifying spoliation of evidence through intentional destruction of electronically stored information, attained an early six-figure confidential settlement against Beverly Hills employer for same-sex sexual battery during after-hours workplace hangout.
• Recovered strictly confidential settlement for ex-big bank employee unlawfully discriminated against based on same-sex sexual-orientation.
• Attained a six-figure confidential settlement against Beverly Hills employer for sexual battery and assault after identifying spoliation of evidence through intentional destruction of electronically stored information.
• Attained two years of salary for client as part of early confidential early settlement after filing complaint for sexual harassment and wrongful termination. Matter was compelled to arbitration.
• As defense counsel through mediation, successfully settled claim present by former contractor that she was entitled to $200,000 plus bonus at termination, settling for less than 50% of that sum.

Personal Injury:

• Jack Holcomb obtained a $443,800 personal injury jury verdict in federal court against a transportation company and a truck driver. The case involved a collision between two 18-wheeler tractor-trailers at the Coca-Cola plant in Downey, California. The defendant truck driver, having consumed alcohol prior to the incident, crashed into Plaintiff’s parked tractor-trailer that was being loaded with product.
• Attained a $337,500 collective settlement for a mother and her special needs son, from a public school district, based on torts committed against the minor child based on his disabilities, after taking three cases case over from mother in pro per.
• Tried a case against Permanent Mission of Sweden to the United Nations, which was represented by Holland & Knight, LLP, against multiple attorneys to verdict after 9-day non-jury trial in Manhattan’s Southern District of New York federal courthouse.

Cannabis Litigation:

• Attained a $2,718,000 jury verdict, including 50% ownership of cannabis business and punitive damages against client’s partners who converted nonprofit mutual benefit corporation to a for profit corporation, took 100% of the stock in violation of the parties’ agreement, and wrongfully relocated adult use cannabis dispensary license to new location. Prior to trial, Defendants’ highest offer was $200,000 and no ownership. Jury awarded only $25,000 less than the damages we sought.
• Recovered payments exceeding $3,400,000 for balance of purchase price after our client seller of legal cannabis dispensary received only $2.55 million of $7 million dollar asset and purchase and sale agreement.

Business Litigation:

