Rong360 Jianpu Technology Inc. (NYSE:JT) Survey: The Chinese Tourism Consumption of Third-tier Cities Is Conservative

Rong360 Jianpu Technology Travel Survey-2-1

Rong360 Jianpu Technology Travel Survey-2-2

Rong360 Jianpu Technology Travel Survey-2-3

Jianpu Technology (NYSE:JT)

BEIJING, CHINA, December 10, 2019 / — Recently Rong360 Jianpu Technology Inc.(NYSE:JT) survey conducted an in-depth survey on Chinese tourism consumption behavior by means of questionnaire. Through the survey of the travel consumption of the resident population in different cities, we found that the more we live in the cities with low energy level, the more conservative we are in the travel consumption expenditure.

As the graph above shows, the third-and fourth-tier cities have the highest proportion of annual travel expenditure of less than 5% of income, accounting for about 11.6%; the third-and fourth-tier cities also have the highest proportion of annual travel expenditure of 5-10% of income, accounting for about 48.84%.

In third and fourth tier cities, 93% of people spend less than a fifth of their income on annual travel.

Relatively speaking, in the past year, tourism expenditure accounted for more than one-fifth of the total expenditure, the largest proportion of first-tier cities, the proportion of 20%. Nearly half of people in second-tier cities spend 10-20 per cent of their income on travel each year.

That is to say, the third-and fourth-tier cities resident population in the income less than the first-and second-tier cities, in tourism spending and investment is also relatively small. In first-tier cities, 20% of people are more likely to spend a fifth or more of their income looking for "poetry and distance" .

Similarly, in the choice of destination, the group living in the first-tier cities also shows a different personality from other cities.

A survey of travel destination data, found that despite the impact of new ways of disseminating information, there have been a number of Internet hotpots in recent years but most of the respondents' travel destinations do not go after the popular sites too much. No matter what level of city you live in, the choice of the next destination will always remain between 16% and 20%, and the lower the city energy level, the lower the proportion.

In contrast, the traditional hot spots are still the preferred destinations for most people when planning their trips, a trend that is more pronounced in second, third and fourth-tier cities. In the first-tier cities, 40.48% of the population chose to go to the minority scenic spots, with a slight advantage of 1.19% over the traditional popular scenic spots (39.29%).

Second-tier cities are different from third-tier cities in terms of the cost of a single trip.

According to the survey, most people in first-and third-and fourth-tier cities spent 3,000-5,000 RMB on travel during the recent National Day holiday, accounting for 28.57% and 32.56% respectively.

Compared with first-and third-and fourth-tier cities, 27.5% of people in second-tier cities spent between 1,000 and 3,000 RMB on travel.

During the "National Day " period, the proportion of people spending less than 5,000 RMB on travel in firs-tier cities, 23rd and 4th-tier cities was about 50% ; the proportion of people spending less than 10,000 RMB was 78.6% (first-tier) , 85% (second-tier) and 87.2% (third-tier) respectively.

As you can see, most people didn't spend more than 10,000 RMB on a single trip.

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Jianpu Technology
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Colorado Landlords Association Announces Inaugural Meeting

Colorado Landlords Association

Colorado Landlords Association announces inaugural meeting January 8, 2020 at the Radisson Hotel Denver SE/Aurora at I-225 & Parker Road at 7:00 PM

COLA is the only landlord association in Colorado catering to BOTH apartment owners and single-family house owners.”

— William Bronchick

AURORA, CO, UNITED STATES, December 10, 2019 / — The new Colorado Landlords Association announces inaugural meeting Weds, January 8, 2020, at the Radisson Hotel Denver SE/Aurora at I-225 & Parker Road at 7:00 PM.

The guest speaker will be best-selling real estate author and attorney William Bronchick, past president and founder of the Colorado Association of Real Estate Investors. Mr. Bronchick will discuss his simple, yet effective formula for evaluating any income property, whether single-family, small multi-family or apartment building. Use his simple, five-step strategy to determine whether an income property is worth buying or keeping.

