Regalix Examines Account-Based Marketing in its Digital CMO Digest

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 19, 2018 / — The 9th edition of Regalix Inc.’s Digital CMO Digest is now live, and this time, it puts Account-Based Marketing (ABM) under the proverbial microscope. Each issue of the digest is dedicated to a topic relevant to digital transformation in the fields of marketing, sales and customer success, and explores it in depth with the help of inputs from senior executives and experienced practitioners who are at the forefront of their areas of expertise.

In this edition of the digest, Regalix has captured the thoughts of leaders such as Salesforce’s Director, Marketing Cloud; Gartner Inc.’s Managing Vice President, Tech GTM Marketing, Product and Sales Group; and Microsoft India’s Country Head (Dynamics), about all things ABM.

The concept of ABM is not a new one. In fact, it’s been put to use in one form or another from as early as the 1990s. Much has changed since then, however. The recent explosion in awareness and implementation of ABM practices around the world can be attributed to the technological advancements of the last two decades, which have made it possible to conduct ABM effectively and at scale. With the practice now becoming mainstream, it’s the perfect time to explore this marketing approach which is set to revolutionize the way business is conducted.

The issue brings forth some interesting insights. For instance, there’s near unanimous agreement among experts on the technologies driving ABM – AI, machine learning, big data and predictive analytics. The issue also talks about future trends in ABM, the impact of AI and much more.

About Digital CMO Digest:
The Digital CMO Digest is a Regalix publication that aims to support organizations across the globe in augmenting their marketing, customer satisfaction and retention initiatives. It does so by capturing the thoughts, perspectives and insights of market leaders and industry experts regarding digital transformation in marketing, sales and customer success. In endowing its readers with such information, the Digital CMO Digest equips them to better tackle their own business challenges.

About Regalix:
Regalix is a Customer Acquisition and Customer Success company that re-imagines digital experiences across hi-tech, ad-tech, and retail domains. The company has partnered with some of the largest global B2B organizations in their efforts at customer acquisition, growth and retention. Regalix works with businesses, supporting their customers through the entire journey, to deliver reliable products and services in today's subscription-based economy.
Regalix has a long history of creating award-winning ventures with enterprises through co-innovation and idea-driven frameworks that inspire companies to think different. Headquartered in the Silicon Valley – Mountain View, California – Regalix has offices in Europe and Asia.

Aishani Majumdar
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BLOCK 30 Index Launches for Crypto Trading Markets

Will Serve As One of The First US Multi-Factor Trading Crypto Indexes "Beyond Bitcoin"

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, November 18, 2018 / — New BLOCK 30 Index Launches For Crypto Trading Markets Will Serve as One of The First US Multi-Factor Trading Indexes “Beyond Just Bitcoin”

San Diego, CA – BLOCK 30 Labs announced today the global release of its BLOCK 30 Index for the digital trading (“Crypto”) markets. The BLOCK 30 Index is one of the first US indexes to help investors track multiple factors beyond bitcoin, including: Market Cap, Asset Price, Trading Volume, Sector Weighting, Market Sentiment and an Index Committee.

“We studied the historical indexes of the past – many of which are still in use today – took that learning and applied some new innovations for the digital trading markets,” said BLOCK 30 Labs Founder, Brian McLaren Foote. “Digital trading is less than 10 years old and the early parallels to the Dow and the S+P 500 are eye opening.”

The BLOCK 30 index will be issued alongside the thematic sector indexes and a comprehensive TV media ticker, including: BLOCK 5, BLOCK 30, BLOCK 100, BLOCK 500, BLOCK 2000, BLOCK ASIA, BLOCK Finance, BLOCK Energy, BLOCK Transports, BLOCK Logistics, etc.

“With hundreds of blockchain projects planning to go public through STO’s (Security Token Offerings) in 2019, this kind of sophisticated index tracking will be important for global markets, thematic sector coverage and investor protection,” said Ryan Ballantyne, Sr. Vice President of Reality Shares ETF’s.

“The original 12 Dow stocks were mostly Railroads and Cotton, none of which are even in the Dow 30 today. You need to build an index that can reflexively track the lifecycles of a new trading market and BLOCK 30 Labs is solving for that 10-20 years out. As these markets mature, coverage beyond bitcoin will be critical.”

