Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, The Money Coach®, Partners with SIGNATURE BRIDE

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, The Money Coach

The world-renowned financial advisor will educate engaged couples and newlyweds on the power of money

SIGNATURE BRIDE offers Black brides and grooms a platform that not only gets them down the aisle but helps them build a solid foundation for the marriage to grow and thrive.”

— Lynnette Khalfani-Cox

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, USA, April 30, 2020 / — SIGNATURE BRIDE, the only luxury bridal lifestyle brand for affluent Black couples, announces a new partnership with personal finance expert, television and radio personality, and New York Times best-selling author, Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, The Money Coach®.

Khalfani-Cox will work closely with the SIGNATURE BRIDE team to develop content and marketing opportunities. To include but not limited to, events, videos, and custom publishing. Under its Financial Communication channel aimed at helping affluent Black couples as they embark on the road to financial health and build a solid foundation for their marriage.

"We're excited to have Lynnette join the SIGNATURE BRIDE family," said Lynn Cooper, Chief Marketing Officer. "Lynnette's extraordinary ability to provide useful guidance through the world of finance will be an excellent resource for our millions of readers."

An award-winning financial news journalist and former Wall Street Journal reporter for CNBC, Khalfani-Cox is the CEO and co-founder of A financial education company that specializes in providing money-management information through a variety of delivery methods, including traditional book publishing, e-books, and digital content, videos, workshops and seminars, coaching, as well as spokesperson and media services. Khalfani-Cox co-founded—and runs—the company alongside her husband, literary agent Earl Cox, a former publishing executive who now serves as President of

"I am excited to join the SIGNATURE BRIDE team and work with both the staff and brides and grooms to educate them about personal finance and how they can successfully set the tone for a lifetime of wedded financial bliss," said Khalfani-Cox. "SIGNATURE BRIDE offers Black brides and grooms a platform that not only gets them down the aisle but helps them build a solid foundation for the marriage to grow and thrive. I also love being able to help support couples, since money matters play a huge role in the overall health of a relationship."

As the flagship publication of FusionMedia Properties, SIGNATURE BRIDE has established itself as a global authority on luxury weddings and lifestyle, attracting sophisticated, discerning, and affluent couples of color worldwide as they plan one of the most important events of their lives. Not only used as an invaluable source of insight, articles, and opinion, SIGNATURE BRIDE is increasingly used by its readers as a gateway to direct purchasing of luxury goods, services, and experiences. Managed and curated by an experienced team of veteran media professionals and digital creatives for the trendsetting Black elite. SIGNATURE BRIDE delivers informative and compelling editorial, stunning photography, fresh perspectives, and insights, covering the spectrum of the luxury lifestyle, including fashion, beauty, jewelry, travel, financial, wine and spirits through print, digital, social media and events.

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, aka The Money Coach®, is a personal finance expert, speaker, and author of 15 money-management books, including the New York Times bestseller Zero Debt: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom. Khalfani-Cox has been seen on more than 1,000 TV segments nationwide, including television appearances on Oprah, Dr. Phil, The Dr. Oz Show, The Steve Harvey Show, Good Morning America, The TODAY Show and many more. A former financial news journalist, Khalfani-Cox now co-owns LLC, a financial education company that she runs with her husband, Earl Cox. Together, they offer financial education consulting services, as well as online courses and virtual workshops through their financial advice site,, and their video-based coaching platform, Khalfani-Cox also creates an online financial education curriculum and content and provides strategic counsel to companies, non-profits, government agencies, or educational institutions that want to launch financial products, services, apps, or other tools. Before starting in 2003, Lynnette was a Wall Street Journal reporter for CNBC, where she covered business and personal finance news. She spent nearly ten years at Dow Jones & Co. Inc., working as a reporter, bureau chief, deputy managing editor, and personal finance editor. Prior to her work at Dow Jones, she was a correspondent for The Philadelphia Inquirer, a writer and assistant producer for WTXF (FOX-TV) in Philadelphia, and a writer for the Associated Press in Los Angeles.