Colorado Landlords Association ("COLA") is a professional education and networking group for landlords of all sizes in Colorado, from single-family homes to large apartment buildings. COLA features a members-only website at, as well as regular monthly meetings and training events.

COLA offers memberships for individuals, families, and business vendors, who are thoroughly screened before they can promote their services to COLA members. COLA business members have a listing on and vendor booths at meetings and events.

COLA is the only landlord association in Colorado catering to BOTH apartment owners and single-family house owners. Topics of discussion at the monthly meetings include deal analysis, financing, property management, tax and legal issues, legislation, market forecasts, and much more.

Individuals interested in upcoming meetings and legislative updates can sign up for a newsletter email list at

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FIO Foundation Appoints Luke Stokes as Managing Director

DENVER, CO, UNITED STATES, December 10, 2019 / — The Board of the Foundation for Wallet Interoperability (FIO), the crypto industry’s decentralized consortia of wallets, exchanges and cryptocurrency payment processors behind the FIO Protocol, has appointed Luke Stokes as Managing Director.

“The Foundation has made tremendous progress in bringing together leading players of the blockchain ecosystem, to create a protocol with the goal of greatly improving blockchain usability.

I’m honored to have this opportunity to be part of leading the launch of the FIO Protocol in Q1 2020 and the positive impact it will bring to the entire blockchain ecosystem. By leveraging my previous experience in enabling decentralized autonomous community (DACs) technology stacks with the EOS blockchain and use that structure to underpin a solution that is more global and accessible to everyone, that transcends the tribalistic boundaries the industry has set up for itself, and doesn’t restrict itself just one blockchain or technical implementation details,” said Stokes.

The FIO Protocol is a decentralized, community-driven, industry standard service layer for the entire blockchain ecosystem, enabling enhanced usability for all crypto endpoints: the wallets, the exchanges, the crypto payment processing platforms. It provides a decentralized layer of private confirmations, workflow and data regarding transactions on other blockchains and works immediately and identically across every blockchain but it does not send blockchain transactions. At Mainnet, it will offer three core capabilities: FIO Addresses (cross-chain human readable wallet addresses), FIO Requests (decentralized requests for payment) and FIO Data (private cross chain meta data such as notes and order carts).

“Even after using cryptocurrencies over the last 6-7 years, sending and receiving tokens is still a very stressful and not a straightforward process. Even the most experienced users still have panicked moments when they hit “send” on crypto transactions. FIO is going to create a better experience for users across every blockchain endpoint application and across every blockchain. The FIO Protocol will make every other blockchain more usable and more successful” added Stokes.

Stokes brings seven years of blockchain experience to the Foundation, having been a custodian of eosDAC which is one of the founding block producers of the EOS Mainnet. He has also been actively involved with Steem since 2016, becoming a witness in February 2018, which is also a delegated proof of stake chain.

David Gold, CEO of Dapix Inc, the company behind the initial development of the FIO Protocol, said: “From the beginning, the FIO Protocol has been constructed to be an industry-led decentralised protocol and the Foundation hiring its own managing director is an important step in that goal. I am thrilled to have Luke join the Foundation as Managing Director and I look forward to working with him towards our goal of revolutionizing blockchain usability.”

Stokes will run the Foundation as Managing Director commencing December 1st, and will ensure the code is open sourced while supporting the community launch of the FIO blockchain.


About FIO Foundation

The Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) is a consortium of leading wallets, exchange, and crypto payment processors supporting the FIO Protocol — a decentralized Service Layer that removes the risk, complexity, and inconvenience of sending and receiving tokens and coins identically across every blockchain. The FIO Protocol is not a wallet and does not compete with other blockchains, rather, it makes the user experience better across every wallet and every blockchain. To learn more visit:

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Lavi Industries Crowd Control Ropes Bring “The Spirit of America” To Official White House Christmas Tree

The Official White House Christmas Tree Surrounded by Custom Gold Toned Ropes from Lavi Industries

Official White House Christmas Tree

VALENCIA, CA, USA, December 10, 2019 / — Lavi Industries, a leader in public guidance, crowd control systems, and customer flow management, has helped bring the holidays to the White House this season by supplying the gold-toned crowd control ropes that surround and protect the Official White House Christmas Tree in the Blue Room of the White House.