“There has been so much confusion on how to accurately measure the broader performance of this new asset class,” said Jared Tate, Founder of Digibyte, one of the core holdings in the BLOCK 30 Index. “BLOCK 30 is a major step forward towards getting an accurate gauge on the overall health of the market.”

BLOCK 30 Labs US is headquartered in San Diego, CA and includes a network of global blockchain technologists, computer scientists, economists, financial engineers, researchers and global media alumni from Yale, Harvard, Georgetown, Wharton, Duke, Stanford, UCSB and UCLA – working to improve the quality of coverage around blockchain and the digital trading markets. The BLOCK 30 Index was created in conjunction with Scow Research and Mark Grado Designs.

Brian McLaren Foote
BLOCK 30 Labs
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Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team to Hold Titanium Real Estate Network Agent Training Workshops and Programs

Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team Quarterly Titanium Conference

ROSEMEAD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 17, 2018 / — Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team will be holding Titanium Real Estate Network Agent Training Workshops and Programs to prepare their agents to serve clients better and to turn actions into results in the most effective manner. Their training programs will help real estate agents improve their knowledge about the industry, especially in today’s changing market.

One of these training programs is Titanium University, an online platform that the company has created in partnership with Cardone University. The platform has over 1,200 training videos that will help agents develop and enhance their skills in negotiation, sales, entrepreneurship, persuasion, leadership, and communication. The videos can be accessed 24/7 for free.

Real estate agents need to be highly customer-centric, organized, resourceful and reliable. They also need to be open to learning and maintain personable relationships with clients. Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team offers weekly sales mastermind meetings where they discuss best practices and real life scenarios and how to tackle all the obstacles when dealing with clients. The company also conducts a quarterly Titanium conference where they talk about big ideas with topics such as a disruption in the real estate industry. They invite guest speakers from different backgrounds and all of their vendor partners to help participants gain a more in-depth understanding of the real estate market.

Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team also provides a 2-day Outside Sales Agents Workshop every month where they discuss topics about VIP Sellers Benefits and VIP Buyers. Through this training program, agents will improve their skills in providing superior service as well as attracting and converting prospects into lifetime clients.

Real estate agents have to be an all-rounder who can keep up with ever-changing market trends and local and international regulations. They have to learn how to manage the demands of customers and stay up-to-date with new technological innovations. Real estate agents should be patient, adaptable and tactful as well. They must have a deep understanding of finance and budgeting. Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team hopes that through their training programs, they can create a team of highly skilled real estate agents who can provide the level of service and convenience that clients need when they are looking for a property to buy or sell. Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team is inviting real estate agents to participate in their training programs or to take a backstage tour of the company’s operation.

About Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team:

Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team is a real estate company that caters to property owners in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and San Gabriel Valley. They help clients buy or sell a home at a great price. Everyone in the team is an RBID-certified specialist. Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team has already sold more than $100 million in transactions.


For more information, call 626-789-0159 or email

California Real Estate Broker License 01820322

TEAM NUVISION – Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team
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Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team Launched A 2-day Advanced Workshop for Team’s Outside Sales Agents

2-day Advanced Training Workshop by Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team with Karissa Kouchi from Tony Robbins Team as the guest speaker.

The path to success is to take massive determined action.”

— Tony Robbins

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 16, 2018 / — Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team, a topnotch provider of real estate team system, launched a 2-day advanced workshop for their sales team agents on November 14 to 15, 2018. This event allows many real estate agents to improve their knowledge about the industry, especially in the current market shift. They also invited a guest speaker, Karissa Kouchis, the national trainer of Tony Robbins team and main topic covered was "Turning Action Into Results".

Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team believes that without a reliable system, it will be hard for a real estate agents to define their objectives and goals. However, with the help of their dependable system, it is made possible to achieve predictable and consistent results. This can also help the team to save time and money for a particular project. Their provided system will serve as a regular and orderly way of performing real estate tasks. It appears to an organized plan of doing one specific task that should be on specific time and date. Also, this will include all the necessary day-to-day activities that consume most of the agents.

