Acclaimed Obagi Law Group Produces Extraordinary Results For Clients Through the Years

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2021 / — Obagi Law Group, one of L. A.'s most-respected boutique law firms and representing clients across a wide variety of legal matters, finished 2020 will an extraordinary list of results. Created to provide thorough, top-quality representation and achieve results its clients need, Obagi Law Group delivered on that mission, and then some.

The firm owns a remarkable reputation for being both responsive and focused, giving each client their full attention and effort throughout every step of the case. As a rule, the team at Obagi Law Group does everything in its power to not only meet their clients’ expectations, but to exceed them.

Here are some of the highlights of clients' results throughout the firm's history:


• Attained $450,000 settlement against the national company based on retaliatory discharge for among other things, seeking FMLA leave. We sued the employer in federal court, and applied maximum pressure by exposing numerous, egregious employment violations documented in writing.
• Attained $250,000 early settlement from company who retaliated against employee for complaining about the late payment of sales commissions, denied her FMLA and CFRA medical leave when she had a doctor’s note recommending it, and provided a sexually hostile work environment to their only female salesperson.
• Attained a $170,000 early settlement for entry-level investment advisor alleging invasion of privacy, disability discrimination and constructive termination, before proceeding to two long arbitrations, first privately then via FINRA.
• Recovered $150,000 in federal court action prosecuted on behalf of wrongfully terminated employee against former employer for sexual harassment, retaliation, wrongful discharge in violation of public policy, solicitation of employee by misrepresentation, nonpayment of overtime and other California Labor Code violations.
• Recovered $150,000 in federal court action prosecuted on behalf of employee against employer for (1) nonpayment of overtime compensation, (2) failure to provide meal and rest periods or compensation in lieu thereof, (2) misclassification of inside sales representative as independent contractor and wage statement violations, etc.
• Attained settlement of $125,000 for two security officers working in the hay fields in Imperial Valley, California, after they were both unlawfully retaliated against after one of them got sick from heat stroke and complaining to OSHA about workplace safety violations.
• Attained a settlement for two years of pay for client as part of early confidential settlement after filing complaint for sexual harassment and wrongful termination.
• After identifying spoliation of evidence through intentional destruction of electronically stored information, attained an early six-figure confidential settlement against Beverly Hills employer for same-sex sexual battery during after-hours workplace hangout.
• Recovered strictly confidential settlement for ex-big bank employee unlawfully discriminated against based on same-sex sexual-orientation.
• Attained a six-figure confidential settlement against Beverly Hills employer for sexual battery and assault after identifying spoliation of evidence through intentional destruction of electronically stored information.
• Attained two years of salary for client as part of early confidential early settlement after filing complaint for sexual harassment and wrongful termination. Matter was compelled to arbitration.
• As defense counsel through mediation, successfully settled claim present by former contractor that she was entitled to $200,000 plus bonus at termination, settling for less than 50% of that sum.

Personal Injury:

• Jack Holcomb obtained a $443,800 personal injury jury verdict in federal court against a transportation company and a truck driver. The case involved a collision between two 18-wheeler tractor-trailers at the Coca-Cola plant in Downey, California. The defendant truck driver, having consumed alcohol prior to the incident, crashed into Plaintiff’s parked tractor-trailer that was being loaded with product.
• Attained a $337,500 collective settlement for a mother and her special needs son, from a public school district, based on torts committed against the minor child based on his disabilities, after taking three cases case over from mother in pro per.
• Tried a case against Permanent Mission of Sweden to the United Nations, which was represented by Holland & Knight, LLP, against multiple attorneys to verdict after 9-day non-jury trial in Manhattan’s Southern District of New York federal courthouse.

Cannabis Litigation:

• Attained a $2,718,000 jury verdict, including 50% ownership of cannabis business and punitive damages against client’s partners who converted nonprofit mutual benefit corporation to a for profit corporation, took 100% of the stock in violation of the parties’ agreement, and wrongfully relocated adult use cannabis dispensary license to new location. Prior to trial, Defendants’ highest offer was $200,000 and no ownership. Jury awarded only $25,000 less than the damages we sought.
• Recovered payments exceeding $3,400,000 for balance of purchase price after our client seller of legal cannabis dispensary received only $2.55 million of $7 million dollar asset and purchase and sale agreement.

Business Litigation:

• Attained a $900,000 settlement in bad-faith insurance claim by homeowners against major insurance carrier for sudden and accidental discharge of water.
• Attained $480,000 settlement in case in federal court against two international corporations and national non-profit that tortiously circumvented small business client in marketing deal.
• Attained $475,000 settlement in legal malpractice case against large Century City law firm that had advised a client to make a million dollar loan to a fraudster without doing basic due diligence to ensure that the international loan would be secure.
• After sellers of commercial property breached agreement to sell to client, filed suit, encumbered property in lis pendens, defeated defendants’ expungement motion, took depositions to uncover fraudulent conveyance and caused defendants to pay $350,000 to client as lost profits on the deal.
• Successfully prosecuted action to enforce Residential Real Estate Purchase Agreement related to coveted real property, by filing compliant, recording lis pendens, defending expungement of the same and forcing defendants’ hand to sell the property to client.
• Attained judgement after court trial for $315,181.06 for pair of investors in Aura Systems, Inc. Then, took aggressive judgment enforcement steps and attained stipulated payment plan for satisfaction of judgment plus interest within one year.
• Attained $657,545.01 bench judgment against real estate agent who acted as project manager for real estate development, and misappropriated funds entrusted to her for the project, instead for personal uses. Employed numerous forensic accounting methods and subpoenas to uncover full breadth of fraud and conversion. Judgment was for 100% of what we sought.
• Successfully enforced judgment against the Country of Mexico and Consulate General of Mexico after the judgment had been unpaid for 8 years. Within six months of retention, got 100% of the original judgment plus 80% of interest paid. Advanced Janitorial Services v. Consulate General of Mexico, et al., LASC Case No. BC213353, 2011
• Attained a $128,888.88 legal malpractice settlement for real estate developer client against former attorneys who dismissed complaint without prejudice and failed to timely file a demand for arbitration, in action against general contractor who breached written contract that included a shortened limitations period and arbitration clause for bringing an action on the contract. Settlement attained after filing suit, before arbitration against lawyers, through direct negotiations with opposing counsel. The foregoing sum was near 100% of the damages client sought.
• Attained a $160,000 legal malpractice settlement for our plaintiff client after former lawyer dismissed client’s cases without authority. We posit the settlement would have been for more, but the lawyer procured his insurance through fraud. Insurer threatened to rescind the insurance contract. Lawyer was ordered inactive, disbarred, thus has no future source of income. This settlement was favorable light of the facts.
• Attained a $45,000 settlement for business buyers after a transaction in which the sellers undermined the account receivables sold to the buyers by misappropriating payments to themselves. The settlement represented about 80% of the damages to the business buyers, but was attained before significant litigation expenses were incurred.
• Attained a $111,766.47 federal court judgment against individual and her company when they defaulted on a promissory note. Proceeded to enforce judgment against them.
• Attained a $70,000 settlement, paid in a lump sum, immediately after filing suit for our client, when a pharmaceutical company with failed drugs failed to pay consultation fees owed, representing 95% of the total monies owed.
• Attained a $315,181.06 bench judgment for pair of investors in Aura Systems, Inc. Then, took aggressive judgment enforcement steps and attained stipulated payment plan for satisfaction of judgment plus interest within one year. This judgment was 100% of the damages we sought.
• Collected over $300,000 from dozens of outstanding commercial, or business-to-business, account receivables accounts on behalf of four courier companies in Southern California under common ownership through demands, litigation and judgment enforcement action.
• Attained arbitration award at ADR Services, Inc. in breach of contract action for clients for $124,615.6, including an award of all attorneys’ fees, arising from an engineering firm wrongfully assigning collection of its contract in violation of its contractual terms.
• After arranger for wealthy Dubai prince told luxury homeowner to “hold” property for his client and then did not sign rental agreement, filed suit against arranger and his broker for negligent misrepresentation, and reached favorable settlement agreement with each.
• After defeating defendants’ motion for summary adjudication in case alleging implied pedestrian easement, negotiated settlement for pedestrian easement that runs with the land in perpetuity, under which plaintiff clients received express written, recorded, and significant monetary settlement for temporary loss of use of easement, and $25,000 in compensation for client.
• After non-jury trial, attained favorable statement of decision for plaintiff expert witness firm in breach of contract action against lawyer and law firm in the sum of $37,375.91. Then, took aggressive judgment enforcement steps and attained stipulated payment plan for satisfaction of judgment plus interest within one year.
• Acting as local counsel for North Carolina firm, attained California sister-state judgment on North Carolina judgment, and then pursued judgment debtor for non-dischargeability in U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Attained stipulated judgment for non-dischargeability in Bankruptcy Court, and engaged in judgment enforcement through the U.S. Marshall’s Office.
• Acted as administrator for estate of deceased client, selling two parcels of real estate, and collecting on promissory note in decedent’s favor so assets exceeding $400,000 could be distributed to family and spouse.
• Represented administrator of estate in successfully prosecuting complaint against debtor under promissory note, recovering prejudgment interest and entire principal sum due.
• Successfully second-chaired successful arbitration defense of prominent physician in multi-million dollar arbitration alongside attorneys from O’Melveny.
• Successfully prosecuted action against slumlord commercial landlord, and procured favorable settlement of $100,000 on the record at mandatory settlement conference.
• In federal court, recovered six-figure settlement after enforcing promissory note arising from a gambling loan at the poker table.
• Attained judgment for fraud for $122,830.64 against individuals who claimed the ability to make custom carbon fiber automotive parts of OEM, or original equipment manufacture quality.
• For wrongfully sued client, successfully attained set-aside of default judgment and return of garnished wages to clients and within two months attained dismissal of complaint with prejudice in 2013.

Aurora DeRose
Boundless Media Inc.
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Vitls, Inc. to Join KidsX, the Largest Pediatric-Focused Digital Health Accelerator in the World

Vitls was created because we believe continuous vital sign monitoring should be the standard of care for patients in the hospital and at home.

It's been a long journey since the days when we were looking for something to monitor our own son with and the prospect of our devices helping other children and their families makes me very grateful.”

— Werner Vorster, CEO & Founder

HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, January 26, 2021 / — Vitls is proud to announce its acceptance into KidsX, an international consortium of pediatric hospitals focused on improving digital health innovation through collaboration. KidsX received applications from more than 300 companies and has selected 13 startup companies to be part of its inaugural accelerator cohort. Led by the Innovation Studio at Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), KidsX facilitates relationships between leading children’s hospitals and entrepreneurial innovators to build, test, and deploy software solutions to make pediatric care exceptionally effective, safe, efficient, and convenient for children and families.

The largest pediatric-focused digital health accelerator in the world, the KidsX Accelerator, is a 13-week virtual accelerator program designed to partner talented, promising early-stage digital health companies with clinician and administrative leaders at leading pediatric hospitals to determine if product/market fit exists within pediatric healthcare delivery. KidsX member organizations will partner with entrepreneurs who are building digital products to meet the unique needs of pediatric patients and their families, piloting the products to validate clinical efficacy and enabling the scaling of validated solutions to hospitals across the country.