Part of a tradition dating back to 1800, more than 25,000 people are expected to tour the White House this season to view the holiday decorations. Also known as the Blue Room Christmas Tree, the White House Christmas tree is the official indoor Christmas tree at the residence of the President of the United States. Due to the high volume of traffic, the White House designers have traditionally placed posts and rope or garland around the tree to protect it. This year, as part of the “Spirit of America” theme, the designers were looking for a gold-colored crowd control rope that would match the adornments of the 18 foot Douglas fir stylishly, while also providing the necessary barrier protection.

“The White House wanted a very specific color of gold for their ropes.” Joe Espinoza, Director of Distribution for Lavi Industries recalls, “The Tamis Corporation, responsible for sourcing the ropes, reached out to us because they know that we have the ability to produce colors and designs that other vendors simply can’t. We’ve helped them in similar situations before.” As the largest manufacturer of public guidance products in North America, Lavi Industries has the in-house resources to customize their crowd control products to meet the precise needs of a customer. “It really allows us to bring our customers’ vision to life. We sent several swatches of gold toned-material, and the White House was able to select the one that was the exact shade they needed”, Espinoza explained.

The White House’s Official Christmas Tree is currently on public display in the Blue Room of the White House, with Lavi Industries’ gold-toned crowd control ropes providing the necessary protection and elegance — meeting the exact needs of the customer when no other vendor could. Remarks Espinoza, “This is a service we are proud to provide to our customers, and I’m happy we could be there for the White House.” Spanning a variety of industries and locations, Lavi Industries public guidance and crowd control ropes have created protective barriers for all occasions and needs.

About Lavi Industries

Based in Valencia, California, Lavi Industries is the premier provider of public guidance and crowd control solutions in North America. Leveraging its portfolio of world-class brands – Beltrac® stanchions, Directrac® signage systems, Qtrac® electronic queuing systems, and NeXtrac® in-line merchandising systems – Lavi has helped the world’s leading companies effectively guide people in, through, and out of their facilities. More information is available at

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Lavi Industries
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Advanced Biofuels Canada comments on BC fuel price inquiry, LCFS impact

Vancouver – Ethanol vs Gasoline wholesale prices

Factsheet addresses key findings and corrects commentary

Alternative fuel suppliers have long known that this market power denies motorists access to less expensive, low-carbon fuels; this report spells out how and the significant cost to our economy”

— Ian Thomson , ABFC President

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, December 10, 2019 / — Advanced Biofuels Canada (ABFC) has released a factsheet to summarize the outcomes of the BC Utility Commission inquiry into high fuel prices in BC, and to address inaccurate commentary about fuel regulatory costs in the province.

The Panel of three commissioners released a Final Report (August 30th, 2019), and a Supplemental Report (November 12th, 2019) which considered Intervenor feedback on the Final Report. All non-confidential information for this Inquiry is on the BC Utility Commission website.

“The reports provide deep insight into the function of BC and Canadian fuel markets”, said Ian Thomson, ABFC President. “The commissioners confirmed that BC’s citizens pay a large price premium when a small number of refiners have sole-supplier rights to the majority of BC gas stations, and when significant barriers to entry face new wholesale suppliers. Alternative fuel suppliers have long known that this market power denies motorists access to less expensive, low-carbon fuels; this report spells out how, and defines the significant cost to our economy.”