Through the advanced 2 day training provided by Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team, many participants have a more in-depth understanding of the real estate team system. Agents discovered how the system could effectively improve the following:

– Attracting more prospects
– Converting prospects into appointments
– Converting appointments into clients
– Providing clients with superior service
– Turning clients into lifetime clients

With the help of Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team, agents have the best chance to provide a more satisfying service to their clients without breaking their backs. The company aims to create a team of professionals where clients will be able to experience great convenience whenever they look for a real estate property. Thus, they will be provided with the highest quality service by means of cutting-edge technology to improve the speed, innovative capabilities, and efficiency.

“Our existence serves as a real solution in order for many real estate clients experience best quality service in the industry. To make this happen, everything should start in building a group of professionals by the help of dependable system,” said Rudy L. Kusuma, the Founder of Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team.

About Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team:

Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team is a top provider of different real estate properties in California for many years. They have the best experience in providing many clients with home selling services in less time. Whenever clients wanted to sell a particular property, they serve to be their best partner in obtaining expected results.


For more information about Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team or Titanium Real Estate Network, or if you are a real estate agent interested in joining the team, simply call them at 626-789-0159 or visit their website at and email

California Real Estate Broker License 01820322

TEAM NUVISION – Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team
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SubscriberWise Chief to US DOJ and President Trump: Evidence of Fraud and Cover-Up in Florida Genuine and Growing

Among a host of concerns in FL, AG Pam Bondi’s Office cancels meeting when request includes an on-the-record conference with a reporter and attorney request

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, November 16, 2018 / — SubscriberWise, the nation’s largest issuing CRA for the communications industry and the leading protector of children victimized by identity fraud, announced today allegations and concerns of a civil and criminal cover-up in the state of Florida.

According to SubscriberWise, the evidence is remarkable in scope and substantial in detail. The facts implicate with certainty corporate criminal fraud and state statuary violations including felony perjury, but also indicate what appears an attempt to cover the illicit behavior by local and state government officials who have consistently declined to respond to questions that include responses to critical evidence now missing from a Lee Port Authority Police public record, as one example.

Related: FL AG Bondi’s offices refuses to proceed with on-the-record conference call and offers no legal explanation for not proceeding: .

Additionally, based on prior conversations with an attorney at the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority — as well as documentation from the same office regarding written acknowledgement of improperly charged fees that may involve many other Florida residents and visitors ( — the main component of the cover-up appears to involve significant money for the state through various fees paid directly to government agencies (i.e. airport concession fees improperly charged for travelers not arriving to the state by air).

“I can now finally see the forest through the trees,” said David Howe, SubscriberWise founder and child identity protector. “And it’s truly remarkable when one examines the totality of evidence that I have obtained from official public sources. To be sure, the evidence that I’m referring involves sworn official records in the state of Florida, among other items that I believe the federal government will be interested to examine. I also have a much clearer picture of why elements of a criminal investigation were purposely not cited in the official police investigation; I would appreciate the DOJ to weigh-in on the evidence and concerns that I have related to the criminal investigation as well.

“To be more specific, it’s my strong position today that the documentation of fraud that I now have from these official records in the state of Florida, it’s so undeniable and overwhelming that those with a sworn duty to uphold the law have zero contrary evidence to refute the criminal activity that was alleged and documented from the beginning. And it appears from my perspective, involving years of criminal identity fraud investigations involving the US credit system as experience with crime and cover-up, that this evidence is being viewed an economic threat to a number of organizations that benefit from concealing the truth and facts.

“In other words, the economic interests are certainly high and pursuing due process simply doesn’t align with the financial incentives in a state where tourism, in particular, is so critical.

“Yes, it all seems remarkable and the allegations that I’m making are serious I certainly understand,” Howe added.

“But the profound and uncontroverted evidence simply can’t be denied; and that’s why I now believe there has been no engagement from state officials; that's why I'm going on the record with these serious allegations. Again, from my perspective, for many involved and aware of the evidence acknowledging the truth becomes a powerful indictment and that may explain what’s behind the duty-neglect happening today in Florida.