FusionMedia Properties is a multicultural media company serving the sophisticated ethnic markets, with emphasis on the women, bridal, and lifestyle categories. The core audience is comprised of sophisticated, leading-edge consumers, ages 21-42. These are the innovators and trendsetters who have not only influenced popular culture but have helped further define it. With enormous purchasing power, they have increasing influence over the attitudes, style, and purchase behavior of an extremely lucrative and growing merchandise market.

Debra Kronowitz
FusionMedia Properties
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FeastPR and Viener&Partners announce a strategic alliance with the launch of Consumer Sensitivity Strategy platform

These multi-service branding and communications agencies have launched their Consumer Sensitivity Strategy platform as brands face unprecedented challenges

We are committed to helping clients navigate through a truly unprecedented time within a sensitive consumer dynamic, volatile global marketplace and overwhelmed media environment.”

— Jen O'Flanagan & Hilarie Viener

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2020 / — FeastPR and Viener&Partners – two vibrant, multi-service branding and communications agencies – have formed a strategic alliance to support the diverse challenges niche, emerging and heritage brands face with staying ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving marketplace and media landscape.

They launched this alliance with the announcement of their recently created Consumer Sensitivity Strategy developed to guide businesses through and past the current health and economic crisis, based on their proprietary HALO Method.

“We understand that no one has a crystal ball right now, but what we do know is we are well-versed “professional problem solvers”, states Hilarie Viener, Founder of Viener&Partners.

“The food and beverage sector is at a unique and unprecedented crossroads, with consumer purchasing patterns shifting and a stalled distribution chain presenting unforeseen challenges. FeastPR’s deep expertise within this sector can offer those brands insightful strategic support,” added Jennifer O’Flanagan, Founder of FeastPR.

United in their deep understanding of the complexity of consumer and category dynamics, importance of collaborations and partnerships, and passion to effect positive change, FeastPR and Viener&Partners – both female founded entities – will offer innovative, efficient and effective branding, marketing, and communications services to businesses and organizations looking to strengthen their position in the marketplace, increase meaningful engagement with consumers on and offline, and drive revenue.

Jointly, they will endeavor to bring their decades worth of experience and strong track record of success working with over 100 brands and organizations around the world in categories such as Automotive, Beauty, Fashion, Food, Non-Profit, Sports, Technology, Wine and Spirits.

The collaboration aims to provide inspired, results-driven support to global clientele based on their unrivaled collective experience, proven track-record and deep understanding of the necessary balance between brand presence and consumer expectations, in light of the ever-changing U.S. and global markets and media landscapes.

“We are committed to helping clients navigate through a truly unprecedented time within a volatile global marketplace and media environment. We feel that by leading with our combined strengths and experience – and a focus on being sensitive and sensible – we can offer a truly unique and necessary set of capabilities for brands and non-profits,” said Hilarie Viener, Founder of Viener&Partners.

Jennifer O’Flanagan, Founder of FeastPR, agreed, noting “this alliance is a natural fit, enabling us to offer greater value to a cross-section of brands as they seek to break-through the noise and build more authentic, meaningful connections with their consumers via dynamic digital campaigns, strategic partnerships, and promotions across categories.”

# # #
Viener&Partners, a brand and marketing consultancy based in Manhattan grounded in a research-driven consultative approach that is then developed into Go-To-Market plans and Growth Strategies, based on proprietary research, audience understanding and actionable insights. In 2016, they launched Brand & Culture, a division focused solely on creating strategically sound partnerships between brands and non-profits/cultural institutions. V&P is a full-services agency including Market Research, Branding, Creative, Digital and Social Media and Public Relations. For more information, visit

FeastPR is a Brooklyn-based marketing and public relations agency specializing in the strategic development of 360º degree brand-building and digital marketing campaigns for the food, wine, spirits, and beverage sectors. Client experience includes global CPG brands, growth-oriented imported brands, international wine regions, food boards, restaurants and retailers. For more information, visit

Hilarie Viener
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The New Normal – No Man is an Island

Adrienne Rubin, Acclaimed Author.

Diamond and Scoundrels: My Life in the Jewelry Business

By Acclaimed Author, Adrienne Rubin.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2020 / —

Never send for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

Here we all are, still watching the updated coronavirus news on television as it appears in front of our eyes from around the world. Now, in our living room, we can know everything we need to know. We’ve been told to be patient and watch day after day, while longing for the time our social distancing will end.