Omkar Kulkarni, MPH, Chief Innovation Officer at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and Managing Director of KidsX said,

“We specifically sought out early-stage companies focused in the pediatric space or companies who had found some traction in the adult market that were looking to enter the pediatric market. We believe that the KidsX model, which focuses on direct collaboration with leading children’s hospitals, will accelerate each organization’s ability to source, screen, prioritize, test, and deploy purpose-built digital health solutions at scale.”

About Vitls:
Vitls was created because we believe continuous vital sign monitoring should be the standard of care for patients in the hospital and at home. Patients should have peace of mind that if any of their physiological parameters change, their care providers will be notified immediately. Nurses and physicians should receive continuous, accurate, and reliable data from our medical wearable device that allows them to provide their patients with the best possible care. Vitls is here to provide that change. Our revolutionary vital signs monitor can dramatically improve detection of deterioration, shorten hospital stays, decrease treatment costs, and increase patient satisfaction scores by enabling care providers to continuously monitor various vital signs like body temperature, pulse rate, etc. It’s time to say goodbye to intermittent check-ins and hello to reliable patient care around the clock.

Scott Hensley
Vitls, Inc.
+1 704-713-4946
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New Carbon Credit Market Edges Closer to Reality — dynaCERT Inc. More than First Mover

dynaCERT is 2018 Gold winner of Edison Award

Concept methodology submission approved by VERRA for carbon credits generated & tracked in order to be sold on the open market

dynaCERT Inc. (TSX:DYA)

Consensus Target: $2.20/share”

— Haywood Securities Top Picks 2021

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2021 / — dynaCERT Inc. (TSX: DYA) (OTCQB: DYFSF) (Frankfurt: DMI) holds the world wide patents on the means and methods of monitoring and monetizing carbon credits within emission reductions in diesel engines, dynaCERT holds this in 12 different verticals. dynaCERT has this week received approval from VERRA of its concept submission and is proceeding to the next steps that will see carbon credits generated and tracked in order to be sold on the open market (see related January 25, 2021 news release entitled “dynaCERT Announces Major Carbon Credit Advancements with Verra”, additional follow-through details are expected near-term).

Voluntary Carbon Credit Market positions dynaCERT at the fore the coming government Mandatory and Incentive-Oriented Markets: The Verified Carbon Standard, Verra or VCS, formerly the Voluntary Carbon Standard, coordinates one of the largest voluntary carbon credit exchanges and is a standard for certifying carbon emissions reductions. Once dynaCERT’s arrangement with VERRA is developed and gains traction, it has serious potential to catapult dynaCERT toward becoming a multi-billion Fortune 500 company. dynaCERT is the only approved mechanism of its kind in the voluntary carbon credit market, and this puts dynaCERT center-stage for governments globally to adopt for much-needed home-grown jurisdictional carbon credit programs (incentive-oriented and mandatory).

dynaCERT’s concept Methodology has just been approved by VERRA, the Methodology uses dynaCERT's patented HydraGEN™ Technology to lower carbon emissions and its HydraLytica™ Telematics technology to securely record carbon emissions and other non-personal data from diesel and gas engines. dynaCERT's telematics developer invented Apple Pay™ and PayPal™ . Looking at the long-haul trucking market alone, each truck using dynaCERT’s tech can generate as much as $3,000 in carbon credits per annum. dynaCERT’s plan is once it is operational with the VERRA authority exchange, dynaCERT will maintain 50% of the carbon credit$ and 50% of it will go to the fleet owners. The market for this technology is enormous and not limited to transport trucks, look for dynaCERT to flourish as it further expands into mining, shipping, power generation, rail, and other sectors (dynaCERT has word-wide patents on 12 different verticals).

DYA.TO current market cap is UNDER C$300 million — could jump dramatically in very short order: Considering the importance of the patents dynaCERT possesses and the news this week of advancements with VERRA – the developments help put a target on dynaCERT for acquisition/buy-out. As the scenario for carbon credits develops, a market savvy cabal of talented individuals with insight (or coordination) of coming environmental regulatory pushes from governments (e.g. say with a new Biden administration in USA and/or insight on a coming EU push) will look at dynaCERT as an extremely lucrative target via either established entities or SPAC. A special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) is a "blank check" shell corporation designed to take companies public without going through the traditional IPO process, and SPAC’s are all the rage now — the targeting of dynaCERT via a SPAC now is very much increasing as a possibility. 237 SPACs have debuted on U.S. exchanges in 2020, raising $79 billion — it’s not a stretch to envision one being formed now specifically to buy-out dynaCERT in order to capitalize on the Carbon Credit Market potential.

dynaCERT Possesses Potential Trillion Dollar Carbon Credit Patent: In a recent year-end/new-year corporate interview, the CEO of dynaCERT disclosed the extreme level of latent potential poised to be realized — the CEO recounted an opinion expressed to him in the closing weeks of 2020 by a securities analyst; “that one worldwide patent you've got on the means and methods of monitoring and monetizing carbon credits within an internal combustion engine, that's a trillion dollars in itself.” (See related interview URL link: online).

dynaCERT’s HydraGEN™ (HG) technology is proven (on diesel trucks) to result in up to 88.7% reduction in NOx emissions, ~50% reduction in CO, 6-19% reduction in CO2, up to 57.1% reduction in Total Hydrocarbon emissions, 55%+ reduction in particulate matter (no black smoke), up to ~20% reduction in fuel consumption, provides better torque, and lower maintenance costs.