• Attained a $900,000 settlement in bad-faith insurance claim by homeowners against major insurance carrier for sudden and accidental discharge of water.
• Attained $480,000 settlement in case in federal court against two international corporations and national non-profit that tortiously circumvented small business client in marketing deal.
• Attained $475,000 settlement in legal malpractice case against large Century City law firm that had advised a client to make a million dollar loan to a fraudster without doing basic due diligence to ensure that the international loan would be secure.
• After sellers of commercial property breached agreement to sell to client, filed suit, encumbered property in lis pendens, defeated defendants’ expungement motion, took depositions to uncover fraudulent conveyance and caused defendants to pay $350,000 to client as lost profits on the deal.
• Successfully prosecuted action to enforce Residential Real Estate Purchase Agreement related to coveted real property, by filing compliant, recording lis pendens, defending expungement of the same and forcing defendants’ hand to sell the property to client.
• Attained judgement after court trial for $315,181.06 for pair of investors in Aura Systems, Inc. Then, took aggressive judgment enforcement steps and attained stipulated payment plan for satisfaction of judgment plus interest within one year.
• Attained $657,545.01 bench judgment against real estate agent who acted as project manager for real estate development, and misappropriated funds entrusted to her for the project, instead for personal uses. Employed numerous forensic accounting methods and subpoenas to uncover full breadth of fraud and conversion. Judgment was for 100% of what we sought.
• Successfully enforced judgment against the Country of Mexico and Consulate General of Mexico after the judgment had been unpaid for 8 years. Within six months of retention, got 100% of the original judgment plus 80% of interest paid. Advanced Janitorial Services v. Consulate General of Mexico, et al., LASC Case No. BC213353, 2011
• Attained a $128,888.88 legal malpractice settlement for real estate developer client against former attorneys who dismissed complaint without prejudice and failed to timely file a demand for arbitration, in action against general contractor who breached written contract that included a shortened limitations period and arbitration clause for bringing an action on the contract. Settlement attained after filing suit, before arbitration against lawyers, through direct negotiations with opposing counsel. The foregoing sum was near 100% of the damages client sought.
• Attained a $160,000 legal malpractice settlement for our plaintiff client after former lawyer dismissed client’s cases without authority. We posit the settlement would have been for more, but the lawyer procured his insurance through fraud. Insurer threatened to rescind the insurance contract. Lawyer was ordered inactive, disbarred, thus has no future source of income. This settlement was favorable light of the facts.
• Attained a $45,000 settlement for business buyers after a transaction in which the sellers undermined the account receivables sold to the buyers by misappropriating payments to themselves. The settlement represented about 80% of the damages to the business buyers, but was attained before significant litigation expenses were incurred.
• Attained a $111,766.47 federal court judgment against individual and her company when they defaulted on a promissory note. Proceeded to enforce judgment against them.
• Attained a $70,000 settlement, paid in a lump sum, immediately after filing suit for our client, when a pharmaceutical company with failed drugs failed to pay consultation fees owed, representing 95% of the total monies owed.
• Attained a $315,181.06 bench judgment for pair of investors in Aura Systems, Inc. Then, took aggressive judgment enforcement steps and attained stipulated payment plan for satisfaction of judgment plus interest within one year. This judgment was 100% of the damages we sought.
• Collected over $300,000 from dozens of outstanding commercial, or business-to-business, account receivables accounts on behalf of four courier companies in Southern California under common ownership through demands, litigation and judgment enforcement action.
• Attained arbitration award at ADR Services, Inc. in breach of contract action for clients for $124,615.6, including an award of all attorneys’ fees, arising from an engineering firm wrongfully assigning collection of its contract in violation of its contractual terms.
• After arranger for wealthy Dubai prince told luxury homeowner to “hold” property for his client and then did not sign rental agreement, filed suit against arranger and his broker for negligent misrepresentation, and reached favorable settlement agreement with each.
• After defeating defendants’ motion for summary adjudication in case alleging implied pedestrian easement, negotiated settlement for pedestrian easement that runs with the land in perpetuity, under which plaintiff clients received express written, recorded, and significant monetary settlement for temporary loss of use of easement, and $25,000 in compensation for client.
• After non-jury trial, attained favorable statement of decision for plaintiff expert witness firm in breach of contract action against lawyer and law firm in the sum of $37,375.91. Then, took aggressive judgment enforcement steps and attained stipulated payment plan for satisfaction of judgment plus interest within one year.
• Acting as local counsel for North Carolina firm, attained California sister-state judgment on North Carolina judgment, and then pursued judgment debtor for non-dischargeability in U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Attained stipulated judgment for non-dischargeability in Bankruptcy Court, and engaged in judgment enforcement through the U.S. Marshall’s Office.
• Acted as administrator for estate of deceased client, selling two parcels of real estate, and collecting on promissory note in decedent’s favor so assets exceeding $400,000 could be distributed to family and spouse.
• Represented administrator of estate in successfully prosecuting complaint against debtor under promissory note, recovering prejudgment interest and entire principal sum due.
• Successfully second-chaired successful arbitration defense of prominent physician in multi-million dollar arbitration alongside attorneys from O’Melveny.
• Successfully prosecuted action against slumlord commercial landlord, and procured favorable settlement of $100,000 on the record at mandatory settlement conference.
• In federal court, recovered six-figure settlement after enforcing promissory note arising from a gambling loan at the poker table.
• Attained judgment for fraud for $122,830.64 against individuals who claimed the ability to make custom carbon fiber automotive parts of OEM, or original equipment manufacture quality.
• For wrongfully sued client, successfully attained set-aside of default judgment and return of garnished wages to clients and within two months attained dismissal of complaint with prejudice in 2013.

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