United in fear, we are stopped in our tracks. It’s as if there is a God who is saying, “Stop.” “Love one another.” And “Appreciate the great gift of the life I have given you.”

Do we have a choice? The only choice that makes sense is to follow the rules, obey the experts, and remain patient for that future day when we’ll all be free again.

Of course, life as we knew it is no more. The priority of making money has easily surrendered to preventing the spread of infection. Even if we are bored or tired of staying home during the ravages of this plague, it’s inconceivable and even reckless to carry on and put people’s lives at risk.

Businesses have closed, and we want them to reopen. Production and distribution of goods throughout the world have been drastically affected, and we want to start it all up again. But we’re told to wait a little longer, and perhaps a little longer again. As we adapt to the new normal, respecting all the rules with everyone’s health in mind, we face the scary future. What should become very clear to us all is that our individual survival depends on the unity of mankind, which means compliance, not selfishness. No man is an island. We are all interconnected. We cannot survive alone.

The Chinese will probably emerge first. The Italians will also come back to life eventually. Koreans and others will as well. Here in America we cannot foresee when we’ll be back to business as usual, so it’s hard to be calm and ride the wave. Still, it’s our duty to do whatever it takes to see it through. Staying home is not that hard to do. From our window onto the world, we can find the strength to wait patiently and look for signs of recovery, while helping those who need it.

Four hundred years ago in England, John Donne wrote a famous poem while recovering from a serious illness. This is the human condition:

“No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as any manner of thy friends or of thine own were; any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind. And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”


Adrienne Rubin is the author of “Diamonds and Scoundrels,” an inspirational memoir that details life in the jewelry business beginning with her early days as a young wife, mother and school teacher to her career as a wholesaler of fine gems and jewels. She demonstrates how to overcome challenges with courage and resilience. This recently published book has been touted as an inspirational page-turner for anyone seeking success in business and life with purpose.

Adrienne Rubin’s memoir, Diamonds and Scoundrels: My Life in the Jewelry Business is available through,, or, and can be ordered through your local bookstore.

Adrienne Rubin:

Aurora DeRose
Michael Levine Media
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52 Weeks of Global Meditations with World Leaders, Teachers and Influencers

Gary Douglas, Co-Founder of Access Consciousness

Tune in Mondays at 12pm PT to Awake TV Network

Join Co-Founder of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas, Monday at 12:00pm PT on Awake TV Network for this week's global meditation.

When I read Gregg Braden's book Divine Matrix, he talked about how the square root of 1% of the population all meditating together can change the consciousness of the world. I thought, we can do this!”

— Jennifer K. Hill-Coalition Member

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 30, 2020 / — In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, world leaders have joined together to form the Coalition for Global Unity. This coalition is comprised of over twenty-five teachers, leaders and influencers from around the world who will be offering free weekly meditations every Monday at 12pm PT on Awake TV Network for 52 weeks.

This Monday (05/04/2020), Co-Founder of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas, will be facilitating the meditation experience at 12pm PT (3pm ET). The full calendar of upcoming coalition members who are teaching can be found at our Coalition for Global Unity website, though some schedules are still being finalized.

Other upcoming teachers include Co-Founder of Access Consciousness, Dr. Dain Heer, Suzi Lula Spiritual Therapist, Arthur Joseph from Vocal Awareness, Coach Keren Eldad, Teresa Collins from Global Coherence Pulse, Alison Serour from the Kabbalah Center, Kimberly Gamble of Thrive, Marshall Lefferts author of Cosmometry, Nina Irani from MediaWorks, Sainte Grace, Joy Kingsborough, and many others.

Recent meditation experiences from teachers such as Rollin McCraty (Director of Research at the HeartMath Institute), Alexa Fischer (Founder of Wishbeads), Amanda Masters (Co-Founder of Awake TV Network), and Sister Jenna ( can be found for free on the Coalition 4 Global Unity link on Awake TV Network.

All meditations can be streamed live at 12pm PT each week.

The Coalition still has several open meditation slots available through the end of the year and welcomes other teachers, leaders and influencers to join us.