Relative to gasoline prices and market concentration, the Inquiry concluded that:
• the BC wholesale market is oligopolistic, and barriers to entry are significant
• wholesale suppliers have the ability to exercise market power, and the “strongest indication that it is exercised lies in the fact that there remains a 10-13 cents per litre unexplained differential”
• the cost of excessive gasoline prices to British Columbians is a minimum of $490 million per year

The Panel also assessed the impact of regulatory factors, such as the BC low carbon fuel standard.
• the report assigned a cost impact for the BC low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) at the top end of its expert consultant’s estimate of between zero to 4 cents per litre
• the unexplained 10—13 cents per litre differential is in addition to the assigned regulatory costs
• a number of refiners (‘Oil Companies’) submitted confidential information and had in-camera oral sessions with commissioners; the panel nonetheless concluded that “there is no concrete evidence to support a definitive adjustment to the unexplained 13 cents per litre difference” and that additional data were “inconclusive or contradicting.”

ABFC’s experience with the LCFS prompted Thomson to state that, “BC is not unique from a regulatory point of view, it does not have boutique fuels, and it has amongst the lowest ethanol content of North American jurisdictions. Opinions that BC regulations account for the ‘unexplained differential’ are not only contradicted by report data, they are also not supported by public or confidential submissions from the refiners. The refiner with arguably the most global experience amongst the Intervenors confirmed the Panel’s cost estimate.”

Advanced Biofuels Canada/ Biocarburants avancés Canada is the national voice for producers, distributors, and technology developers of advanced biofuels. Our members are global leaders in commercial production of advanced biofuels, with over 14 billion litres of installed annual capacity worldwide. Our members include Canada’s leading advanced biofuels producers and technology innovators and are actively developing new clean liquid fuels production and distribution assets and operations in Canada. For information on Advanced Biofuels Canada and our members, visit:

Ian Thomson
Advanced Biofuels Canada
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R4G Launches Service to Offset the Cost of Living for Working Families in LA

A Personal & Purposeful Service for Awesome Working Families Who Love to Live in LA

A Personal & Purposeful Service for Awesome Working Families Who Love to Live in LA

Helping Companies Find Talented Professionals and Generating Proceeds to Do Good and Love Life

Helping Companies Find Talented Professionals and Generating Proceeds to Do Good and Love Life

Recruiting for Good, a staffing agency rewarding search referrals with 50% of commissions earned; to help families offset the cost of housing and food in LA.

Love to Live in LA Start Today”

— Carlos Cymerman, Fun Advocate+Founder, Recruiting for Good

SANTA MONICA, CA, UNITED STATES, December 10, 2019 / — Recruiting for Good (R4G), a staffing agency helping companies find professional staff; and rewarding referrals to help make a difference in families' lives.

According to Recruiting for Good Founder, Carlos Cymerman, "Do you love to live in LA…and have fun…we help working parents who make a difference do just that. Our purposeful referral service is confidential and personal."

How to Participate in Love to Live in LA

1. Either mom, dad, or both parents are working professionals; who make a difference (by volunteering in the community, serve on PTA, or have a profession that makes a difference).

2. Live on the Westside, Valley, or Southbay; and meet Recruiting for Good, Founder, Carlos Cymerman in person.

3. Either parent introduces a company hiring professional staff; and Recruiting for Good helps the company find an employee to earn a finder's fee that is shared 50/50 to offset the cost of housing and/or food.

Carlos Cymerman adds, "Now families can use their social network to improve the quality of life of their kids simply participate in Recruiting for Good…Love to Live in LA Start Today."