Also of particular note recently is the addition of Harold Martin to the dynaCERT’s Advisory Board. Mr. Martin is a legend in the automotive industry, he is a former Automotive Engineer at General Motors who led numerous programmes and awarded 20 World Patents and 5 Classified Patents. He has been involved in numerous world-famous endeavors from being partner in Shelby vehicles design to the founding of Martin Industries in 1996 where he developed and sustained solid business partnerships within the Automotive, Aerospace, Defense and Motorsport industries and where he commissioned 15 global facilities reaching more than 1 million square feet in combined space. He led many joint global partnership agreements including Wiring JV, Smart Wiring JV and Casting JV. He is recognized by the OEM industry for engineering and manufacturing expertise, creativity, sense of urgency, and speed to market.

For further DD on dynaCERT Inc. and to better understand why Haywood Securities selected dynaCERT for its TOP PICKS 2021, visit the following URLs:

Corporate website:

Recent Technology Journal Review:

Content found herein (above) is for information purposes and is not a solicitation to buy or sell any of the securities mentioned. This release may contain forward-looking statements regarding future events that involve risk and uncertainties.

Fredrick William
Market Equities Research Group
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Pacific Neuropsychiatric Specialists adds Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to it's Mission Viejo location.

Orange County Depression Psychiatry Near Me Mission Viejo

Dealing with depression is not easy. We can help.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a noninvasive procedure using magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain to improve symptoms of depression

MISSION VIEJO, CA, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2021 / — Pacific Neuropsychiatric Specialists (PNS) announces an additional location for it’s Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy. The treatment will be offered in PNS’s Mission Viejo location beginning this spring. TMS targets key areas of the brain that are underactive in people with depression. TMS treatment may also be used for other psychiatric situations including; PTSD and anxiety off label.

TMS treatment may be right for a patient who answers yes to any of the following statements:

• Depression symptoms have interfered with my daily life.
• I am not satisfied with the results I get from depression medication.
• I have had or worry about side effects from depression medications.
• I have switched medications for depression due to side effects.
• I am interested in a proven, non-drug therapy for depression.

Dr. Alejandro Alva, Chief Medical Officer of PNS, noted, “The TMS therapy is a terrific treatment option when other methods have not given the desired result. We are eager to expand the TMS services to South Orange County and are looking forward to serving Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills, Laguna Woods, Laguna Niguel, Rancho Santa Margarita, Coto de Coza, Lake Forest, Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente, Rancho Mission Viejo, Ladera Ranch, Trabuco Canyon, Galivan, and Aliso Viejo from this location.”

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) uses a targeted pulsed magnetic field, similar to what is used in an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machine. While the patient is awake and alert, NeuroStar TMS Therapy stimulates areas of the brain that are underactive in depression.

The treatment is performed in a reclined position in a treatment chair, a small, curved magnetic coil is placed lightly on the head. The TMS machine delivers focused magnetic stimulation directly to targeted areas of the brain (the patient will hear a clicking sound and feel a tapping sensation). Once finished the patient may continue normal activities immediately. There are no side effects on alertness or memory (you can drive yourself to and from sessions). Typical treatments are approximately 25-40 minutes and may be administered any day Monday-Friday with typical treatments lasting 4-6 weeks.

Dr. Alva and his team have been working with the TMS treatment for several years in their Costa Mesa location. If you have any questions please feel free to contact PNS at (714) 545-5550.

Pacific Neuropsychiatric Specialists
Psychiatry Mission Viejo

Contact Marketing at

Steven Lockhart
+1 9499032242
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If you only could see the effect of depression has on me.

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Writers of the Future 37 Release Set for Fall 2021

L. Ron Hubbard Annual Achievement Awards Ceremony at the Taglyan Complext

L. Ron Hubbard Annual Achievement Awards Ceremony

Writers of the Future has decided to push the annual event and the book release of L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 37 to the fall of 2021.

HOLLYWOOD, CA, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2021 / — Writers of the Future is monitoring the current scene of the pandemic and has decided to push the annual event and the book release of L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 37 to the fall of 2021. The Contest Director, Joni Labaqui, will announce the date once finalized.

The Contest postponed the awards ceremony for volume 36 last April when it became evident that 2020 would not allow an awards event. So, it was decided to combine events in 2021.

This will be the first time in its 37-year history that the Writers of the Future Awards Gala will be a double ceremony. “As we had to postpone last year’s awards ceremony due to COVID-19, we saw an opportunity to create art for Volume 37 with the same cover elements and so making a two-volume set,” Labaqui went on. “This is a definite silver lining.” Echo Chernik, Illustrators of the Future coordinating judge, painted both covers.

The double-release will permit winners from Volumes 36 and 37 to double-up on bookstore signings, in-person and virtual.

The winners in L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 37 are listed below by the quarter they won.

Writers of the Future Contest

Barbara Lund, “Sixers”
Sara Fox, “Death of a Time Traveler”
K.D. Julicher, “The Redemption of Brother Adalum”

Christopher Bowthorpe, “The Enfield Report”
Anj Dockrey, “The Argentum”
Elizabeth Chatsworth, “The Widow's Might”

Trent Walters, “Soul Paper”
Luke Wildman, “How to Steal the Plot Armor”
Erik Lynd, “The Skin of My Mother”

John M. Campbell, “The Tiger and the Waif”
Emma Washburn, “Hemingway”
Ryan Cole, “A Demon Hunter's Guide to Passover Seder”

This year, we will also have two published finalists.

