Three Crucial Criteria to Avoid Cyber Security Pitfall

Hamid Karimi – VP of Business Development

Security Expert from Beyond Security, Hamid Karimi’s Recommendation for safeguarding critical data

Cupertino, CA. September 26, 2017- Beyond Security, a leading provider of automated security testing solutions including vulnerability assessment, released three crucial criteria in protecting against serious Internet security threats that can cause both financial and reputational damages. While the future remains uncertain about these sophisticated cyber-attacks, it’s important to be prepared and safeguard vital and confidential data against any kind of security breach.

“The massive data breach at Equifax highlighted the continuing failure to properly budget and staff security teams to safeguard critical data and underscored the need for consumers of technologies and services to demand their own set of digital rights requirements,” said Hamid Karimi, VP of Business Development and a security expert. “We now know that Equifax could have implemented common and well-established security standards to protect the assets under its control and it failed” he added.

Karimi outlines the key steps required for companies to maintain their digital health:

1.Integrate SecOps into DevOps- thereby assuring the users of high degree of security measures in all levels of product development as well as security policy establishment.

2.Deploy and run a proven vulnerability assessment (VA) platform across publicly and privately accessible networks. The VA platform must discover both assets and network blind spots with precision.

3.Fund and implement common and standard remediation measures such as up-to-date patch management to address discovered vulnerabilities. Given the window of opportunity for intruders and their frequent assessment of networks for soft spots, it is important for holders of digital assets to maintain a more aggressive VA

Beyond Security is a leading worldwide security solutions provider. It’s testing tools accurately assess and manage security weaknesses in networks, applications, industrial systems and networked software. Beyond Security’s product lines include, AVDS for network vulnerability management and beSTORM for software security testing, which can help secure network and applications and comply with the security policy requirements that exceeds industry and government standards.

Founded in 1999, Beyond Security's solutions are essential components in the risk management program for many organizations worldwide. With the headquarters located in Cupertino, California, Beyond Security's distributors and resellers can be found in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Australia.
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Source: EIN Presswire