Recruiting for Good is a socially progressive staffing company in Santa Monica, finding talented professionals great jobs they love, since 1998. Companies retain us to find them the best talent in Accounting/Finance, Engineering, and Information Technology, Marketing, and Sales. And generates proceeds for Kid causes

Since October 2017, Recruiting for Good has been sponsoring community service 'Our Moms Work;' a cost free career mentoring service for women who love to find joy at work, strategize on getting a promotion/raise, or find a job to love (or start a business that makes a difference). To learn more visit

Carlos Cymerman
Recruiting for Good
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$7,000 Reward Announced for Rolling Stones Altamont Speedway 12/6/69 Concert Poster

A $7,000 Reward is Offered For This Rolling Stones Altamont Speedway 12/6/69 Concert Poster

A $7,000 Reward is Offered For This Rolling Stones Altamont Speedway 12/6/69 Concert Poster

A $10,000 reward is offered for this Rolling Stones Charlotte Coliseum 11/15/65 Concert Poster

A $10,000 reward is offered for this Rolling Stones Charlotte Coliseum 11/15/65 Concert Poster

A $7,000 Reward Is Offered For This Rolling Stones Altamont Speedway 12/6/69 Concert Poster

We’re hoping our record breaking $7,000 reward for this popular Rolling Stones poster pulls one or two out of the woodwork. Any condition and any quantity will be accepted.”

— Glen Trosch, President of Psychedelic Art Exchange

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, December 10, 2019 / — A $7,000 reward has just been announced by Psychedelic Art Exchange for anyone that has an authentic Rolling Stones Altamont Speedway 12/6/69 concert poster. The poster was created to advertise a free performance by the Rolling Stones on December 6, 1969, at the Altamont Speedway in Livermore, California.

“The market for vintage concert posters is starting to heat up, so we decided to launch a nationwide search for vintage Rolling Stones concert posters,” explains Glen Trosch, President of Psychedelic Art Exchange. “We’re hoping our record breaking $7,000 reward for this popular Rolling Stones poster pulls one or two out of the woodwork. Any condition and any quantity will be accepted.”

If you have a Rolling Stones Altamont Speedway concert poster, or any other vintage Rolling Stones concert poster you wish to sell, you can claim the record prices being offered in this nationwide search.

For example, Psychedelic Art Exchange is offering a $10,000 reward for any Rolling Stones Charlotte Coliseum 11/15/65 concert poster. To get top dollar for your vintage Rolling Stones concert poster, call Scott Tilson at 760-898-9837 or email

Psychedelic Art Exchange is the leading auction house-website to buy, sell, and learn about vintage concert posters. PAE maintains offices in Maryland, California, and Utah. A free Collectors Guide to Vintage Concert Posters, and searchable archive of past auction records with prices realized, descriptions, and enlargeable photos is available at

Scott Tilson
Psychedelic Art Exchange
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Florida Virtual Campus Leverages Popup Labs and Design Thinking to Increase Bachelor’s Degree Attainment

Florida Virtual Campus announced it initiated a series of popup innovation labs to increase percentage of students in FL that graduate with a bachelor’s degree.

Design thinking and pop-up labs provide us with an inexpensive, but effective channel, to discover what is important to our customers”

— Robin Colson, Director of Research & Innovation at Florida Virtual Campus

TAMPA, FL, UNITED STATES, December 10, 2019 / — Florida Virtual Campus announced today that it has initiated a series of popup innovation labs designed to increase the percentage of students in Florida that graduate with a bachelor’s degree. The labs are specifically designed to pinpoint challenges and cultivate ideas to overcome obstacles students face while completing their degree. Feedback and insights are being captured primarily from students at Florida’s public colleges and universities, but also from employers, recent graduates, advisors, and high school counselors, to ensure that ideas are developed from multiple points of view.

The popup innovation labs leverage a problem-solving methodology called design thinking. The methodology approaches problems with a foundational goal of understanding the wants and needs of customers. These insights are used to develop ideas that directly address perceived issues and quickly prototype solutions to determine their effectiveness. Design Thinking is used by some of the world’s most innovative companies including Apple, Pepsi, IBM, Nike, Procter & Gamble, and SAP.

Florida Virtual Campus partnered with Stonehill to design and implement the popup innovation labs. Stonehill is one of the leading design thinking firms in the United States and was recently recognized by the United States Chamber of Commerce as Emerging Business of the Year. They are headquartered in Tampa, FL and have completed projects for many national organizations including Melting Pot Restaurants, PODS, Girl Scouts, Florida Aquarium, Oregon Tilth, Dover Corporation, and Valley Bank.