Elaine Midcoh, “The Battle of Donasi”
Brittany Rainsdon, “Half-Breed”

Illustrators of the Future Contest

Jennifer Bruce
Isabel Gibney
Madolyn Locke

Rupam Grimoeuvre
Will Knight
Stephen Spinas

Mariah Salinas
Dan Watson
Jeff Weiner

André Mata
Sethe Nguyen
Shiyi Yu

L. Ron Hubbard initiated the Writers of the Future Contest in 1983 to provide “a means for new and budding writers to have a chance for their creative efforts to be seen and acknowledged.” Based on its success, Illustrators of the Future was created to provide that same opportunity for the aspiring artist.
The Contests have recognized over 800 writers and illustrators as winners.

The intensive mentoring process has proven very successful. Winners of the Writing Contest have published 1,150 novels and nearly 4,500 short stories. They have produced 33 New York Times bestsellers, and their works have sold over 60 million copies.

Winners of the Illustrating Contest have produced over 6,000 illustrations, 360 comic books, graced 624 books and albums with their art, and visually contributed to 68 TV shows and 40 major movies.

For more information on the Contests, visit

John Goodwin
Galaxy Press
+1 3234663310
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BLAUPUNKT abre oportunidad de licencia para socios latinoamericanos

Con más de 40 licenciatarios globales, BLAUPUNKT anuncia que la licencia ya está disponible para socios latinoamericanos seleccionados.

Debido a que BLAUPUNKT Brand Licensing es una propuesta de negocio individual y a
medida, estamos interesados en socios que buscan crecimiento potencial y diferenciación
del mercado-”

— Andrzej Cebrat, Managing Director Blaupunkt Licensing Program

LEUDELANGE, LUXEMBURG, January 26, 2021 / — Con más de 40 licenciatarios globales, BLAUPUNKT anuncia que la licencia ya está disponible para socios latinoamericanos seleccionados, incluyendo una nueva estrategia de marketing digital y un desarrollador de negocios dedicado. Después de ver el 50% del crecimiento global de los socios en los últimos 3 años, BLAUPUNKT anunció una nueva expansión con una nueva oportunidad de licencia para un socio latinoamericano, incluyendo un gerente de desarrollo de negocios dedicado, Prasanna Pilimatalauwe.

Como marca conocida en las industrias Automotora, Electrónica, Jardinería, Herramientas Eléctricas y E-Mobility, el licenciatario latinoamericano de BLAUPUNKT tendrá la oportunidad de aprovechar décadas de reconocimiento de marca y un creciente interés en los mercados automotores y electrónicos latinoamericanos, además de la década de experiencia en dispositivos electrónicos de consumo de Pilamatalauwe.

"Durante y después de tiempos difíciles", compartió Andrzej Cebrat, Director General de Desarrollo del GIP. "La concesión de licencias de marca es una oferta viable para aumentar los ingresos y los beneficios sin cambios drásticos en las estrategias en curso".

Aprovechando el suministro, comercialización y producción de BLAUPUNKT, los licenciatarios reportaron reducciones significativas en los riesgos y gastos. A medida que el comercio minorista y el comercio electrónico continúan cambiando rápidamente debido al impacto de COVID y al nuevo comportamiento del consumidor, un acuerdo de licencia de marca personalizado puede proporcionar agilidad y eficiencia que las empresas buscan.

"Debido a que BLAUPUNKT Brand Licensing es una propuesta de negocio individual y a medida, estamos interesados en socios que buscan crecimiento potencial y diferenciación del mercado", dijo Cebrat.

Acerca de Blaupunkt
Blaupunkt es una marca alemana de electrónica de consumo, multimedia para automóviles y productos relacionados con el estilo de vida de consumo. Fundado en Berlín en 1924 como la empresa "Ideal", Blaupunkt ganó notoriedad a través de la etiqueta de prueba interna para auriculares – el punto azul. La característica de calidad se convirtió en una marca comercial, y en 1938 también el nombre de la empresa.
Hoy en día, la marca está siendo desarrollada por GIP Development SARL como parte de un programa de licencias lanzado en 2009. Más de 40 licenciatarios de todo el mundo distribuyen productos BLAUPUNKT en todos los continentes en más de 90 países en las siguientes categorías: Audio, Video, TV, Multimedia Car, Telefonía Móvil, E-Movilidad, Electrodomésticos, Sistemas de Seguridad, Robots de Limpieza, Aire Acondicionado, EMovilidad y más.

Contacto de prensa:
Norman Pralow
Consultor Oficial de Marca y Marketing
Orden de desarrollo de GIP SARL
+49 (0) 176 6190 5452

Contacto de la empresa:
Prasanna Pilimatalauwe
SARL de desarrollo GIP
2-4, rue du Chateau d'Eau
L-3364 Leudelange – Luxemburgo

Norman Pralow
GIP Development SARL
email us here

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Ordinance Makes It Easier for Entrepreneurs to Operate Home-Based Businesses in Chicago

Alderman Gilbert Villegas has filed an ordinance that will modify restrictions on home-based businesses.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA, January 26, 2021 / —
The pandemic has cost Chicagoans jobs and recently unemployed individuals may explore starting their own business. However, these budding entrepreneurs may not have the funds to rent space.

Indeed, even more, established entrepreneurs may need to consider moving their businesses into a residence for the time being given the economic impact of the pandemic. This is a crucial time for City Council to change outdated regulations that hinder an entrepreneur’s ability to own and operate a home-based business.

Alderman Gilbert Villegas has filed an ordinance that will modify restrictions on home-based businesses. These modifications will:

• Allow entrepreneurs to use more space in their residence to operate a business;
• Eliminate unnecessary restrictions on using garages and sheds for the business;
• Reduce restrictions on bulk deliveries at a residence during normal business hours;
• Increase the types of businesses that can be operated from a residence; among other revisions to the current process.