“Therefore, I’m respectfully urging a meeting with the US DOJ – and President Donald Trump who also happens to consider the state of Florida his home as do I for part of every year. Simply put, I have unequivocal and undeniable proof to substantiate every last detail of what I’m alleging and I want the opportunity to present it. And, whether or not I’m successful obtaining a meeting, I’ll continue this effort,” Howe confirmed. “I’ll never be daunted because I am armed with overwhelming proof — including audio, video, and photographic evidence — of unethical and illegal criminal activity that I argue is systematically being ignored by various Florida state agencies that otherwise have beached their sworn duty to act.

“For the record, I would welcome the Honorable Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi to participate in any meeting, assuming the United States Department of Justice will take my allegations – and incredible mountain of evidence – seriously,” continued Howe. “However, I will respectfully continue to insist that any meeting be public and on-the-record since I have nothing to hide and everything critical to expose.

“The public must have the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth – so help me God,” Howe concluded.

Media Relations
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Here Are The Top 8 Content Marketing Trends You Should Follow


Content marketing is a very important part of any digital marketing strategy.”

— Mary Ann Fasanella, CEO ACE


Here Are The Top 8 Content Marketing Trends You Should Follow

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content.

It aims to attract and retain a defined audience and ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Digital strategies for a law firm have evolved significantly. Here are some content marketing trends which are most important for law firms that you could follow:

Analytics Marketing

Digital marketing for law firms is no more a tool; it has become a part of life. It allows prospects and clients to find the information they seek quickly. Email and social media enable law firms to connect and engage directly with their targeted audience without relying on intermediaries.

Law firms can now collect information on digital interactions with their prospects and clients to glean actionable insights into which marketing and business development strategies are providing a high return on investment.

SEO plays a major role in who and how fast people can view your content. Law firms that have content that follow the best SEO practices will results in a higher spot on the search engine listings, resulting in more clicks than if your site was stuck on the 10th page.

Paid Media

'Paid media' or 'social advertising' is becoming a very effective tool for law firms. Social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn provide law firms a platform to promote their page to their targeted audience. Facebook, for instance, allows law firms to upload a list of email addresses of current and prospective clients, then creates a list of similar people based on various factors. It is called Facebook custom audience. To know more about this click: . LinkedIn also has come out with a feature that has similar functionality.

Integrated Campaigns

Rather than market an entire law firm or even a practice area, these firms are creating campaigns around "hot topics" that they know their clients and prospects are interested in. In many instances, firms create microsites(or blogs) to provide focus and thought leadership to their target audiences.

These businesses are also developing a content strategy around each campaign to determine the type of content they will use for it. Once the content and platform are ready, firms can create a plan to promote the site and its content and make sure that they measure the results carefully.

Leverage Automation

Automate every task imaginable, including functions related to creating, publishing and promoting content. Let’s say someone visits your legal-blog and signs up for regular updates; automatically they could receive a personalized response from the managing partner or a lawyer in a specific department.

Depending on the client’s response, a series of automated ‘if-this-then-that’ (IFTT) follow-up can be triggered. Automation is slowly becoming an integral part of law firm marketing.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is content that you create once, but it changes according to the audience viewing it. The dynamic material in the form of images, text or offers can be replaced as per consumer with the help of a variable element inserted in the content. It helps save time and money.

It is an easy and affordable solution which can be very useful for smaller law firms. For example, company templates are automatically personalized with individual employee details to ensure consistent and accurate information. Some of the tools used are Clio, Templafy, etc.

Update and Refresh Old Content

Re-writing or updating old articles or content is a simpler process. It takes less time than creating new content from scratch. Try and find old material which can be re-written or tweaked a little to give it a fresh look and make in evergreen.

Go Deeper with In-Depth White Papers

Sometimes legal topics need more than 600 words to be accurately and helpfully covered. For these heavier-duty issues, you would want to set aside the blog and look at creating a white paper- up to 1,500 words.

Deep dive into a topic, such as Totten trusts. You could explore complex issues and incorporate insightful data and statistics, giving your readers a bit more to chew on than a blog post and showing the real depth of your knowledge in that particular area.

Future-Proof Your Content

Most companies publish some time-sensitive content, which trends for a few weeks or months or is applicable only for a short duration. They get old and lose interest very fast. Try and post most of your content which is evergreen, meaning it should stand the test of time.

