Dealer Profit Services Launches F&I Success Wedinar For Recreational Dealers

Dealer Profit Services

F&I Success Webinar provides key tips and techniques along with industry leader insights enabling all types of recreational dealers to maximize their profits

F&I has the potential to deliver outstanding profit directly to the bottom line, once it is given the attention and focus that it deserves and once the measurement metrics are well understood.”

— Myril Shaw, Dealer Profit Services

ATHENS, GA, US, September 21, 2020 / — "F&I profit is frequently an afterthought," says Myril Shaw, Chief Operating Officer at Dealer Profit Services. "While the benchmark for F&I profit on unit sales is roughly 2%, with focus and some guidance, many dealers are seeing results that are double that. At a $10M unit sales dealership, this can mean an extra $200,000 directly to the bottom line."

Launching Wednesday, Sept. 23rd at 11:30AM EDT, the webinar, Recreational F&I Success – Enabling the Lifestyle will launch. The webinar is free and open to anyone. Registration is available here

Moderated by Myril Shaw, each session will run for roughly 60 minutes and will feature unique content as well as interviews with industry leaders. In Inaugural Webinar, John Haymond, SVP at Medallion Bank and President of the National Marine Lenders association talks about the current of the recreational F& I industry.

Each webinar session will focus on one area which can potential enhance the profitability of F&I efforts. Subsequent topics include: F&I Goal Setting; Selling Protective Products; the importance of Compliance; 100% Turnover to Finance; F&I as a lifestyle enabler and so on.

These webinars also include Q&A sessions and will be recorded and made available through the Dealer Profit Services YouTube channel.

Shaw says, "There are two important things that every should know and teach about F&I. First is the Hypocratic Oath of F&I – first do no harm – never let F&I stand in the way of a unit sale. Second, you never get more than what you ask for in the first place, so be aggressive and graceful in retreat."

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