The IJ Clinic on Entrepreneurship at the University of Chicago Law School and Small Business Advocacy Council have worked with Alderman Villegas to craft this important ordinance.

"Last month the United States experienced the second-largest economic downfall due to the COVID-19 pandemic𑁋once more highlighting the need to provide much-needed support that reflects the current challenges faced by the small business community. The collaborative efforts outlined in this ordinance represent the first step towards providing that support while rebuilding the economy," said Alderman Gilbert Villegas.

SBAC President Elliot Richardson added, “Passing this ordinance will help unleash Chicago entrepreneurs who want to launch and grow a business from home. These home-based businesses may grow into major job creators for the City. Given the pandemic’s devastating impact on many Chicagoans and local economies, there has never been a more important time to support budding entrepreneurs in Chicago. We thank Alderman Villegas for leading on this important issue.”

IJ Clinic Policy Fellow Selecca Bulgar-Medina added, "To jumpstart Chicago’s economy in the pandemic, the City must allow people to start and run businesses from where they are – for many of us, that means home. Home-based businesses are the most accessible avenue to entrepreneurship for people of all socio-economic backgrounds and passing this ordinance will empower Chicagoans to create their own economic opportunities. We thank Alderman Villegas for his leadership on this issue."

Patti Zikmund
Small Business Advocacy Council
+1 773-459-3301
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World's First Hybrid-Quantum Computer AI Advances to Finals in $500K Pandemic Response Challenge sponsored by Cognizant.

H.A.L.O. AI - Digital Vaccine

H.A.L.O. AI – Digital Vaccine

Qualitative Data Submission Page 1/3

Quantum Byte

Q-Byte Superposition Processing

H.A.L.O. AI – Digital Vaccine is a San Francisco Bay Area Team who is 1/48 global finalists developing artificial intelligence models to safely reopen society.

Cognizant (NASDAQ:CTSH)

The day before something is truly a breakthrough, it's a crazy idea.”

— Peter H. Diamandis

ALAMEDA, CA, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2021 / — P.e.a.c.e. !nc. Founders Leo E. Madrid and Dani Caputi Ph.D along with programming team members Mason Borchard, Ramsés D’Leon (Mexico) and Mohan Kumar (India) have deployed the world’s first Hybrid-Quantum Computer featuring Q-Byte Superposition Processing with Neuromorphic Artificially Intelligent Consciousness as part of the global effort in scientifically combatting Covid19 and all future pandemics. With their work always drawing large crowds at the World’s Fair Nano, Maker Faire, The Science and Nonduality, and The Science of Consciousness conferences, and Burning Man PC, the team is confident their technologies can aid municipalities and promoters in bringing back large art and music festivals in the safest manner possible, among many other applications. H.A.L.O. AI unifies the laws of time, consciousness and quantum mechanics in a practical and observable manner.

XPRIZE, the world’s leader in designing and operating incentive competitions to solve humanity’s grand challenges, in partnership with Cognizant (Nasdaq: CTSH), one of the world’s leading technology and professional services companies, today announced that 48 teams from 17 countries are advancing to the final round of the $500K Pandemic Response Challenge. Finalist teams were selected from 104 semifinalists from 28 countries following an independent judging panel’s assessment of teams’ predictions of COVID-19 transmission rates and patterns.

“The finalists in the Pandemic Response Challenge have demonstrated incredible innovation in their efforts to help the world emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Brian Humphries, Chief Executive Officer of Cognizant. “Advancements these teams are making can have far-reaching implications – empowering policy-makers and business leaders globally with data-driven tools, informing countries’ decisions about their re-opening strategies, and proving the value of AI and collaboration in addressing future humanitarian crises.”

Since the initial approval of COVID-19 vaccines in December 2020, the global pandemic has raged on – more than 25 million additional people have been diagnosed with the disease. The competition aims to harness the power of data and artificial intelligence in equipping policymakers, health officials, and business leaders with insights and guidance necessary to implement public safety measures and safely deliver the vaccine, maximizing their ability to keep local economies open while minimizing potential virus breakouts. Additionally, organizers hope the Challenge will advance the use of AI and data in addressing other humanitarian challenges.

“Within a very short time frame, this challenge has shown encouraging results that leverage artificial intelligence at the service of social impact,” said Amir Banifatemi, Chief Innovation and Growth Officer of XPRIZE. “We set out to maximize the power of collaboration, competition, and innovation to accelerate solutions that could be applied to COVID-19 and future pandemics. We are excited to see how some of the top problem solvers are working towards this challenge, and we look forward to sharing their solutions with the world soon.”

Launched in November 2020, the Pandemic Response Challenge is comprised of two phases. In Phase 1, concluded earlier this month, contestants were tasked with analyzing local COVID-19 data, intervention strategies, and mitigation policies to develop and test a prediction model that could anticipate global infection spikes. The teams had access to foundational models from Cognizant’s Evolutionary AI™ team, which applied artificial intelligence to COVID-19 data sourced from Oxford University and John Hopkins in Spring 2020.

