Susan Peterson Sturm Joins Bayshore Networks Technical Advisory Board

Susan Sturm, Bayshore Technical Advisor

Susan Sturm, Bayshore Technical Advisor

Digital Energy Leader brings full career of security expertise from industrial network environments

I’ve known about Bayshore’s activities for a long time, and their recent initiatives around SCADAfuse, OTaccess, and SCADAwall address some of the biggest challenges in the OT cybersecurity space.”

— Susan Sturm

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, January 21, 2020 / — Bayshore Networks, the leading provider of Active OT automated security protection tools for industrial networks, today announced that Susan Peterson Sturm, Senior Vice President of Digital Transformation at Wintershall Dea, Europe’s largest independent oil and gas company, has joined the company’s Technical Advisory Board.

Peterson Sturm spent 10 years in various roles at ABB, Honeywell and GE developing, launching and operating software and security solution product lines. With a strong Operational Technology focus, Susan has brought several energy secure focused cyber security solutions to market, and has been privileged to collaborate with some of the world’s largest oil & gas and power companies on improving security in critical infrastructure. Susan began her career working at power generation companies in the US, Europe and Latin America in finance, operations and trading capacities. She is an active member of non-profits supporting women in technology and poverty alleviation. She received a BA from the University of Mary Washington and an MBA from Colorado State University.

"I’ve known about Bayshore’s activities for a long time, and I feel their recent initiatives around SCADAfuse, OTaccess, and SCADAwall address some of the biggest challenges in the OT industrial cybersecurity space," said Peterson Sturm. "I look forward to helping the company work with OEMs and major solution providers in key industries over the coming years."

"Susan’s time at ABB and GE working on security solutions gives her a tremendously valuable perspective on our industry," said Kevin Senator, President and CEO of Bayshore Networks. "As we roll out more products and enhancements, we look to Susan and our other technical advisors for guidance and insights which will further our mission of making immediate OT protection available to any industrial customer, in any market, at any budget level."

About Bayshore's Products

SCADAfuse combines automated profiling of native OT network activity as it impacts PLCs and connected devices with deep inspection of session content to provide a full range of automated protection capabilities. It also offers native hardware bypass modes, USB key-based device authentication and access control, and an extensible framework which will enable it to perform virtualized network segmentation in upcoming releases. Ultimately, SCADAfuse ensures your PLC remains under your exclusive control, and does only what it's meant to do.

OTaccess is the only real-time secure remote access solution designed specifically for OT networks and assets. It offers granular access control, with far more precision than conventional VPNs, enabling customized control per protocol, per user activity, and per seat, with continuous monitoring and enforcement for the duration of every session. It enforces a logical "line of sight" protection model, where operators have assurance that people can only touch what they can see across their connection, and absolutely nothing else. It's available as an on-premise solution or via a hosted cloud model, and is often used as a central control around third party vendor risk management.

SCADAwall is an industrial airgap bridge. It offers all the benefits of a data diode, but with significant improvements in flexibility and performance. It enables truly isolated, non-routable, bi-lateral data transfer, and implements a full protocol break between two separate network entities. It uses a non-network-based control channel to confirm data receipt and eliminates the need for repetitive re-transmissions and all the attendant overhead and inefficiency that comes with that technique.

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