Jennifer K. Hill
Coalition for Global Unity
+1 760-641-3477
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Coalition for Global Unity Commercial

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NASA Announces Three Commercial Suppliers for New Lunar Lander

The three companies selected by NASA: SpaceX, Dynetics, and the Blue Origin National Team.

New Decision Highlights Commercial Suppliers on an Aggressive Schedule

NASA has shown great wisdom in selecting three technologically different architectures for its Human Landing System to increase its chances for success.”

— Dale Skran, Chair of the NSS Executive Committee

WASHINGTON, D.C., US, April 30, 2020 / — The National Space Society (NSS) applauds NASA’s April 30 announcement by NASA Administrator James Bridenstine that SpaceX, Dynetics, and Blue Origin’s National Team have been chosen to provide human landing systems to carry crew to the Moon for Artemis III, the third phase of the Artemis lunar program. These commercial entities represent three different architectures for landing humans on the Moon. SpaceX’s giant Starship, capable of carrying 100 tons to the Moon, is a single-stage approach. A two-stage architecture will be developed by Dynetics in coordination with Sierra Nevada Corporation. Finally, Blue Origin’s National Team, consisting of Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, and Draper, has plans to develop a three-stage architecture to return humans to the Moon.

“We have great companies that have invested many of their own resources into this great effort,” Bridenstine said. “So much work has already happened … we are going to the moon, with commercial partners … and ultimately, the goal is to get to Mars.” Bridenstine added, “Some contractors might focus on speed while others focus on sustainability more,” an additional indication that NASA is in for the long-term.

NSS Chair of the Executive Committee Dale Skran said, “NASA has shown great wisdom in selecting three technologically different architectures for its Human Landing System to increase its chances for success. It is especially exciting to see that for the first time NASA is officially including the SpaceX Starship/SuperHeavy in a major project. This is the right program structured the right way, with NASA allowing competing companies to design the human landers with mission-appropriate oversight, and then to provide NASA with lunar landing services without NASA owning the landers.” NSS Executive Vice President Alfred Anzaldúa added, “Today NASA again shows its deep commitment to achieving its goal of sending humans to the Moon and continuing to Mars in the most cost-effective and sustainable manner possible. This decision aligns with the NSS’s Roadmap to Space Settlement by supporting the use of commercial entities in returning to the Moon.”

It is noteworthy that NASA officials made it clear that they would be carefully considering design specifications to avoid delays due to changing requirements on the space agency’s end.

Artemis III is slated to take place after the Artemis I uncrewed flight test, carried out by NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and Orion spacecraft, followed by Artemis II, a crewed flight by SLS and Orion. The overall aim of the Artemis Program is to deliver the first woman and next man to the lunar surface by the end of 2024, with the intention of maintaining a U.S. presence there indefinitely. The NASA press release can be seen here.

The National Space Society was founded in 1987 via a merger of the National Space Institute, founded by NASA’s Wernher von Braun, and the L5 Society, based on the work of space settlement pioneer Gerard K. O’Neill. It is the world’s largest pro-human-spaceflight organization.

To learn more about the NSS and its mission to establish humanity as a spacefaring species, visit us on the web at

Alfred Anzaldua
National Space Society
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Is the Higher Cost of Synthetic Oil Worth it—New TestOil Webinar Explains

TestOil President Mary Messuti

TestOil President Mary Messuti

TestOil Industrial Oil Analysis

TestOil just produced a webinar overview of synthetic oils. The webinar explains the differences between synthetic and mineral-based oils and their properties.

TestOil is the leading source for those seeking expert advice on oil analysis. Anyone is welcome to call, email us and explore the Knowledge Center on our website. We are here to help.”

— TestOil President Mary Messuti

CLEVELAND, OHIO, U.S., April 30, 2020 / — TestOil, one of the top oil analysis labs in the world, just produced a webinar overview of synthetic oils. The webinar explains the differences between synthetic and mineral-based oils, their properties, strengths and weaknesses. Webinar presenter, TestOil’s Senior Technical Advisor Evan Zabawski, goes over some key points here.