For this, ask yourself, " Will this content be relevant after a year from now?"

Call Us Today

The team at Advisory Concept Evolvers knows all the tricks of the trade when it comes to content marketing for law firms. Make sure your content is clear, factual and comprehensive.

Keep it simple and to the point. If you are looking to follow the latest content marketing trends to make your law firm search engine optimized, contact one of our digital marketing experts at 215-510-2167.

About ACE

Advisory Concept Evolvers (ACE) has more than 25 years' experience consulting in the Philadelphia legal community. Our passion lies in developing strong relationships with customized solutions that deliver high-impact outcomes for our firms. Over the years, we have become a trusted business and marketing advisor for law firms, leading them into digital pathways.

Our focus has always been helping firms achieve their goals while generating revenue that results in either new clients or cost-saving solutions. We are the go-to advisor for many law firms, helping them manage their digital footprint, in-house marketing, medical record retrieval, legal research contracts and the entire litigation lifecycle from early case assessment to courtroom presentation.

This release was drafted by Results Driven Marketing, LLC: a full-service digital marketing, public relations, advertising and content marketing firm located in Philadelphia, PA.

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Mary Ann Fasanella, CEO
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Oil painting by Franz Kline, Tiffany watch and engagement ring, Asian objects, more at Bruneau & Co.'s Nov. 24th auction

Post-Impressionist oil on board titled Sunny Afternoon by Franz Kline (Am., 1910-1962) (est. $5,000-$8,000).

Fine, 20th century leaded glass rose bronze lamp attributed to Gorham, 22 inches tall (est. $2,000-$3,000).

Chinese Qing Dynasty celadon white jade plaque with a fine, reticulated carving of storks (est. $2,000-$3,000).

Tiffany & Co. engagement ring with near colorless 1.24-carat square brilliant cut diamond (est. $8,000-$12,000).

Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers’ Estate Antiques & Fine Art Auction is planned for the Thanksgiving weekend on Saturday, November 24th, online and in the gallery.

This will be a well-rounded holiday sale, with a large assortment of jewelry from estates across southern New England, as well as interesting art from many local homes.”

— Kevin Bruneau

CRANSTON, R.I., UNITED STATES, November 16, 2018 / — Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers’ upcoming Estate Antiques & Fine Art Auction is planned for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend on Saturday, November 24th, online and in the firm’s gallery, located at 63 Fourth Avenue in Cranston. Offered will be 500 lots of fine jewelry, sterling silver, original artworks, furniture, art glass, sculpture, folk art, Asian objects and more.

“This will be a well-rounded holiday sale, with a large assortment of jewelry from estates across southern New England, as well as interesting art from many local homes,” said Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers company president and auctioneer Kevin Bruneau. “We invite everyone to come celebrate Thanksgiving with Bruneau & Co. and enjoy the complimentary food and beverage.”

The auction will begin promptly at 10 am Eastern time. Online bidding will be facilitated by,, and, or by downloading the mobile app “Bruneau & Co.” on iTunes or GooglePlay. Previews will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 21, and Friday, Nov. 23, from 9-5. Doors will open auction day at 8 am.

“With 500 lots this is surely not going to be a sprint of an auction,” remarked Travis Landry, a Bruneau & Co. specialist and auctioneer. “It promises to be an exciting, action-packed day. From fine jewelry and period furnishings to a Franz Kline painting, there’s something for everyone.”

The Franz Kline (Mass./N.Y., 1910-1962) is a post-Impressionist oil on board titled Sunny Afternoon (est. $5,000-$8,000). The painting, an early example from Kline’s career, depicts a farmer and his donkey in an outdoor setting. It’s signed and titled and housed in a 16 inch by 21 inch frame. Also, a signed oil on canvas post-Impressionist figural seascape painting by Jack Keijo Steele (Wash., 1919-2003), 27 inches by 33 inches (framed) should bring $2,000-$3,000.