“Florida Virtual Campus is constantly looking for innovative ways to capture feedback from students, parents and business leaders,” said Robin Colson, Director of Research & Innovation at Florida Virtual Campus. “Design thinking and pop-up labs provide us with an inexpensive, but effective channel, to discover what is important to our customers.”

About Florida Virtual Campus:
The Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC) was created in 2012 by the Florida Legislature and comprises the Distance Learning and Student Services workgroup and the Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative. The mission of FLVC is help Florida’s education institutions develop innovative strategic solutions at a shared statewide level, eliminating the need for individual institutions to purchase these services individually. Today, the Florida Virtual Campus works collaboratively with Florida’s 12 public universities, 28 public colleges, and 74 K-12 school districts to provide shared educational services for the state of Florida.

About Stonehill:
Stonehill is a strategy and innovation consultancy. As recognized experts in Design Thinking, Business Intelligence, and organizational development, Stonehill helps companies to identify opportunities, create change, and accelerate growth. Stonehill’s teams consist of an innovative blend of creative, strategy, technology, and change management experts, giving us the ability to unite the functional silos of business in the common objective of creating differentiated customer experiences. Stonehill has been recognized by the US Chamber of Commerce as the Emerging Business of the Year, Great Agencies as one of the Top Business Intelligence Consultants in the United States, and CIO Review Magazine as one of the 20 Most Promising Performance Management Providers. To learn more, visit

Julie Stollings
Stonehill Innovation
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Orgasm & Relationship Coach’s Book, Amplify Your Orgasm, Hits Number 1 on International Best-Sellers List

It’s not a topic that comes up at the average dinner party but it is one that Michael Charming says is of universal interest: orgasms and relationships.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 10, 2019 / — He not only believes that sex and orgasm are essential for one’s well-being and ties into a person’s overall happiness, he founded a business and wrote a book to back that up. That book – Amplify Your Orgasm: A Practical Guide for Women and Men on How to Have More Orgasm – this week hit #1 on the international best sellers list. The book’s growing popularity shows that he may very well be onto something.

“Society treats sexual education as taboo and I aim to reverse that by helping people have more orgasm and reconnect to their own sexual desires, passions, genitals and spirituality,” he said during recent interviews on Business Innovators radio and in Business Innovators magazine. “Many of my clients have experienced sexual abuse, shame, violence, traumas, narcissistic behaviors in relationships which has made them suppress their sexual desire or disconnect with their own sexuality. It is one of my greatest joys to see them turn this around through my programs, coaching services and bodywork sessions. My book provides a means of spreading my message of the importance of healthy human sexuality especially orgasms to a broader audience.”

Charming is a self-proclaimed orgasm and relationship coach and says that his clients, who are typically between ages 28 to 55, have experienced transformational life changes including greater confidence, joy, and personal satisfaction, less stress, joyfulness, peace as well as whole body orgasms. He designs unique techniques for each individual based on their past experiences and their current and future goals.

“I founded my company, Charming Love Ltd, to provide coaching and bodywork related services to clients who want to learn to harness their own sexual energy for better relationships either with themselves or in connection with their partner,” explained Charming. “We’ve had such overwhelmingly positive response that now I spend a good deal of time speaking to groups and at conferences on the subject. My overriding message is that sex and orgasm are essential for overall well-being and when clients amplify them, they see their quality of life improve. Have you ever had an experience, where after experiencing nourishing sex and deeply fulfilling orgasms, you felt happy and positive towards life even though your life situation at that time might not have really changed much? Pleasure is available to us but we either run in wrong directions or we don’t know how to get it using ways which are detrimental to us in the long run.”