While synthetic oil can be significantly more expensive than mineral-based oil, in some circumstances the additional cost is justified. Zabawski said, “Synthetic can be worth the cost in large industrial equipment–less downtime, because less degradation–or anywhere a balance can be tipped in favor of longer drain intervals or improved energy efficiency. It can make a difference in performance, but sometimes it is so slight as to not warrant the cost.”

As far as oil analysis goes, synthetic oil needs to be tested just as frequently as mineral-based oil. While synthetic is less susceptible to degradation, both oils in the same environment are subject to the same level of contamination—a primary reason for regular oil analysis.

Contamination is an issue with all fluid, but it is especially significant in industries such as mining, construction and any that involve grinding, milling or crushing product.

“Regular oil analysis is important because it isn’t just about the oil, it’s also about the contamination getting into the machine and changes in wear,” Zabawski said. “Most people use oil analysis for machine condition, not just lubricant condition, but even in the case of the latter they understand sampling frequency still needs to have enough data points to trend properly.”

The tests for synthetic fluids are the same as mineral-based. In addition to contamination, these tests include Acid Number, MPC (varnish), RPVOT, RULER, etc.
As far as drain intervals, they can be extended for some types of synthetic oils, but this is not always the case. It depends on the applications and what drives the oil change frequency—degradation or contamination.

TestOil has been testing both synthetic and mineral-based industrial lubricants for 30 years. The company has a number of industry experts on staff, such as Zabawski, that are qualified to answer questions on oil analysis, testing procedures and program setup.

TestOil President Mary Messuti said, “TestOil is the leading source for those seeking expert advice on oil analysis. Anyone is welcome to call, email us and explore the Knowledge Center on our website. We are here to help. “

View Evan Zabawski’s Webinar on Synthetic Oils. Visit TestOil’s Knowledge Center for Reference Guides, a Video Library, a Blog and a Glossary of oil analysis-terms.

With more than 30 years of experience in the oil analysis industry, TestOil focuses exclusively on assisting industrial facilities with reducing maintenance costs and avoiding unexpected downtime through oil analysis program implementation. As industry experts in diagnosing oil-related issues in equipment such as turbines, hydraulics, gearboxes, pumps, compressors and diesel generators, TestOil provides customers with a guarantee of same-day turnaround on all routine testing. With in-house, certified training professionals, TestOil offers lubrication and oil analysis training, private onsite training, certification training and exams, and educational webinars. For more information on partnering with TestOil on oil analysis programs or training opportunities visit

Jeanna Van Rensselar
Smart PR Communications
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SDVOSB Maness Veteran Medical is Yankaddy's Exclusive Partner for VA and DoD Facilities

MVM is proud to have a hand in protecting our healthcare workers and patients through the distribution of the Yankaddy.

ASHEVILLE, NC, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2020 / — SDVOSB Maness Veteran Medical is proud to announce a brand new exclusive partnership
with Yankaddy®! This game-changing product is designed to help prevent healthcare
associated infections (HAIs) commonly spread by the yankauer suction instrument on surfaces
in the healthcare workplace. According to the CDC, 1.7 million patients are affected each year
in the US by HAIs. The Yankaddy® can change that.

A true revolutionary product, the Yankaddy® is the solution to storage issues of the yankauer
suction instrument before, during, and after its use on a patient.

The Yankaddy® offers a reliable place to store the yankauer suction instrument thereby
keeping the environment from becoming contaminated. Designed to be used with one hand, the
Yankaddy® adds safety to patients and convenience to medical providers. The lightweight
storage brackets and holster may be clamped or suctioned to most surfaces in a room. The
system features a disposable lid/liner making the Yankaddy® the ultimate patient safety tool,
allowing healthcare providers to focus on their duties, putting Infection Control At Your

As always, Maness Veteran Medical’s overwhelming concern is bringing the world’s best
products to the veterans, and quickly. The Yankaddy® will not only help these veterans, but also
the wonderful caregivers assisting them daily.

Please reach out today for samples, or to place an order with MVM!