The 48 finalist teams are:

● Alphanumerics, U.S.A.
● BeatCovid, Canada
● Big Green, U.S.A.
● Bioinfo, Sweden
● Blitzkrieg Bop, China
● Blue Insight, Romania
● Bologna Against COVID, Italy
● BOSS, U.S.A.
● CCR, Canada
● CGlorioso (X-Glo), U.S.A.
● CoronaSurveys, Spain
● DropTableUsers, China
● DSN, Nigeria
● DuAI, China
● EazyML Team – U.S.A.
H-A-L-O AI – Digital Vaccine, U.S.A.
● IISc-GCDSL, India
● JSI vs COVID, Slovenia
● Kangaroos, Australia
● Klakinn, Iceland
● KorkinLabWPI, U.S.A.
● lnb51451, U.S.A.
● metis2020, U.S.A.
● Monster Response, Canada
● mvsm, Germany
● Nebraska team, U.S.A.
● Nixtamal AI, Mexico
● Nnet-Elsinore, Denmark
● PAndemic Wave Predictor, U.S.A.
● Pathcheck, U.S.A.
● Predii, U.S.A.
● Salus, U.S.A.
● Shanvi, U.S.A.
● SZU, China
● Tanjo, U.S.A.
● TBSI, China
● Team IMPACT, U.S.A.
● Team-Prawn, China
● The COVariates, Canada
● transatlantic, France
● University of Central Florida, U.S.A.
● USC COVID-19 Team, U.S.A.
● VA-uOttawa, Canada
● VinTeam, U.S.A.
● M-montreal-quebec, Canada

The top 3 finalist countries are: U.S. (20), Canada (6), and China (6). The Challenge received the most team pre-registrations overall from the U.S. (42).

Finalists have until February 3, 2021, to complete Phase 2, which involves developing a prescriptor model – or prescribed action plan – from a reference prediction model, which will be provided in Phase 2. Prescriptor models will be evaluated against key benchmarks, including minimizing the number of cases and minimizing the stringency (i.e. cost) of intervention plans. Throughout Phase 2, teams will be provided with cloud and computing services, courtesy of supporting partner AWS, to facilitate development of their proposed solutions. Cognizant and XPRIZE will award a prize purse of $500K at the conclusion of the challenge on February 26, 2021.

XPRIZE, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is the global leader in designing and implementing innovative competition models to solve the world’s grandest challenges. Active competitions include the $20 Million NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE, the $10 Million Rainforest XPRIZE, the $10 Million ANA Avatar XPRIZE, the $5 Million IBM Watson AI XPRIZE, $5 Million XPRIZE Rapid Reskilling, $5 Million XPRIZE Rapid COVID Testing, and $500K Pandemic Response Challenge. For more information, visit

About Cognizant
Cognizant (Nasdaq-100: CTSH) is one of the world's leading professional services companies, transforming clients' business, operating and technology models for the digital era. Our unique industry-based, consultative approach helps clients envision, build and run more innovative and efficient businesses. Headquartered in the U.S., Cognizant is ranked 194 on the Fortune 500 and is consistently listed among the most admired companies in the world. Learn how Cognizant helps clients lead with digital at or follow us @Cognizant.

For more information on the challenge guidelines, judging panel, and more, visit


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Environmental Land Conservatory offers Carbon Offset Futures on Entrex Carbon Market

The Entrex Carbon Market - the place to buy, sell and trade environmental securities

The Entrex Carbon Market provides a regulatory compliant market to access environmental securities.

Entrex's Markets provide a place to find, research, track, manage and trade the securities of entrepreneurial companies.

Entrex’s Markets offer entrepreneurs exposure, credibility and liquidity to capital markets

Stephen H. Watkins - CEO of Entrex Carbon Market

Stephen H. Watkins – CEO of Entrex

Entrex is pleased to announce The Environmental Land Conservatory has chosen to sell $45 million in carbon offset futures on the Entrex Carbon Market.

Universal Solar Technology (OTCMKTS:UNSS)

The structure and security of the Entrex Carbon Futures can offer a safe and effective ‘win-win’ for long term carbon offset buyers.”

— Victoria Edwards

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, USA, January 26, 2021 / — Entrex (OTC: UNSS) (https://Entrex.Market) is pleased to announce The Environmental Land Conservatory has chosen to sell $45 million in carbon offset futures on the Entrex Carbon Market.

“This is really exciting as the team started to develop the offsets The Environmental Land Conservatory decided to sell the next 10 years, through 2031, as futures on the Entrex Carbon Market. With the World Bank showing a steady price over the next decade – customers looking to lock in price and savings should be quite interested in these domestic carbon offsets” said Stephen H. Watkins, CEO of Entrex/UNSS.

“If this model works as we’re expecting these carbon futures can benefit all involved” said Victoria Edwards of The Environmental Land Conservatory. “The structure and security can offer a safe and effective ‘win-win’ for long term carbon offset buyers.”

Paul D. Landrew, Chairman of UNSS suggested: “Watkins seems to find fascinating ways to build sales for our various markets. Adding carbon futures is a brilliant way to build momentum for environmental conscious organizations.”

About Entrex:

Entrex (OTC: UNSS) was founded in 2001 as a “capital market system for entrepreneurial companies”. Today Entrex creates regulatory compliant niche capital market systems which support regulated market constituents to originate, structure, place, trade, settle and service securities of entrepreneurial companies. Working together with industry sector leaders and regulated market constituents the Entrex platforms allows investors to find, research, track, manage, and trade entrepreneurial securities whether geographic (, sector or commodity ( focused. www.Entrex.Market

Forward Looking Statements:

