New England podcast host Diane Taha, style & beauty blogger, interviews fellow fashion & style blogger Jaimie Tucker

Meet Influencer – Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger – Jaimie Tucker

Host of Channel Your Influence Podcast, Diane Taha

Blogger Jaimie Tucker Talks with Channel Your Influence Host Diane Taha about Setting Goals and Building Relationships in the Influencer Business

Diane and I have a natural synergy. It is such a pleasure chatting with other influencers who understand how this unique business works.”

— Fashion & Lifestyle Influencer & Blogger, Jaimie

HARTFORD, CT, UNITED STATES, January 22, 2021 / — The importance of building authentic relationships with brands cannot be understated. No matter what line of work one is in, competition is stiff. “It's the relationships you build that will get you the job or allow you to be chosen,” says Tucker. This along with an insider view on the influencer business, goal setting, and relationship building are the topics that influencers Diane Taha and Jaimie Tucker elaborate on during their second Channel Your Influence (CYI) podcast hitting airwaves Sunday, January 24th, 2020.

Taha has interviewed fashion and lifestyle blogger Jaimie Tucker before, relying on her advice and taking note of tips on pitching brands, setting goals, and how to live healthfully with a life work balance. This engaging conversation is filled with valuable information for influencers and bloggers alike.

“Diane and I have a natural synergy and this is actually the second time I’ve appeared on Channel Your Influence (CYI). It's such a pleasure chatting with other influencers who understand how this unique business works. I’m sure you will enjoy listening to the two of us chatting along like girlfriends who have known each other for a long time.” ~ says fashion & lifestyle influencer & blogger, Jaimie Tucker.

Tucker in the interview hopes to provide insider understanding on the influencer business. She also hopes to provide inspiration on how to think about setting goals and creating revenue in a more comprehensive way for new and current influencers. She further elaborates on the hope that listeners, particularly bloggers/influencers, will find the tips on how to work with brands useful, as she shares strategies about pitching brands and turning one off partnerships into long term contractual relationships.

A large portion of the interview addresses goal setting and taking a deeper dive into the million-dollar question(s) “What would your ideal outcome be?” and as Jaimie calls ‘tinkering with time’ – creating a schedule that allows you to maximize your productivity. Jaimie and Taha also address how to use past experiences as tools for learning and defining new potential opportunities – opportunities for partnership, collaboration, creativity, and visibility in the world of social media, where influencers and brands join forces to earn consumer trust and communicate a brand narrative.

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