Other noteworthy original paintings will include a pair of works with identical pre-sale estimates of $1,000-$2,000. One is a coastal Maine atmospheric seascape watercolor by the avant-garde artist of the Boston School, George Hawley Hallowell (Mass., 1871-1926), signed and 36 inches by 29 inches (framed). The other is a portrait oil on canvas painting, possibly of President Grover Cleveland, by Nicola Marschall (Am./Germ., 1829-1917), signed and dated (“1886”) lower left.

Additional fine artworks will feature three paintings by the Swiss modernist Albert Chavaz (1907-1990), including a hunting game still life and a nocturnal landscape; three abstract expressionist crayon drawings by Taro Yamamoto (American, 1919-1994); an oil portrait of World War I French general Marshal Joseph Joffre by George Luks (Pa./N.Y., 1867-1933); and many artworks deaccessioned from the deCordova Museum & Sculpture Park in Lincoln, Mass.

The Tiffany name will be called more than once. A Tiffany & Company engagement ring with a stunning, near colorless 1.24-carat square brilliant cut diamond in a platinum solitaire setting and VVS1 clarity, with very good polish and symmetry, should garner $8,000-$12,000; and a Tiffany Swiss platinum repeater pocket watch, made circa 1902, with 29-jewel C. H. Meylan movement and Art Deco stylized face and subsidiary second hand dial, is expected to realize $3,000-$5,000.

Asian offerings will include a circa 1900 palace-size Persian Mahal wool carpet rug, 26 feet 2 inches by 17 feet 3 inches, having a diamond ivory medallion with floral tendrils surrounded by thousands of flowers and lattice work within geometric and floral borders (est. $3,000-$5,000); and a Chinese Qing Dynasty celadon white jade plaque, 4 inches by 3 ¼ inches, showing a fine, reticulated carving of a phalanx of storks foraging in a marsh in high relief (est. $2,000-$3,000).

The Asian category will also feature porcelain, wood carvings and several jades, highlighted by the aforementioned Qing Dynasty jade plaque, plus a lovely Kangxi baluster form scenic vase.

Decorative accessories will be plentiful and will include a fine, 20th century leaded glass rose bronze lamp attributed to Gorham, 22 inches tall, with a vibrant, 18-inch diameter stained glass shade consisting of polychrome roses with green foliage and amber glass (est. $2,000-$3,000); and an exceptional early 19th century Chippendale gilt carved wood mirror, 44 inches by 22 inches, finely decorated with a central urn flanked by facing Chinese birds (est. $1,000-$1,500).

The folk art category will be highlighted by a pair of Leonard Wyburd Arts & Crafts Thebes stools. Also in the sale are a 19th century American ship’s ‘woolie’ embroidered textile, a double flame Murano art glass sculpture by Adriano Valentina (b. 1945), and an early 19th century Ethan Allen type gilt copper and zinc weathervane. Telephone and absentee bids will be accepted.

Bruneau & Co.’s next big sale after this one is an important Toys & Comics Auction, slated for Saturday, December 1st, also online and in the Cranston gallery. Up for bid will be over 325 lots, to include significant comics such as DC Flash #105 CBCS 9.0 est. $15,000-$25,000; Marvel Fantastic Four #48 CBCS 8.5 est. $3,000-$5,000; Marvel Incredible Hulk #181 CBCS 9.4 est. $6,000-$9,000; DC Detective Comics #142 CBCS 6.5 est. $2,000-$3,000; and other rarities.

To learn more about Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers and the firm’s calendar of upcoming auctions, to include the Thanksgiving holiday weekend sale and the December 1 Toys & Comics Auction, please visit Updates are posted frequently. To contact the company via e-mail, use Or, you can phone them at the gallery, at (401) 533-9980.

# # # #

Travis Landry
Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers
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James H Bloom to Appear at Another Read Through for Discussion and Book Signing

Within Lies Hope by James H Bloom

Another Read Through, to host Portland, Oregon event

PORTLAND, OR, UNITED STATES, November 16, 2018 / — James H Bloom, author of Hope Lies Within, will discuss and sign his book on Thursday, January 3, 2019, from 7:00 p.m. – 8 p.m., his publicist announced today. The event will be hosted by Another Read Through bookstore, 3932 N Mississippi Ave Portland, Oregon.

The book reading is open to the public.