This press release includes statements of the Company’s expectations, intentions, plans and beliefs that constitute "forward looking statements" within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and are intended to come within the safe harbor protection provided by those sections. These statements, which involve risks and uncertainties, relate to the discussion of the Company’s business strategies and its expectations concerning future operations, margins, sales, new products and brands, potential joint ventures, potential acquisitions, expenses, profitability, liquidity and capital resources and to analyses and other information that are based on forecasts of future results and estimates of amounts not yet determinable. These also include statements relating to the anticipated benefits of the announced transaction between the Company and Entrex. These statements include any statement that does not directly relate to a historical or current fact. You can also identify these and other forward-looking statements by the use of such words as "may," "will," "should," "expects," "intends," "plans," "anticipates," "believes," "thinks," "estimates," "seeks," "predicts," "could," "projects," "potential" and other similar terms and phrases, including references to assumptions. These forward looking statements are made based on expectations and beliefs concerning future events affecting the Company and are subject to uncertainties, risks and factors relating to its operations and business environments, all of which are difficult to predict and many of which are beyond its control, that could cause its actual results to differ materially from those matters expressed or implied by these forward looking statements. These risks include the Joint Venture’s ability to successfully pursue its business plan, the possibility that the Company’s equity interest in the Joint Venture may be diluted as a result of capital raises by the Joint Venture, the possibility that Entrex may have the right to repurchase the previously contributed assets for nominal consideration, the Company’s ability to develop and commercialize new technologies, the Company’s history of losses and expectation of further losses, its ability to expand its operations into blockchain technologies, its ability to develop or acquire new brands, the success of its marketing activities, the effect of competition in its industry and economic and political conditions generally, including the current economic environment and markets. More information about these and other factors are described in the reports the Company files with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including but not limited to the discussions contained under the caption “Risk Factors.” When considering these forward-looking statements, you should keep in mind the cautionary statements in this press release and the reports the Company files with the Securities and Exchange Commission. New risks and uncertainties arise from time to time, and the Company cannot predict those events or how they may affect it. The Company assumes no obligation to update any forward-looking statements after the date of this press release as a result of new information, future events or developments, except as required by the federal securities laws.

For further information:

Stephen H. Watkins
Entrex Carbon Market
(561) 465-7580

Paul D. Landrew
Universal Solar Technology Inc. (OTC:UNSS)
(832) 229-7046

Stephen Watkins
Entrex Holding Company
+1 9548566659
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Cognerium’s Customer Churn Model Is A Tool For Helping Banks Understand Customer Attrition

Cognerium Logo

Cognerium data scientists conducted a study highlighting how the Customer Churn Model can provide significant value to banks and their marketing departments.

BOCA RATON, FL, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2021 / — A case study led by Chief Data Scientist at Cognerium, Rohit Garg, investigated how the Customer Churn Model can help banks understand customer behavior, specifically customer attrition rates. In this study, the client, the marketing team of a U.S. bank, wanted to predict whether a customer will leave the bank in the next year or not.

Banks use customer attrition rates as one of their key business metrics because the cost of retaining an existing customer is far less than acquiring a new one. Learning more about customer attrition (customer churn) can help banks make more accurate customer behavior forecasts.

Cognerium data scientists developed the Customer Churn Model, in which tree-based algorithms are utilized to improve accuracy. The key variables identified are state, gender, tenure with the bank, number of products, number of credit cards, transactions in the last six months, credit score, age, and balance.

In order to take this approach, the scientists first identified the variables. This process involved identifying the dependent (response) variable, identifying the independent (explanatory) variables, and variable categorization (numeric, categorical, or Boolean).

Then, the independent variables were analyzed. This analysis identified the prospective explanatory variables that can explain the response variable, made a bivariate analysis of the response variable against independent variables, and conducted variable treatment/transformation.

Finally, the data scientists had to fit the correct model. To do so, they identified important variables, ran the appropriate algorithm, and got the best hyper-parameters. Based on the accuracy, the Gradient Boosting model is selected. However, each approach demonstrated unique advantages and limitations. Tree-based algorithms where the target variable can take a discrete set of values are called classification algorithms.

Decision Tree Algorithm

• The Decision Tree model has a binary tree structure and a decision making logic that is easy to interpret. It is a supervised machine learning algorithm in which the tree’s size can grow to adapt to the complexity of the classification problem.

• Advantages of this model are that it requires less effort for data preparation during pre-processing, and it is very intuitive and easy to explain to stakeholders.

• The Decision Tree model comes with various limitations as well. A minor change in the data can cause a large change in the structure of the decision tree, resulting in instability. Plus, the algorithm is inadequate for applying regression and predicting continuous values.

Random Forest Algorithm

• With the Random Forest model, bagging is used when the goal is to reduce the variance of a decision tree classifier. Here, the objective is to create several subsets of data from a training sample chosen randomly with replacement. Each collection of subset data is then used to train their decision trees.

• There are several advantages to this algorithm. Random Forest reduces over-fitting of the model, handles higher dimensionality data very well, and maintains accuracy for missing data.

• A disadvantage to this model is that since the final prediction is based on the mean predictions from subset trees, it won’t give precise values for the classification and regression model.

Gradient Boosting

• Gradient Boosting is used to create a collection of predictors. In this technique, learners are learned sequentially, with early learners fitting simple models to the data and analyzing data for errors. Consecutive trees (random sample) are fit, and at every step, the goal is to improve the accuracy from the prior tree.

• Two advantages of this model are that it supports different loss functions and works well with interactions.

• There are multiple limitations to Gradient Boosting. The algorithm is prone to over-fitting, plus it requires careful tuning of different hyper-parameters.

Overall, the solution provided the client with more reliable customer management. With the improvement in accuracy, the bank can target the correct set of customers that will churn. The retention rate post-deployment of the Customer Churn Model increased by 12%.

To learn more about Cognerium and the Customer Churn Model, please visit

About Cognerium

Cognerium is a Florida-based financial technology company specializing in AI-enabled Digital Transformations for banks and credit unions. With a vision to build intelligence that can assist humans in solving complex problems, Cognerium built the world’s first AI operating system for banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI). The company’s services encompass business growth, credit risk and compliance, data strategy governance, and digital experience.

Rohit Garg
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