Johnathan Maness
Maness Veteran Medical, LLC (SDVOSB)
+1 833-367-6778

Johnathan Maness
Maness Veteran Medical
+1 7274525452
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The Yankaddy

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Central Florida Survey Finds Companies Hiring but Human Resource Managers are Challenged During COVID-19

Jobs in Orlando Florida

Human resource and talent professionals in the Orlando MSA all are working very hard getting their companies through this crisis.

HR professionals are doing amazing work dealing with a shattered workforce, and we appreciate them sharing this important information to help our work community get even stronger”

— Roger Lear, President

ORLANDO, FL, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2020 / — surveyed fifty-eight Central Florida companies to find out who is hiring during COVID-19 and what challenges human resource professionals are experiencing. This survey also provides direct insight into how companies are managing remote workers and day to day policy changes.

"COVID-19 has turned the Central Florida workforce upside down for workers and employers," states Roger Lear, President of "In speaking with so many HR professionals, they are doing amazing work dealing with a shattered workforce, and we appreciate them sharing this important information to help our work community get even stronger."

This survey found that employers' primary concern is the safety of their staff as they work on the front lines (essential workers) or those working remotely. Both scenarios require new policies and procedures never thought of pre-COVID-19. Also, employers worry about workers returning to work post-COVID-19 for many reasons included in the survey.

This survey found 34% of companies are hiring during COVID-19. Most of these jobs are for essential workers in over ten industries. virtual hiring event is live and includes over 90 employers with open jobs during COVID-19.

"Central Florida employers are ready to get back to work and rehire so many residents that have been furloughed or laid off," Lear said. "Our hospitality industry will lead the way, and when Disney World and Universal Orlando reopens, so does Orlando and the world. This survey emphasizes all Central Florida companies, no matter what size, want to make their workplace safe so employees have no doubt they will not get sick".

You can download the full report at is committed to helping employers and job seekers and employers connect during this unprecedented worldwide event.

# # #, is the powerful, pre-eminent career platform in Central Florida, and the only digital job board optimized for mobile, on-the-go usage by jobseekers. With more than 100,000 visitors per month, and over 2,400 employers, there is no better place to find a job. The site was founded in 2005 by Roger Lear and Scott Kotroba and is the official employment website of the Great Orlando Society of Human Resources ( The and Great Job Spot Network proudly partner with and power the career centers on, GOSHRM, and WKMG Local 6

Roger Lear
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Technology ‘Rescues’ Weekly TV Show

Llewellyn King, Host, “White House Chronicle”

Remote Production Extends Its Reach

We are not running repeats: We are on the news, where we should be. Journalistic through and through.”

— Llewellyn King, Host, "White House Chronicle"

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA, April 30, 2020 / — While many weekly television shows have suspended production, due to the difficulty of producing during the COVID-19 crisis, “White House Chronicle,” a long-running news and public affairs show on PBS, SiriusXM Radio and other broadcast outlets, is very much in production, airing fresh episodes every week.

Executive Producer and Host Llewellyn King said, “Technology has come to our rescue, and it has been exciting to produce episodes remotely. Whereas we used to produce episodes either in-studio or using full crews on-site, we can now do so entirely on computers, bringing in guests from wherever the news is.”

In a recent episode, marking the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Preeti Srivastav, an energy consultant with Guidehouse, a global consultancy, joined in from Amsterdam. Also in that episode, Charmian Proskauer, an advocate for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (commonly known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), a disease that shuts in its victims for life, joined in from Boston.

The episode which will air beginning May 1 deals with the rise of a new generation of leaders who international lawyer Clinton Vince, who is hunkered down on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, says are coming from states and cities. Vince characterizes them on the episode as “subnational” players.

Later in the episode Jarrod Hazelton, a University of Chicago-educated economist working in Rhode Island, discusses the gig economy — and the need, as he sees it, for a new Works Progress Administration, modeled on the one created by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1935. Hazelton predicts there will be many millions of Americans needing work as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

King said, ”We are a bit like the famous revue theater, The Windmill, in London’s Soho which remained open throughout the Blitz of 1940 to 1941 and was able to boast ‘We Never Closed.’ We are not running repeats: We are on the news, where we should be. Journalistic through and through.”

To learn more about “White House Chronicle,” visit the program’s website or call Llewellyn King at (202) 441-2702.