“It's important for me to provide a space for authors who may not typically receive the attention of best-selling authors,” explained Elisa Saphier, owner of Another Read Through. “What writers and artists do—all of them, not just the ones with the names you recognize—is so important. We really celebrate them and their work here.”

The Portland, Oregon author says that his inspiration and positive, literal flow first developed when he was just six-years-old. As an adult, he has finessed these elements.

“In December, 2017, I decided to sit down and write down the words which entered my mind, heart, and soul,” explained James Bloom. “I produced enough material to write a book—literally.”

Hope Lies Within is the third book in a series which uplifts, inspires, and empowers the reader. For more information, visit

James H Bloom was born in Louisville, Kentucky on December 7, 1950, and currently resides in Portland, Oregon. Immediately born an orphan, James became a ward of the court and raised in foster care. When he was 4-years-old, he was legally adopted. At the age of 17, he joined the Marine Corps and served for two years. Following an honorable discharge, James embarked upon a 42-year, heavy construction and production fabrication career. He remains happily married to his wife of 48 years, Diana. and they live in Portland Oregon. For media opportunities, please contact Fran Briggs, Publicist to James H Bloom.

Fran Briggs
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Diligent research by Bruce Wood of Woodshed Art Auctions propels Gainsborough oil portrait study to $103,125 at auction

Oil portrait study by Thomas Gainsborough (Br., 1727-1788) for The Honourable Mrs. Graham ($103,125).

Wood’s infra-red photography revealed a complex and energetic drawing hidden beneath the surface of the paint.

Oil on canvas painting by a follower of Edward Hopper (Am., 1882-1967), titled Office at Night ($7,500).

Tempera on paper attributed to Claude Monet (Fr., 1840-1926), titled Winter Landscape ($3,900).

Oil on canvas landscape attributed to Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corort (Fr., 1796-1875) ($3,750).

What was initially thought to be an ordinary copy ended with a six-figure finish at the firm’s November 1st fine art auction held online and in Franklin, Mass.

FRANKLIN, MASS., UNITED STATES, November 16, 2018 / — FRANKLIN, Mass. – Diligent research by Bruce Wood of Woodshed Art Auctions propelled what was initially believed to be an ordinary copy of a painting to a six-figure finish at the firm’s November 1st fine art auction titled Gainsborough, Monet, Warhol & Friends. The painting was an oil portrait study by Thomas Gainsborough (1727-1788) titled The Honourable Mrs. Graham.

Wood’s examination of the under-drawing and comparison with Gainsborough’s drawing style led to the conclusion that the painting was a precursor to the finished work, which hangs in the Scottish National Galleries in Edinburgh. Still, to be safe, Wood called it an attribution for the sale, but savvy bidders were convinced. The final price, with buyer’s premium, was $103,125.

The painting, in a 40 ¼ inch by 55 inch frame, was in fine condition, though it did show signs of age, furthering the notion it was a study. The cracking was consistent with portraits of the period, including ones in Edinburgh’s National Gallery. Wood’s infra-red photography revealed a complex and energetic drawing hidden beneath the surface of the paint, a convincing revelation.

The selling price outperformed the pre-sale estimate of $75,000-$100,000, cementing the notion that the painting, perhaps Gainsborough’s most intricate and recognizable compositions and one of the finest examples of 18th century portraiture, was indeed by the famed British artist. Wood’s discovery led to an examination of another Gainsborough in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

But his investigation wasn’t limited to stateside research. Wood hopped a flight to Edinburgh to view The Honourable Mrs. Graham up close and personal, and perform infra-red photography there in the gallery. What he learned led to a deeper understanding of Gainsborough’s working methods. The artist was very precise when rendering fine fabrics, jewels, hair and accoutrements.

The hair in the painting was of particular interest to Wood. The infra-red technology led to his discovery of how he rendered the sitter’s coiffures in such a dynamic manner – an underlying sketch in black chalk. When highlighted with paint, the quick, vertical strokes of black chalk added to the dynamism of the sitter’s fashionable up-do and added depth to the static portrait.