Charming, who grew up in India, birthplace of the Kamasutra, is an award receiving international speaker, certified bodyworker, certified OM life coach and founder of AOM (Amplified Orgasmic Method). His services are available to both individuals or couples and include coaching and workshops focused on:
Emotional Detox and Full Body De-Armouring
Deep Dive Desires and Fear Excavation
Making Relationships Better
Amplified Orgasmic Method
Sexuality Exploration and Embodiment

“Men want to last longer and provide maximum pleasure to their partner but often struggle to understand what female orgasm actually is. Women don’t allow themselves the permission to ask for what they want. In reality, everyone wants to experience deeper and fulfilling orgasm but yet we don’t want to talk about it. We all have this powerful, healing, creative orgasmic energy within us. I want people to know they don’t have to be shy, scared or embarrassed to talk about it and that it can help them lead a more peaceful, fulfilling life full of happiness and pleasure,” he added.

For more information or to order the best-selling Amplify Your Orgasm, go to (if based in US), (if based in UK) or visit or message him on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube @michael charming.

# ## #

Mark Stephen Pooler
Mark Stephen Pooler Business
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Infinity RE  logo

Infinity RE logo

BridgeInvest logo

169 - 171 First Avenue

169 – 171 First Avenue

Infinity Partners with BridgeInvest on $14M Loan at 169-171 1st Avenue, Home of Momofuku

The East Village has been one of the most vibrant parts of the city for over a decade. These assets have tremendous value-add potential that we believe our borrower is well-positioned to capture.”

— David Berg, Partner of Infinity Real Estate, LLC

NEW YORK, NY, USA, December 10, 2019 / — Infinity Real Estate LLC (“Infinity”) in partnership with BridgeInvest provided a $12 million loan to finance 169-171 BH, LLC’s acquisition of 169 First Avenue and 171 First Avenue (“the properties”) located in the East Village of Manhattan. The loan, which has a three-year term, is the latest deal to showcase Infinity’s lending platform, which specializes in financing senior loans, mezzanine loans, and preferred equity loans across the east coast, particularly in their primary markets which include New York, Washington, DC, Miami and Philadelphia.

The properties, which 169-171 BH purchased for $14 million, consists of two retail units and five, full-floor residential units that are each approximately 2,000 square feet in area. The total area of the two properties is 13,185 square feet. Of particular note, the original Momofuku, the flagship restaurant of world-famous chef David Chang, occupies the retail space at 171 First Avenue.

David Berg, a Partner at Infinity, said, “The East Village has been one of the most vibrant parts of the city for over a decade, and that’s reflected in the strength of its residential and retail markets. These assets have tremendous value-add potential that we believe our borrower is well-positioned to capture.”

Steve Kassin, the Founder and Managing Partner of Infinity, added: “We’re very pleased to partner with BridgeInvest on this loan, and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

For more about BridgeInvest, please visit

About Infinity Real Estate, LLC (

Infinity Real Estate is a privately-owned developer, owner, and manager of high-quality real estate in primary U.S. markets. The Company’s portfolio includes over 60 individual properties representing over 1 million square feet of retail, office and hospitality space and over 1,800 urban rental apartments. Through its affiliates and portfolio companies, Infinity has managed over 115 properties representing over 20 million square feet. The Company’s principals have led or have directly transacted on over $5 billion of real estate related investments spanning the acquisition or development of individual properties and portfolios, as well as several private corporate deals. Infinity has established a strict investment discipline centered on active management of all its projects. The Company has completed over 30 historically protected redevelopment projects in five US cities. Infinity’s “Green Landmark Initiative” is aimed at modernizing the infrastructure and transforming the spatial programming of historic properties, so that they operate with the highest efficiency and smallest environmental footprint possible, while rehabilitating and preserving precious architectural elements of the historic structures. Infinity pledges 1% of its revenues to environmental preservation and social causes as a member of 1% FOR THE PLANET — the environmental non-profit’s only member real estate company. Infinity Real Estate was founded in 2005 by Steven J. Kassin and is headquartered in New York City.

Kimberly Macleod
+1 917-587-0069
email us here

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