Stations interested in carrying the program can download it either from the PBS satellite or free of charge from

“White House Chronicle” has been on air for 23 years and aims to cover the news as it affects the “way we live now.” The weekly program has taken a special interest in technology’s impact on national policy.

Llewellyn King
White House Chronicle
(202) 441-2702
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Sacramento’s Premier Blues Club, The Torch Club Hosts 3-day No Cover Virtual Party

Sacramento’s Premier Blues Club Hosts 3-day No Cover Virtual Party

Women band together to help woman-owned business due to Coronavirus pandemic

3-day virtual party featuring live music, shopping, virtual happy hour with DIY cocktails invites community to SIP (support-in-place) for a Sacramento landmark

There's not a lot of businesses in Sacramento that can say they've been here for 85 years. With so many struggling, I’m honored that the community is banding together to help The Torch Club survive.”

— Marina Texeira

SACRAMENTO, CA, UNITED STATES , April 30, 2020 / — The Torch Club, Sacramento’s premier blues club, will host a series of fundraising events during a 3-day virtual party kicking off with a live music concert on Friday, May 1st, followed by a fashion fundraiser on Saturday, May 2nd, and ending with a Toast the Torch DIY cocktail party on Sunday, May 3rd. All of the live-streamed events will take place on Facebook Live.

Dubbed “SIP” (Support in Place), a group of local Sacramento women-owned businesses created the series of events to support the woman-owned business that closed more than a month ago due to the coronavirus pandemic in order to protect their patrons and employees.
Because of the indefinite closure, The Torch Club’s staff have been put in a precarious position of technically still having a job, but without the income necessary to pay for basic things like rent, food, and bills. The virtual events were designed to allow customers to continue to connect with their favorite club, inviting them to “support in place” through a series of fun online fundraisers.

“Since we can’t be face-to-face with our customers in-person and provide live music 6 nights a week as we normally would, we are going to use Facebook to stream live events and connect virtually with our patrons,” said Marina Texeira, owner of The Torch Club.

The Torch Club, a Sacramento institution, would have held its 85th-anniversary celebration this month.

"There's not a lot of businesses left in Sacramento that can say they've been here for 85 years," Texeria continued. "With so many businesses struggling, I’m honored that people in our community are banding together to help The Torch Club survive. I’m proud to have the opportunity to try to continue running the business, albeit virtually."

As one of Sacramento's oldest bars, The Torch Club is home to the best in local and national blues acts with live music six days a week. When it first opened, The Torch Club was located on 6th and J streets and was quite the watering hole for politicians. The business opened in 1934, run by Johnny “Bananas” Oreb and Ernie Maskovich, and it was one of the first local businesses, along with Old Ironsides, to receive a liquor license after Prohibition. In the '80s, the club became known as one of the best spots in the area for live blues music. The Torch Club is now located at 15th and I streets. Opening night at the new location was April 13, 2000. For the past 50 years, the Texeira family has owned the popular hangout spot. Visit for more info.
The Torch Club’s SIP Celebration:

The Torch Club Happy Hour Live Concert with Stacie Eakes
Friday, May 1
Time 6 pm
Facebook Live

While there is no cover charge to attend the Livestream concert on Facebook Live, guests are asked to donate a minimum of $1 to view the concert.

It’s On! Fashion Fundraiser benefitting The Torch Club
Saturday, May 2
10am – 11am
Facebook Live

Join us as we celebrate Mother’s Day with shelter in style merchandise ranging from vintage, upcycled, and brand new unique one-of-a-kind fashion finds for women. This event is by women, for women, supporting a landmark woman-owned business. 80% of all sales go to The Torch Club.

Toast The Torch
Sunday, May 3
Facebook Live
Put on some tunes, grab your ingredients, and shelter in place while watching Marina make the perfect Bloody Mary. Don’t forget to tip your bartenderess using Venmo at @Marina-Texeira!

Proceeds from all three events will benefit the 10 employees of the Torch Club, who are all currently unable to work but are planning to return once the club opens. All donations will be evenly distributed to each member of The Torch Club team. No donation is too small.

# # #

Nancy Mallory
Mallory & Associates
+1 9166461545
email us here

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