The technique prompted further investigation by Wood, who found similar under-drawing technique not just on the painting in Scotland but also Gainsborough’s works titled Haymaker and Sleeping Girl, both done in the 1780s and now housed in Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.

Gainsborough was also adept at drawing elegant hands. In The Honourable Mrs. Graham, the hands extend from an already elongated wrist and end seamlessly into her gown. The elongated, clutching fingers enhance the elegance of the sitter and pronounce the dainty features of his elite, sophisticated clientele. An infra-red photo revealed quickly sketched hands in the under-drawing.

The variation on backgrounds is probably the clearest indication that the work sold was a preparation sketch. The background of the exhibited version in Scotland is a quintessential Gainsborough Rococo landscape, with an undulating, verdant hill and exquisitely rendered trees that would lay the groundwork for British Romanticism in the subsequent decades to come.

The study, however, displays a more somber (but equally striking) tone. The bucolic hillscape is replaced with a seemingly opaque mass of darkness, capped by an eerie sunset, providing a stark contrast to the delicate, pale white Mrs. Graham. It is reminiscent to the background in a 1759 Gainsborough Self-Portrait, and adds a dynamic to the rigid rules of 18th century portraiture.

Interestingly, the subject in the painting was born Mary Cathcart, the daughter of the Scottish ambassador to Russia. She spent her early years at the Court of Catherine the Great before her marriage to Thomas Graham in 1774. She was one of the most beautiful women of her time and Gainsborough, smitten with her himself, painted her multiple times, most often from memory.

Other paintings in Gainsborough, Monet, Warhol & Friends also performed well. They included:

• An oil on canvas painting by a follower of Edward Hopper (American, 1882-1967), titled Office at Night, artist signed and nicely housed in a 28 inch by 34 ¼ inch frame ($7,500).
• A tempera on paper work attributed to Claude Monet (French, 1840-1926), titled Winter Landscape, artist signed and verso stamped Collection Simon in Paris, France ($3,900).
• An oil on canvas landscape painting attributed to Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot (French, 1796-1875), likely in the original frame measuring 23 ¾ inches by 26 ¾ inches ($3,750).
• An oil on canvas painting attributed to John Whorf (American, 1903-1959), titled Woman Reading, artist signed and with an auction label on upper stretcher bar ($1,250).

Woodshed Art Auctions is a family-owned art gallery specializing in oil painting restoration and live and online art auctions, celebrating its 50th anniversary. The firm is always accepting quality artworks for future auctions. To inquire about consigning a single piece or an entire collection, you may call Bruce Wood at 508-533-6277; or, e-mail him at

For more information about Woodshed Art Auctions and the firm’s calendar of upcoming fine art auctions, please visit

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IT Governance to exhibit at GDPR Scotland Summit on 5 December 2018

EDINBURGH , SCOTLAND , UNITED KINGDOM, November 16, 2018 / — Cyber risk and privacy management solutions provider IT Governance has confirmed it will be exhibiting for the first time at the 2018 GDPR Scotland Summit in Edinburgh on 5 December 2018.

The GDPR Scotland Summit aims to bring together leading industry experts to discuss the business impact of the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and DPA (Data Protection Act) 2018, and the changing policies and processes arising from the new legislation.

Attendees will be able to participate in a variety of sessions focused on data protection, with insight from frontline practitioners into how practices within their organisation have changed.

There will also be networking opportunities, an exhibition area, and an update from the regulator that explores regulatory action policy and decision making for fines and penalties, and clarifies some of the most prominent areas of misconception and non-compliance.

Data, IT and digital leaders interested in attending the conference and meeting IT Governance’s GDPR specialists can register to attend for free on the event’s website.

IT Governance is committed to helping Scotland-based organisations of all sizes protect themselves and their clients from the ongoing threat of data security incidents.

Having opened an office in Edinburgh earlier this year, it is ideally placed to help Scottish organisations better understand the data protection risks they face, ensure they have robust defences in place and guide them through the challenges ahead.

IT Governance offers an extensive range of GDPR products and solutions, supporting organisations through certified GDPR training courses, books, documentation toolkits, staff awareness, compliance tools and consultancy.

For further assistance, please visit the website, email or call +44 (0)131 564 1214 to arrange an appointment.

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