ParcelABC adds new shipment points: Italy and Asia region

ParcelABC is a reliable logistics company that transports packages worldwide for affordable fees.

LONDON, UK, July 18, 2019 / — ParcelABC just launched their services to Italy and will launch services in Asia region soon. With these new shipment points added to their routes, now they are able to cover vast territories. Italy and Asia region are key states when it comes to worldwide transport, and these additions offer the company the possibility to expand and become a competitive name in the logistics industry. This company will collect the packages from their clients and will bring them to the recipient’s door. They guarantee that they will come to the client’s address, as long as it is part of the routes they travel and they will transport it worldwide. They collaborate with some of the most trustworthy companies in the world, because they are part of one of the largest courier networks in this industry. They may be able to take parcels not only from some locations, but considering that they collaborate with international couriers, they can transport them worldwide.

ParcelABC has a system that offers people the possibility to find the best route so their package will arrive at its destination as soon as possible. They have to insert online the sender’ address, the package’s details and the destination and they will receive a quote. Until now ParcelABC was able to ship packages not only if the clients were located in the UK, Spain, Poland, USA, Australia, Lithuania, but now that they managed to expand their routes, so they can offer their services to people who live in Italy. Parcel ABC is aware that we are living in a globalisation era, and people need to send and receive packages from different parts of the world. Having client’ satisfaction in mind they decided to establish new shipment points, because they received numerous requirements from people from these two destinations. They want to make sure that their clients are happy with the quality of the services they offer, because they are aware that this is the only way to keep their company in people’s top choices.

Technology helps ParcelABC to deliver the goods faster and this is all they need considering that customer satisfaction is their main priority. Some people may say that apps and technology are threats to the traditional way of offering logistics services, but this logistics company understood that they make them more efficient. There is a misconception if we say that people are losing their jobs if technology is used, there are more jobs positions available because couriers receive more orders. The experts from ParcelABC are aware that times are changing and if they want to meet people’s needs and requirements they have to find a new approach to the way they provide services. Reputable couriers take advantage of the technology advances and integrate them in their strategies. ParcelABC is an example of delivery service that keeps up with technological advances. They collaborate only with companies that are able to offer fast delivery services and that do their best to make their services convenient for their clients.

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Source: EIN Presswire